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Friday, 04/27/2012, 12:38 pm

Will Rory MacDonald fight GSP if the Money is Right? | Dana White Think’s He Will | UFC NEWS

By Lorenzo Luciano:

The teammate vs. teammate debate raged on before the Jones vs. Evans fight and it will continue to be an issue for many as is highlighted in a possible matchup between TriStar teammates GSP and Rory MacDonald.

Rory continues to climb the welterweight rankings and proves with every fight that he is indeed a top caliber welterweight.

What will happen when GSP and Rory are next up to fight each other?

Will they fight each other? Whose corner will elite trainer Firas Zahabi corner?

They have both said that they will not fight each other, but will the money make Rory change his mind?

Dana White thinks so.

Will Rory sit on the sidelines making very little, while GSP continues to rake in a ton of money?

Watch the video to see what White had to say on this latest discussion of the teammate vs. teammate issue.



25 Responses to “Will Rory MacDonald fight GSP if the Money is Right? | Dana White Think’s He Will | UFC NEWS”

  1. Anthony1994 says:

    This may amaze Dana but some people will not do anything for money.

  2. RFK says:

    I hate GSP for being boring but he would eat that kid alive. Rory needs to put in some more work to be at GSPs level I’m not saying that would take that long now is just not the time. There is still a few good fights rory could book before that like nick diaz or kos

    • Shawn says:

      I guess your the minority. lol If GSP put on boring fights, he wouldn’t be the UFC’s #1 PPV draw, and selling out his fights. If you were a true fight fan, and an educated MMA fan, you would see his fights differently. You don’t have to finish fights to make it a good fight. Ya, I like the KOs and subs just like anyone else, but I also appreciate the dominance a fighter shows in the cage. And GSP is always dominant, he literally beats up his opponents. He may have not finished his last four fights, but he’s definitely schooled and beat the crap out of all of them. There are a lot of guys who go to decision, and many of them are meh to ok fights. St.Pierre, at least for me, puts on a good show. As for Rory, he’s doing very well, and I agree, needs a few more fights under him to gain experience. When he gets to that point, and he will, a match between him and GSP will be a good one. I think they will fight. If they don’t one of them will quit.

  3. Jay says:

    Rory will not ever fight gsp. Gsp is the one that has taken him under his wing n helped him most. It shows in his stand up, take downs, and his ground n pound. I think GSP will defend his belt a couple more times against Condit, ellenberger, and maybe Hendricks then he will move up to mw. That’d give McDonald another year or 2 to continue improving then I could see him holding the belt for a while. If ref hadn’t stopped the fight with condit IMO he would already hold a win over the interim champ.

    • Mike McMack says:

      I agree, GSP would outclass Rory if they fought now but in a couple of years who knows. I think GSP has plans on moving up in weight but a few more WW’s have emerged so he’s still got some work to do. I know the he’ll want to fight an un retired Nick Diaz before he moves anywhere.

  4. bdizz says:

    agree – give Rory some more time – shit what is he 21 or 22 yrs old – He’s a fucking beast now – can you imagine in 2 or 2 years shhieeeetttt.

  5. Cheese says:

    Sounds like Dana is trying to instigate

    • Scotty says:

      He’s always trying to instigate teammates fighting.. Look how much hype it creates(Jones vs. Evans).. Its one thing if it has to happen but Dana always brings its attention way before it happens.. He’s been trying to get Fitch and Koscheck to fight for along time now.. Just a better way to make more money to Dana, he doesnt care about their friendships..

      • Shawn says:

        That’s because first and foremost, the UFC is a business. And businesses are in it for the money. The UFC wouldn’t be where it is now if they were all about friendships. Their fighters, friends or not. And as fighters in the UFC, their job is to fight whoever they are matched up with. My take, I think most guys wouldn’t fight a friend they train with, only because they are somewhat scared to, because they know their style and methods. I’d be apprehensive if I had to fight my brother, because he knows the things I do, my strengths and weakness, and I know his. But we’ve already said, if one of us had the title, and we were matched up (not call each other out), we’d fight. And at the end of the fight, whoever wins, they win. We are still brothers, we’re still best friends, and we’ll still train together. That’s the true mentality of friends and a fighter. Business is business, friendship is friendship. As a professional, you have to learn to separate the two.

    • Mike McMack says:

      Dana “D-Bag” White.

  6. Me says:

    Erik Silva is the next ww champion

    • saiasaka says:

      a think this is a good prediction erik is amazing he was robbed on his last fight but he is the most powerfull fighter in ww division

      • Shawn says:

        He’s not the most powerful. I think Rory is bigger and stronger. Koschek is pretty strong too. GSP, well we all know how strong he is. He’s dominated bigger guys, and is considered a big WW. But Erik, is no doubt holding his own. He’ll definitely be a force in the WW division.

    • Shawn says:

      I don’t know about the next WW champ. But he would be a good match up for Rory. I’d love to see that fight. Two up and comers, who’s making an impression.

  7. jaydee says:

    Is there even a debate about who Firas is going to corner? GSP for sure. They are friends since gsp started doing pro mma. And they both speak french.

    Seriously I think we should stop talking about that. That topic really sucks!!!! we don’t want them to fight each other ;(

  8. Rivera says:

    If you want to be the best in the world you have to fight the best fighters. This issue about not fighting guys just because they are your friends doesn’t make sense if want to be the best. It’s a competition, accepting a fight doesn’t mean you hate your opponent. The problem comes when your training camp lets you down, but I think they should have a plan to train both fighters and still be good friends.

  9. @DannyUFC_ says:

    Did you know GSP earns $1.8 million (£1.1 million) per fight? I think if Rory is offered that he will take the fight

  10. fuckyomudda says:

    fucking dana white man!!! this fucking guy, why doesnt he get Silva and Machida to fight each other first instead of instigate this type of shit. Sounds like friendship and being a good teammate wont mean shit in the future, everyones gonna be fighting for themselves.

  11. ZC says:

    Unlike Jon Jones, Rory seems like a faithful person and not some piece of shit who would steal an opportunity from a friend. They aren’t just training partners and they’ve both said it.

    I think he would wait for GSP to retire before he ever fought him. Who knows when that could be. Rory is definitely top caliber.

  12. Thurgood Jenkins says:

    Someone above said something about learning how to separate business and friendship, and that is precisely correct. MMA is a sport and the UFC has most of the top competition. Although McDonald sees to make some money from fighting GSP, it would be about more than that. If he gets to a point where he deserves a title shot, he’d probably be widely considered No. 2 in the world. Therefore, he’d be “competing” for the the UFC championship and title of the world’s best.

    Friends compete all the time. Choosing not to “fight” a friend would be like a major league pitcher refusing to throw to a batter for fear he’d strike him out and lose him as a friend. Some friendships go sour like Jones and Evans, but one should never promise he will not compete against a friend. That deprives the fans of fights they want to see and the sport from both building and discovering who in fact are the best.

    In 3rd grade, I fought my best friend out of rage and not to compete with him. He has always been tough and had natural instinct when it came to fighting, so he beat me up pretty good. The rage subsided and we’re still best friends today and live together. The point being if two friends can get over fighting out of rage/hatred, then two people can undoubtedly get over fighting for competition.

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