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Friday, 06/15/2012, 11:58 am

Free Fight Video | Frankie Edgar KO's Gray Maynard

Frankie Edgar and Gray Mayndard squared off in the ultimate rubber match at UFC 125. In yet another incredible battle between these two, a decisive victor was finally crowned in dramatic fashion.


11 Responses to “Free Fight Video | Frankie Edgar KO's Gray Maynard”

  1. jbeamazing says:

    when people talk shit about Frankie they forget about this fight what heart I know the bandwagon fans don’t get it because he lost to bendo

  2. jones says:

    when this site fiirst started you could watch this shhit in canada…but after this fukin site git more an more people then dont fukn care about the ones who made it grow….bj is the richest mma fighter ever,,,net worth over 40 mill…an this asshole dont give fuk about canada now….i bought so much bj im going laugh when rory handles him back to retire ment…………….hey bj your a fukin tiny midget stay at 155 idiot…your just too lazy to train and fight where you belong…quit hurting your fans man….

  3. MMACRAVER says:

    Why do I always have to forget these wont stream, in my apparently backwoods country.

    kick in the nuts every time.

  4. yougurt slinger says:

    holy shit! how did that uppercut not drop Edgar! The kid is super tough, and I dont care what you people say, hes a great fighter.

  5. Michael hamlin says:

    Grey will never be the same cause frank ko his ass!!!

  6. Rondo says:

    Frankie’s da man, hope he lays the leather on Benson just like he did to Maynard… :0)

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