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Sunday, 04/15/2012, 09:27 am

Following His Win At Home, UFC on Fuel TV 2 Headliner Gustafsson Wants Top 5 Opponent

By Romeo Cabras Jr.:

Winning the UFC on FUEL TV 2 headliner against the always dangerous Thiago Silva, Sweden’s very own Alexander “The Mauler” Gustafsson used his length and footwork to keep Silva on the outside for most of the fight, scoring a knockdown with a right uppercut early in round one. Gustafsson continued picking apart the Brazilian with kicks and punches, battering him throughout the remainder of the fight.

Silva landed some heavy strikes mid-bout, but with quick footwork and tricky style “The Mauler” slowed a frustrated Silva and cruised to a unanimous-decision victory.

Here’s what he had to say to Fox Sports about fighting in Sweden, against Thiago Silva and a possible top 5 opponent:

“It just motivated me more. I was super excited for this fight. I don’t feel any pressure. I just go out there and do what I love to do. The crowd was amazing. I couldn’t even hear my coaches in the corner. I’m proud fighting here at home and in the UFC. Silva is a tough guy, I’ve got a lot of respect for him, and I know he has some good power in his punches. I had my game plan to stay active, like I always do, and tried to pick him apart. I [executed] my game plan, but I’m a finisher. It was my first decision [in the UFC], so I’m still learning. I want to fight the top five guys in the world in my division, but if [the UFC] were to give me a title shot, I would be more than ready if that day comes.”

Who do you think should be his next opponent? Top 5 or too early?


14 Responses to “Following His Win At Home, UFC on Fuel TV 2 Headliner Gustafsson Wants Top 5 Opponent”

  1. mean170 says:

    Not sure if he’s ready for a Top 5 guy. LHW Top 5 are very elite fighters(Hendo, Shogun, Jones, Machida, Evans). I’d rather see him against a Ryan Bader type level fighter, or a rematch with Phil Davis.

    • Drey says:

      I see him beating Shogun and Hendo, but I think he should face 1 or 2 high lever wrestlers before he faces Jones. Would be cool if he began training with Anderson Silva and some of the guys from Blackhouse

    • slacker says:

      I agree. He looked real good last night, but he’s still at least one fight away from a top 5 LHW. Real good stand – up, but he should keep working on his clinch, take -downs, and ground game. It’s good that he is excited though because he is showing a lot of potential and natural talent to work with.

  2. danieljonesfan says:

    Think he’s got the game for most of that top 5 that you listed but would be interesting to see a rematch to see how he coped with Davis again. That range fighter style seems the way to go. Thiago would be considered top 5 had he not been out for so long, rampage is top 5 when his head is right also



  4. I say have him fight Bader and the winner of that fight gets a top 5 guy

  5. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    Gus should fight Machida or Bader if he wants a real test.

  6. David says:

    I don’t know why everyone is saying he shouldn’t fight a top 5 guy, to be top five you have to beat one, give him the loser of Evans and Jones.

    • slacker says:

      True. But, it’s not just about reaching, it’s about maintaining that top 5 standing once there. I believe more in the slower route, where you groom and hone a fighter’s skills a bit more gradually. Let him improve and prove his ground game. Bader is a great next fight, or I like Little Nog as well.

  7. Big Will says:

    I’d like to see him fight a strong wrestler to see how he can do with his range/sprawls. Phil Davis would be a great next opponent for him.

  8. The "White Man" says:

    bader v.s. gus. put it together joe silva

  9. That was an unexpected turn of event! I really thought that Silva had it. I think that Gustafsson may have a chance against one of the top five, but I think that he should have a couple more fights before he goes up against one of them.

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