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Monday, 04/16/2012, 11:37 am

Fighting teammates | Why Evans vs. Jones should not have happened

By Lorenzo Luciano:

The next UFC pay per view event set to air on April 21, 2012 at the Philips Arena in Atlanta Georgia between former teammates Jon Jones and Rashad Evans has been tainted by an ongoing dispute between the two fighters.

It is an unwritten rule in MMA that teammates do not fight each other. Take a look at the American Kickboxing Academy which includes many UFC welterweight fighters as members, namely Jon Fitch and Josh Koscheck (now with Dethrone Base Camp). They all refused to fight each other. Josh Koscheck and Jon Fitch were both highly ranked welterweights in the world and would not fight each other, much to the chagrin of Dana White.

As part of a team, fighters train and get to know each other very well, inside and outside of the gym. The unwritten rule of not fighting teammates is not so much about knowing each others secrets as it is on respecting your teammates, on being a strong cohesive group, on forming bonds and friendships, and the respect that goes along with it.

Now, if you are a fighter and you know that you can beat your teammate who is the champion, what do you do?

Although this question can get very complicated, it is naive and simple to say that you would simply wait and not want to fight for that championship belt. Every fighter has a burning desire to be the champion, which is why they are fighters and not bankers. You cannot sit on the sidelines during your fighting prime because one of your teammates is the champion, which does not mean you go against your teammates. You can always leave your current team and start-up with another team and then fight. With full disclosure to your current team and teammates, they might not like you but would certainly respect you.

That brings us to UFC 145 and Jones vs. Evans. Evans was part of the Greg Jackson camp before Jones came into the picture. Greg Jackson accepted the young Jon Jones into the camp knowing he fought in the same weight category as Evans. Was that a mistake? Should these issues have been out in the open? Should Greg Jackson have been more honest with Evans? Perhaps events have happened that no one foresaw, including Greg Jackson.

Out of all of this, Evans ended up losing a team and a coach (and a friend?). Evans had no choice but to leave the Greg Jackson camp and start somewhere else, any self-respecting fighter would have done the same thing. On April 21st, Evans will have a chance to prove that he is the light heavyweight champion and Jon Jones will have a chance to show that all of this does not matter because he is the greatest light heavyweight MMA fighter the world has ever seen.

No matter what the outcome on April 21st at UFC 145, the events which have transpired leading up to this event will surely get MMA teams talking about rules and respect within the team.

Teams need to spell out their rules and regulations so that when new fighters join a team, the rules are well understood by all parties involved.

What do you think; will this change the rules for MMA teams and teammates?


37 Responses to “Fighting teammates | Why Evans vs. Jones should not have happened”

  1. Team buffalo says:

    Jon jones is a fake ass bitch. He is Dana Whites little puppet. Dude dropped out of community college, what else is he gonna do.

    • mikey says:

      Win the title in one of the toughest divisions in the UFC, defend it a few times and make a whole lotta money? All while dropping out of community college. I agree with you, but he has still achieved a lot.
      Hope Evans wins

    • he can join WWf. I hate the fucker. He was scared of quinten jackson thats why he had to choke him out. I really don’t like wrestlers because all they do is hug each other. this sat i am going for rashad even though i don’t like him either. I know that will be a wrestling match.

      • edo says:

        You don’t know what mma is man. It isn’t just about striking, and if you can’t appreciate the ground game start watching something else. And I don’t understand how he was scared of Rampage… Man educate yourself on the sport then maybe comment about it.

        • K2 says:

          True that edo…. Victor P is a dumbfuck and should stick to boxing. Ignorant fucking fans. Though with his ignorance I guess you couldn’t call him a fan. Just some stupid spectator.

      • Jim says:

        You’re talking complete and utter rubbish. MMA isn’t just standing and banging. Jones’ win over Jackson was entirely legit.

        In MMA, you can’t wrestle, you can’t fight. It’s as simple as that.

    • John says:

      Fuck college. What the hell is college next to a fighting career making millions?

  2. Qd says:

    Said it once I’ll say it again … He talks like he’s a post doctorate but the fool didn’t even finish his G.E’s.

  3. emkplayboy6 says:

    Evans smileing, Jones not, you can tell who’s jealous and envious!

  4. DICK VAN DICK says:

    Who cares? Bill Gates dropped out of college too, so fukn what?! This is MMA and the best FIGHTER REIGNS SUPREME, not the best scholar….May the best man win!!!!

  5. GB says:

    By the authors logic, a camp can only have 1x fighter from every weight class on the team. Or have multiple fighters in a weight class that agree that whoever gets a belt first can keep it until some outsider takes it from him.

    Ridiculous to think that every team member should not want to be the best they can be and if that means the best in a particular promotion (or in the world) then they have to allow someone else to be a champion.

    Cry me a phucking river. You guys aren’t brothers no matter how much you call yourselves brothers. You guys are fighters. Fight.

  6. Scotty says:

    Teammates are going to have to fight each other if they are top ranked fighters.. If u want to be champion, its going to happen.. U can only get so far before it may happen.. Evans vs. Jones.. It was inevitable that these 2 were going to meet.. Evans has been number 1 contender for like 2 years now and while he was sitting on sidelines injured, Jon Jones was just destroying the division! Dana gave Jones a title shot because Evans yet again was hurt.. So what was Jones suppose to say? “No, ill sit this one out, wait for rashad to get healthy and fight rampage”.. What if Evans beat Rampage again? Then what? Jones just not fight him cause he has the title? Its stupid, they knew it would come and now they are using this to promote the fight.. Its getting old and cant wait for saturday so this fight can finally happen and be over!

    On that not i still hope Evans pulls it off! Jones is a robot to the UFC.. So he has to talk a certain way cause he is one of the faces of the promotion!

  7. victor perdigon says:

    Look you UFC/MMA fighters. This is a job you are doing. Just because you join UFC/MMA do not mean that you need to be friends with every dick and harry. You are fighting to show everyone you have what it takes to become the best of the best, and if that means that you have to fight your friend to be on top then that is what you have to do. Even if i was a fighter and my brother was the champ, I will fight him just to get a shot of the title. I hear they don’t fight this person because he is my friend. You guys sound like your in elementary school. You guys need to grow up and show everyone you have what it takes to be the best. jones bones say he is friends with Anderson Silva. How can someone be friends with someone that don’t speak no English. That shows me that jones bones is scared of silva.

    • Shawn says:

      I agree. First and foremost, they are fighters. Period. And if your boss says you have to fight, you fight. Regardless of who it is. If you were both solid friends, you’ll still be solid afterwards. My take, the only reason (if any) why I wouldn’t fight a teammate or even brother, is because I know I have a good chance of losing. And that’s no reason for a true fighter.

  8. Nelson says:

    Thanks for offering exactly 0 good reasons as to why teammates shouldn’t fight. This article is 100% redundant, looks like a whitebelt thread grabbed off sherdog.

  9. metz says:

    Shut the fuck up u bunch of crack pipes suckers, ma left ball is swollen and i cant spell either but i bet i could still kick ur ass in to the ground :) jon bones jones is gonna destroy evans if he doesnt this shit is fixed. fuck u all very much good night.

    • you must like wrestling. You know WWF is still on, unfortunatly. UFC is for real men that want to fight straight up.

      • K2 says:

        Hey dumb fuck. The UFC was started by this guy, perhaps you’ve heard of him, named Royce Gracie, who proved that he could defeat the biggest, baddest, “real men” out there without really throwing a punch. Grappling takes more intelligence than just throwing punches. Probably why you dislike it so much. It’s called MMA. MIXED MARTIAL ARTS. That’s means striking and grappling. Maybe you should go back to watching boxing or Jet Li movies or whatever it is you do to keep you IQ so low.

        • Anti-Zuffa says:

          Royce was a fighter, he didn’t start anything. . . dumbass!! He just introduced the world to a then unknown form of Jiu Jitsu. . .and that’s why he won, no one understood it.

        • K2 says:

          You’re right, I meant to say his family chose him to go out and represent their style of fighting. But what I meant was none of you sons of bitches would know about the UFC if he hadn’t went out there and fought. He was the start of the UFC.

        • Johnny Colon says:

          Hey Anti….Rorion Gracie (who’s brother, Royce is the guy who won the first 3 tourneys) and Art Davie created the UFC… uuuhhh…. the world had already heard of brazilian jujitsu it just wasnt very popular here in the states… I hate it when uninformed MMA stans (not fans) wanna spout off something they know nothing about…. THE GRACIES ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE UFC’S VERY EXISTENCE… SCHMUCK…calling K2 dumbass…SHEESH…he seems a little bit more informed then you….

      • K2 says:

        Hey Dumbfuck, ever heard of this guy named Royce Gracie who helped start the UFC? He beat the biggest, baddest “real men” of his time without really throwing a punch. It’s called MMA. MIXED MARTIAL ARTS. That means striking and grappling. And grappling takes a lot more intelligence and cardio than just throwing punches, probably why you dislike it so much. So go back to watching boxing or Jet Li movies or whatever it is you do to keep your IQ so low.

      • Jim says:

        To think that UFC is all about ‘straight up’ fighting, you must never actually watch it.

        MMA is about effective aggression and tactics. Taking someone down and pounding them or submitting them is just as legit as standing on your feet and knocking them out. Wrestling is about control, if you have that, you can do whatever the hell you like to your opponent.

  10. Ricmus says:

    This article=garbage

  11. Rich Mendez says:

    John Jones is no doubt talented but I’ll have to agree he’s a fakeass. People watch UFC to see good fights and he puts on good fights. The drama is just a bonus. Just like Mayweather, homeboy’s a low class bum with tons of money but he’s a badass mofo in the ring. Like either of them or not, either you watch to see him win or get his ass kicked. I personally wanna see Jones get pounded and Get taken to school. Rashad by tko or decision.

  12. Badboy2020 says:

    The fight that everyone wanted to see was Anderson Silva vs. Layoto Machida and that will never happen. And what about the Diez brothers or anyone else out of that camp – all top ranked fighters. Your never going to see it because you shouldn’t want to hurt someone you respect as a friend (or brother) as these guys do. People like Dana White are like the devil. They whisper in your ear with that fat cigar smoking grin saying, “Come on, we’re all gonna be rich. Let’s make some money”. Then they get into their nice car to their nice house with nice wife and sleep like a baby in their nice soft bed. While the guys who actually did the work to make that money go back to their meager circumstances, bruised, battered and tired, wondering how much longer they can go on like this trying to make a living in the toughest sport known to man. BTW. Jones chocked out Rampage to make a point because he had never been submitted before. Say what you will about Jones. Love him or hate him he’s systematically taking down all of the legends of this sport. One by one. And you know Rashad is next. Jones’ long body makes it impossible to deal with in this sport. Until someone else comes along with this same body chemistry and skill set, he is going to be the champ for a long long while.

  13. Rich Mendez says:

    Although I don’t agree with the impossibility of Jones being beat, you do make valid points. With Jones, I just don’t think he is genuine and that he’s trying to play up to the camera, hence being fake. There’s no doubt the kid is a one of a kind talent like Anderson. Jones is a great fighter, not disputing that. Noone is unbeatable though and hoping Rashad is game enough to give him a nice ass whooping like I feel he deserves. If history teaches us anything, it’s that no outcome is gauranteed regardless of how good a fighter may seem at the time. There have been many upsets and I’m hoping Jones vs Evans is another one to add to the list. Good argument though Badboy. Gotta respect your post my man.

  14. Loyalty vs desire, a battle where you are damned if you do and damned if you don’t

  15. sdc says:

    evans is a big mouth punk. when he had the belt he said he would never fight jones. jones wins the belt and rashads bitch ass couldnt wait to call out jones. i guess machida beatthat thought out of his head when he knocked his sss out

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