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Friday, 04/27/2012, 12:38 pm

Will Rory MacDonald fight GSP if the Money is Right? | Dana White Think’s He Will | UFC NEWS

By Lorenzo Luciano:

The teammate vs. teammate debate raged on before the Jones vs. Evans fight and it will continue to be an issue for many as is highlighted in a possible matchup between TriStar teammates GSP and Rory MacDonald.

Rory continues to climb the welterweight rankings and proves with every fight that he is indeed a top caliber welterweight.

What will happen when GSP and Rory are next up to fight each other?

Will they fight each other? Whose corner will elite trainer Firas Zahabi corner?

They have both said that they will not fight each other, but will the money make Rory change his mind?

Dana White thinks so.

Will Rory sit on the sidelines making very little, while GSP continues to rake in a ton of money?

Watch the video to see what White had to say on this latest discussion of the teammate vs. teammate issue.



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