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Tuesday, 04/17/2012, 05:11 pm

Photo | Jon Jones the Warrior?

By Sarah Newman:
Your twitter junkie here, Jon Jones did a great job waking up the twitter MMA world today, well with female fans that is.

Wearing rolled up shorts that make GSP shorts look long, Jones shows off his thoroughbred legs and his scrumdiddlyumptous abs. Then I remember that the tweet is: “220lb war machine”, so maybe he is going for a Spartan look?

He could have easily been cast in my favorite movie 300. The only hiccup thru all this media campaigning with Jones is this beard he has grown. I think part of the Jonnybones charm is that baby face, it helps remind us all what he has accomplished at such a young age. I personally think he looks much older with the beard.

Either way he reminded 80% of men that they need to go to the gym today.


65 Responses to “Photo | Jon Jones the Warrior?”

  1. nobody cares says:

    gayness shorts
    i hope he gets ktfo

  2. A.James says:

    This nigga is MAD GAY for this!

  3. jbeamazing says:

    No homo?

    • ian mearns says:

      Seriously why the Eff are his shorts pulled up hes just waiting for someone to make it rain with cocks

      • deez nuts says:

        yea thats why he has a gf and 2 kids… man too many pussies on this website, dont be mad cause u cant look like him

        • E716 says:

          So you enjoy the picture i take it

        • deez nuts says:

          great comeback… talking about shit that aint even related, man get that GED first then read what i write

        • John says:

          I find it ironic that you are using academia and high school equivalency tests as an insult against someone, when you yourself have the writing composition of a fourth grade student. That, coupled with the name “deez nuts”; I can imagine what most people deduce from your “writing”. Fun fact, it takes absolutely no extra energy or concentration whatsoever in order to write properly.

          Translation for morons: pfff dude u be dum sayin he dum when you obvsly dum urslf cuz you rite bad n its like pffff nice name fag mmmkaythxbye HNNNNGGDERP!!!!

  4. SmoothChaos says:

    wow i hope rashad catches him with a hard shot then gives him some mean grnd and pound. CUTS PLEASE

  5. TranceAngel says:

    For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. Ephesians 6:12


  6. Sick Brah says:

    My man, Rashard ‘realist nigga ever’ Evans, gonna put John ‘faggot, chicken legs, cocky, fake arse nigga’ Jones out.


  7. JSP says:

    Well I’m not in that 80% my legs look 20x better than his.
    Yet I hate people who roll up their shorts like that. My uncle who was a bodybuilder did that and would annoy me

  8. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    Jon “Boneless Chicken Leg” Jones

    • deez nuts says:

      Jon “Boneless Chicken Leg that are stronger than your legs and will woop you at any time but ur pussy ass is too afraid to say shit to his face, rather get star struck and kiss his ass” Jones

      • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

        I wish I lived in New Mexico I’d tell him to his face. Besides that you really don’t know who I am or what I look like so take your bullshit somewhere else because I ain’t buying.

        • Turkeykneck fun chav says:

          lol well i like a lot of the shit you post but your name basicalls says

          “hiding blackman you who is white on the inside taking a shit”
          its like a white mans version of a blackman doing crouching tiger hidden dragon.

        • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

          I’m speechless. Nice interpretation, you figured me out! LOL

          Turkeyneck? Why didn’t I think of that cool name first!!!!?

        • Twatty Mc.Twatface says:

          hahaha, can i compete for name coolness?

        • deez nuts says:

          based on the way u talk and handle urself it is clear to put u in the “pussy” and “hater” category

    • E716 says:

      Yeah i dont see why no one had really attacked his legs..

  9. JCP says:

    Pretty sure he would make all you haters cry like little beaches.

  10. the original steve says:

    i was hoping a woman made this article. u never know with pedro updating

    • l;ksdflas;jdkf says:

      lol a girl did make this article, and man why hate on Pedro, from what i can tell he adds stories on here all day long, the guy puts a ton towards this site. Why hate on him? because of his pictures? whatever, that has nothing to do with the fact that he keeps the site running and does a shit ton for it

  11. Haters Hate shredders Dominate says:

    this is fucking gay

  12. Bad Boy Spence says:

    Racist assh*les! Jones will smash all fruit cakes up! Jones Rules!

  13. Rilla says:

    This isn’t mma news.

  14. Bad Boy Spence says:

    Sum people don’t know shit! Just talk shit! Big mouths ! lmao

  15. BiggoTrav says:

    Shouldn’t this be on a blog for E! or Style network?

  16. nick says:

    wow. good to see this world is full of bitch boys tht get stuk on each others dicks. im 17 an hav biggr balls than all yinz on here hav respect for ppl tht arnt afraid to b their own man an liv by their own mind.

  17. Why is everybody Hating him ?
    6 months back you loved him.
    hate him cause he has a Bentley ?

    Grow up guys. none of you can beat him.


  18. xBUSHIDOxBLADEx says:

    Can’t understand that dribble you just typed out. Is it really so hard to type out all the letters? I mean really you just left an e off of like 5 words. Is one letter gonma kill you

  19. xBUSHIDOxBLADEx says:

    That was for nick

  20. Cody says:

    What makes it really gay is someone took it for him

  21. Scott10197 says:

    All of you haters are going to be pissed when he knocks Evans the fuck out. By the way one of the classiest fighters in the UFC. IF THIS FIGHT GOES PAST THE THIRD ROUND I’LL BE SURPRISED.

  22. ReALTAlk says:

    Look at all these losers talkin about the champ like that…How many of you held the title he’s holding??????????????????

    Then shut the fck up.
    If you wouldnt step in the ring wit Jon Jones dont talk shit about Jon Jones go back to your local gyms and get beat up by the local badasses cuz none of you can step wit a national badass

  23. Dizafrabadoo says:

    You’re all gay just for being here! Every single one of you.. except for me, because I just came to remind you that you’re all gay! *cough*

  24. Moe Islam says:

    Rashad Evans has always been my favorite fighter I the UFC. But he can’t sleep on a well rounded fighter like jones he has to expect the unexpected.

  25. Cbust says:

    And this is proof why rashad left gay ass Jackson’s…for gay ass shit like this. UFC sponsoring this queer is beginning to sway my mind of all the gay talk about Dana. Rashad gunna knock dis flame in queer street!!

  26. Bjj BB says:

    Yall killing me!! Hes just showing every1 dat hes in shape, better shape then hes ever been!!

  27. toshi says:

    Keyboard warriors stfu and stop being jealous of the champ

  28. Ronda shite says:

    thats gay man

  29. pdub says:

    thoroughbred? legs of a greyhound maybe.

  30. bignuts says:

    come fight me you fagets….see has big nuts…:)

  31. bignuts says:

    all you gay fighters….why y’all line up like a train and stick your cocks in each ass n do chicken dance…:)))

  32. Jon Bones Jones says:

    Hey fellas, you want a piece of this oily goodness. Want to be smothered in my chocolately body. Well I’m your man. Oh yes that’s right I want you to be in my guard, I want to be in your guard. If you know what I mean. 😉

    So come down to Greg Jackson’s gym in New Mexico and come see me.

    Your chocolate bunny
    Jon “Bones” Jones

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