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Thursday, 04/19/2012, 08:16 am

Jon Jones | "Rashad has the weakest chin."

By Jamie McAllister:
“When I watch my first fights I used to flail. Everything’s flail-y, and I realize the power of flexing your abdominal when you try to strike and things like that. I definitely feel as though I’m hitting harder, and I’m excited. I wobbled Rampage (Jackson) a little bit when I hit him, and I wobbled Lyoto (Machida) when I hit him, and I think out of all those guys, Rashad has the weakest chin. I think he has the weakest chin of anyone I’ve fought since 2010, and I think I’m going to exploit that.”

Jon Jones comments after the press conference before this weekends UFC 145 main event on his opponent and former team mates ability to take a punch.

Jones claims are most likely due to Rashad being badly knocked out in his bout with Lyoto Machida and in the following two where he was rocked by Thiago Silva as well as Rampage Jackson.

However Rashad went on to clearly defeat Silva & Jackson. Since coming off a year long layoff Rashad has went on to show the improvement in stand up game beating Tito Ortiz and displaying the diversity of his skills defeating Phil Davis.

Will Jones suffer the same fate as Rashad’s last four opponents or Will Jones be able to exploit Rashad’s suspected weak chin ?


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