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Monday, 04/16/2012, 03:08 pm

Let’s Talk: Dana White on UFC Credibility and PEDs

By Edward Fernandez:
In a recent interview following UFC on Fuel TV 2, UFC President Dana White made it clear that he was upset about the recent PED scandals that have been plaguing the organization. He also took the opportunity to assure the media all the necessary precautions are being taken to ensure the credibility and future of the UFC.

“We test, we don’t even have to f*cking test. That’s not what we do, that’s what the athletic commission does. We test. Then the athletic commission now is doing random tests, before, leading up to the fight, after the fight. They are being tested like crazy. The f*cking testing in this sport is insane. It is literally the gold standard in all of sports.”

Dana White obviously understands the unwanted attention that PEDs are bringing to the sport of MMA. He believes that it is the fighter’s responsibility to check themselves, before they wreck themselves, in essence.

“You’re grown men, you’re f*cking adults, you’re professional athletes. How many f*cking times do you have to be told not to do this? To the point to where you just completely blow your entire fucking career.”

For those of you that believe the UFC’s credibility is being deteriorated by some fighter’s PED scandals, Dana White had this to say:

“Does not affect the credibility of the UFC. We are 100 percent more on top of drug testing than any other f*cking sport on earth, other than the Olympics.”

The debate behind PEDs is never ending, and seems to be about the only lingering issue in the MMA world. It’s also super slow to unfold, as all these tests and interviews and commission rulings don’t seem to be in any hurry to solve themselves. Though, “we’ll see what happens” seems to be a common phrase accompanied by any UFC topic.

With the second UFC on Fuel card over with and the unsuccessful return of Thiago Silva, who was suspended after his own PED scandal, I just can’t help but to share some thoughts.

With so many fighters that have been linked to failed drug tests returning to the UFC after only mild punishments (e.g. Sonnen, Silva), do you think Dana White is just defending the issue while capitalizing on those fighter’s popularity?

White, like any other president, is a businessman. He wants his company to not only bring in great revenue and attract fans, but command respect in the market as well.

I feel like the damage has already been done to the UFC. Fighters that have tested positive or missed drug tests have either already returned to the cage or there are rumors of them returning eventually (King Mo).

As for Overeem, it seems as if his high profile status has granted him immunity from the fans. Most of you want to see him fight regardless of his PED scandal results. On the business side, it would make sense to let him fight if the commission allows him to. It most likely would produce huge revenue, seeing as how the UFC got a boat load of free press (any press is good press). Also, there aren’t many intriguing last minute replacements after White shot down the idea of Mark Hunt and confirmed Mir vs Velasquez was for sure going down. You never know though.

In light of White’s efforts to convince the media the UFC’s credibility is untarnished, I think it’s safe to assume the educated fans feel differently. However, the majority of fans just flat out do not care anymore. Face it, we’ve been desensitized.

The UFC is now not about who is playing by the rules, but about who can use the rules and get the “W”. Point fighting, weight cutting, PEDs, getting your “levels” below the requirement in time, and campaigning with popularity for an undeserved fight, they’re all a part of the game.

I suppose if the fans see the fights that they want to see, without the interruption of scandals preventing top fighters from getting the highlight reel KO, it’s a win-win for all parties involved.

The UFC makes the money and redeems the “credibility”, the fans watch the fights, and the fighters play the game.


28 Responses to “Let’s Talk: Dana White on UFC Credibility and PEDs”

  1. Scotty says:

    Can all the PED/Steriod shit in the UFC posts just stop now.. Everyone gets what happened and ITS NEVER GOING TO STOP! Hasn’t stopped in any sport and its not going to stop in MMA! Unless they do Olympic style of testing, which they wont cause u know how many fighters would be caught? hahaha And its alot more money to dish out on testing..

  2. jbeamazing says:

    Boxing doesn’t ban you they come back too and boxing is way more established

  3. GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

    I have yet to see an MMA writer flat out say it any better than Edward Fernandez just did when he said MMA is no longer about who ‘s best fighter rather who is best weight cutter, point fighter, who can get their testosterone levels down better at the right time. I want to add pussy ass Greg jackson running away gamplans to that list. Also i just can’t believe how Dana is talkinbg a mile shit condemning Overeem when if FACT noone in UFC has ever shamed or been worse than his boy CHEAT SONNEN. I mean come on the man not only fought a title fight and CHEATED he had enough JUICE in him to jump over the damn moon. Then at the exact same time he gets convicted of a Federal FELONY FRAUD charge. You never have once heard Dana say anything bad about Sonnen and he even offered him an immediate rematch even after he knew he CHEATED. At some point there has to be some oversight on Dana’s action on how he treats people and his UNREAL BIAS

    • K2 says:

      I have to say I agree with ya there, boss…. If the Republican Party didn’t drop Chael Sonnen for his antics then why should DW? I think all these guys that piss hot for high Testosterone levels should just say “I’ve got such big balls they produce the shit like crazy!”

    • Anti-Zuffa says:

      chael’s levels weren’t as high as Overrated. . I mean Oveream. . .and he made known on 3 accounts before the fight of what they were. Stop reading idiot reports and stop being a bandwagon jumper. Fans like you are a complete disgrace to this sport, which has been around long before the UFC you’ve come to know.

      • K2 says:

        Chael’s was higher than Alistair’s.

        And Chael took a shot a nut juice two days before the fight. That’s a cheating S.O.B.

        He shot up 8/5 the fight on 8/7.
        And I have been watching since the beginning. So put Sonnen’s nuts back in your mouth and STFU.

      • Xaninho says:

        Chaels were even higher dummy. He lied about telling NSAC upfront, cause there were no records about that.

        You’re the Sonnen bandwagon nutslinger here idiot.

  4. A.James says:

    I like the UFC but now that this fight is dirty there’s no other fights to look forward to.

  5. jimmy says:

    you could not be anymore correct, everyone wants to see ubereem smash, even uber himself ignored the fact he was in trouble for roids and said he was bigger, stronger and faster than JDS. no shit hahaha dana wtf mate

  6. K2 says:

    Why don’t they just give JDS a shot of super juice to make it even?

  7. ryan says:

    theres too much roid shiz goin down in the mma world. like yah its sick to see two big dudes ko each other but where is the line drawn? i dont get what dana is doin with reem

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      Dana is just trying to figure out a way to keep bashing Overeem even though EVERYONE knows he didn’t give a rats ass that CHEAT Sonnen did the exact same thing but WORSE. In Dana’s coirrupt BIAS world whats ok for some is not ok for others.

  8. Nick says:

    Is it really that hard? Just stay in the legal levels. There’s always gonna be loopholes anyway. There’s a bunch of Olympic athlete’s that are juicing.

  9. Jimmy says:

    I totally agree with the fact that Dana and the Athletic commissions need to do more harsh punishment for their levels. Sonnen gets a year off for the PEDS, and a felony that was treated like a joke, then gets let back in a year later for a fight with Bisping, which he looked like shit in, for an immediate fight with Silva. Thiago comes back to fight Gustaffson, which was a highly rated fighter. But yet at the same time, Marquardt gets booted, and Dana swears he isn’t coming back, and that he’s extremely upset with him over the whole situation. It comes down to Dana likes whoever makes him the most money and sucks his dick the most. The situations won’t change until the punishments better fit the crime.

    It’ll be nice to see if the UFC ever goes back to who is legitimately the best fighter at each weight class.

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      Actually you’re wrong about Nate “THE CHEAT Marquardt because he had been BUSTED before dead to rights for ILLEGAL steroids DECA-Nandrolone which is only purchased on black market. so Marquradt should have been banned forever on top of the fact he provided 3 samples in 3 months that were HOT for elavated testosterone levels before he tested hot again for gthe Story fight when he was fired. that is why Dana said Nate had been given 4-5 chances already. Yes we all know Sonnen to this day has a doctors nore that aloows him to train YEAR ROUND with elavated testosterone levels in which he just has to taper off to get below 6 to 1 ratio which means he is allowed to fight with 6 times the amount of testosterone in an average man. Sonnen is not half the fighter when he not all JUICED up. He started JUICING right after he got beat by Maia. Noone doesn’t want better testing worse than dana white. he knows his fighters will drop like flies if they do random testing. Where they would really get hurt is if they started testing for HGH without telling anyone then it would be exposed to world all the rich fighters like GSP who have been using HGH for years and of course EVERYONE knows the wealthier the althlete the better access they have to the very best un-detectable steroids (barry Bonds) helloo GSP IMO is prob one of the worst offenders.

  10. Ruben says:

    I like this writer, he tells it like it is. I love mma but all these steroid reports are really turning me off. I know its always been like this but for the first time we are seeing concrete evidence of people cheating. I’ve heard many people throw out the comment that 90% of the UFC is on illegal stuff, are you kidding me? then Dana has the nerve to say the UFC has “gold standard” of drug testing….there is nothing “gold” about 90% of your guys being cheaters. Then the way they always give cheap ass punishments and even reward people like Chael Sonnen for cheating. Its disgusting.

  11. Robert says:

    Well since overeem was juicing while he was not under license and it was not anabolics but simply Testosterone he should be allowed to fight since he was caught like 2 months before the fight. The ufc has no business using a guy who is not licensed in nevada yet anyway they should have been on top of things much earlier. But they should check his levels regularly every week up until fight night to see if he drops to 6:1 at a normal rate. Maybe there is a possibly this fight should just not be for the title and JDS retains his title either way. Better yet just so that they don’t illegitamize the champ they should have overeem fight someone else on that card and let jds hold his belt til mir or overeem is ready to challenge again. The moment overeem is licensed in nevada though he is under strict rules and regulations.

  12. Xaninho says:

    Yeah let Cain have a shot against JDS( JDS will win) And since Mir is so keen on getting a shot, let him fight Overeem to decide who gets the winner of JDS-Cain.

  13. Steve says:

    the real credibility issue for the UFC is the fact that they are sponsoring a fighter in jon jones, which shows blatant favoritism to a single fighter giving him a unfair advantage in any fight that goes to the judges, not to mention the Refs feeling pressure to give him benefits

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