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Monday, 04/16/2012, 08:36 am

VIDEO | Jake Shields Still Open To Moving To Middleweight

“I’m just trying to lift a lot of weights, eating a lot, gaining a little weight. I’m putting a few pounds on, just gotta make sure it’s the right kind of weight. I imagine within the next week or two I’ll have a for sure answer (on a possible move to middleweight).”


4 Responses to “VIDEO | Jake Shields Still Open To Moving To Middleweight”

  1. slacker says:

    Jake seems like one of the nicest, sincere guys. I wish I could get behind him as a fighter, but I just don’t enjoy the way he fights or feel he has a real shot at a title in the UFC. His punching is just too weak.

    • Dick Diaz says:

      in the ufc, welterweight is the more appropriate weight class for him; he hasn’t even had stellar outings since moving to the UFC.

    • charles says:

      i hear ya, but his grappling is still world-class. WW was a tough weight cut for him. i think MW suits him better.

      personally, i’d rather root for a genuinely classy guy like jake than someone that maybe ko’s more people, but tries to be someone their not. i’m not a fan of fake class. he might not be the most exciting fighter out there, but he’s a good guy and that counts a lot for me.

  2. Fett says:

    I think Jake will do better at Middleweight. He just seems weak at Welterweight since the UFC move. Everyone adjusts differently to weight loss and gain. I would like to see him fight at Middleweight.

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