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Sunday, 04/15/2012, 06:04 pm

BJ Penn's Ultimate Decision | Confirms Still Retired

By Roberto Mattos:
The entire MMA world has come down with a strange feeling of ennui. Tapout flags across the world have been flying at half-mast. Die-hard MMA fans have been seen crying uncontrollably in a fetal position.

No, this isn’t because Brock Lesnar is back in the WWE, or because Tito Ortiz may be joining him. You might want to sit down for this one… BJ Penn is sticking to retirement, for now. I know, I know- it hurts me as well, but it might be for the best.

In an interview that took place during the UFC on Fuel TV 2 post fight show, Penn was quoted as saying, “I haven’t made any plans to come back and fight again. Dana White has actually called me a couple times and talked to me. It’s just something that’s not in my future right now.”

The last time we saw Penn in the octagon was when he took on Nick Diaz at UFC 137. After the loss Penn announced his retirement saying, “This is probably the last time you’re ever going to see me in here. I want to perform at the top level… I’ve got a daughter; another daughter on the way. I don’t want to go home looking like this. I’m done.”

Adrenaline and emotions are running high on fight night, and after a hard fought battle (especially a loss), any career-altering announcement should be taken with a grain of salt. But with a few months to let the idea of retirement sink in, Penn is still sticking with it, transitioning to the role of teacher/trainer as smoothly as a sweep from the rubber guard. “I’ve just been kind of teaching and training, I like it,” Penn said. “Just go to the gym. When I feel like training, I train. And if not, I watch my daughters. That’s all I do.”

It’s not that he doesn’t think there’s any competition out there for him. It’s quite the opposite, actually. “There’s tons of match-ups out there. There’s great athletes. The UFC is the best athletes in the world, but I don’t know. In a perfect world, I can’t even see the scenario right now this moment. It’s just something that if I feel it, I feel it, and if not we’ll just sit back and watch all the other guys kick butt in the Octagon,”

So while his fans will always rally for his return, it seems that for now the Prodigy is content passing on his wealth of MMA knowledge to those lucky enough to train at his gym and raising his two daughters. Hard to blame him, it sounds like a pretty sweet gig, especially when compared to being punched in the face.

Check out page two for the full unedited video interview.


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30 Responses to “BJ Penn's Ultimate Decision | Confirms Still Retired”

  1. Dick Diaz says:

    truly a legend.

  2. Mike McMack says:

    BJ has to feel as though there is some unfinished business in the Octagon for him. You’ve gotta know when the time is right to hang em up and thats a choice only he can make. It seems to me that he feels like he’s lost the passion that he once had and he doesn’t want to return unless he gets that fire back. I hope he does but I’m not holding my breath, either way BJ’s one of the best ever.

    Enjoy the retirement BJ, all of your real fans have your back no matter what.

  3. lex walker says:

    Hopefully he comes back but I want it to be at 155

  4. exit 8 says:

    Been a pleasure following your career. From rumble on the rock. To seeing you at ufc 84 in Vegas. All the respect on your decision.

  5. ma mama said mma says:

    good call by BJ tbh hes had his time in the sun hes been champion hes a legend of the sport to go back now would just be pointless and dampen his legacy hes the reason i started watching mma but wont be the reason i stop next HOFmer

  6. spyro says:

    I always felt like BJ underachieved in his career. I’m not saying he didn’t accomplish great things but I think he could have went down as one of the greatest of all time worldwide; as in like Bruce Lee status… The best of the best.

    He was, and still is, one of my favorite fighters.. It’s very subtle to notice, but has a natural fighting ability.. A style that seperated him from other fighters.

    Always just seemed to be coasting his way through greatness though. It was disappointing to see him lose that fire inside because I know a properly motivated BJ would have smashed Nick Diaz. You could just tell he wasnt 100% there though.

    I hope BJ searches deep within himself to find out if he truly still wants it or not. It would be a shame to see such a champion quit early when he could of still topped the best… But just the same, it would of been a shame to see him stay in it when his mind isn’t in it.

    All the best BJ, a trained eye knows just how good you truly were.

  7. John M says:

    He’s right about his bout’s at 155 and 170 they always been good and he can compete with the elite in both divisions. Although BJ FOR THE SANITY OF ALL YOUR FANS DROP BACK DOWN TO 155!!!!

  8. M.DELA says:

    Stay retired B. Its an ugly landscape, chocked full w/ a bunch of roiding beasts. Hawaii mana alone don’t cut it nowadays.

  9. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    He’ll be back in a year just like Randy. Get his belt back at 155 and then finish out his career in a final fight against GSP or Diaz.

  10. maurice says:

    im not a bitch in no way..but this is some heartbreakin shit. i been bj numba 1 fan since day 1. now my boy just walking out of the sport. damn. for a man that accomplished more then most mma fighters ever will, he could have done much more. could of been better then anderson…everyones knos bj at 100 percent is something special to watch. damn..luv u bj. god bless and do what you feels best. LEGEND!

  11. Magoo says:

    This is old news!!

  12. Joe "High Kick" Rogan says:

    Bj Penn needs to suck it the fuck up, do some real cardio and training, visit some other camps, and fight Jose Aldo in a huge PPV draw. Jose has nobody down there to fight and i’m sure BJ could make the cut. Shit, I think he might even have a good chance at beating Aldo if the right Penn shows up that night.

  13. Kenny Powers says:

    We all want to see BJ in there at his best, but it is not as easy as everyone says. In the fighting world you are either 100 percent or not. I wish BJ expanded upon his cardio and training, but the man’s extreme talent and fighting style has earned everyone’s respect. Sure he may have had more potential, but I don’t live in ‘what ifs’. BJ Penn is the fucking man, he can do whatever he wants. People can call him a “whiner” but fighting is a emotional rollercoaster, nobody understands that.

  14. Mr.Rusk says:

    “Going to the gym when I feel like it” business as usual.

  15. James Kim says:

    Its not just bj being 100%. He is tired of these guys who abuse try and steroids. Even if you are naturally gifted like bj how can u compete with guys with testosterone levels of 16:1? Be real I would retire too. Also people who are telling bj to train harder are idiots. Its not that he isn’t training but its had to compete with roofed cheats.

  16. No worreh says:

    I remember all the times b4 u scrap I had mean chiken skin and butta flies in the stomach gonna miss dat nd ur intro bj u da man

  17. Qd says:

    I wanna train under bj but I’m too broke !!

  18. Turkeykneck fun chav says:

    i think its better he doesnt lose face and be one of these fighters that keep fighting a damage their legacy.

    BJ is an intelligent guy, there is a new breed of fighter and overtime he knows they will better him as its prt of the evolution of the sport.
    he could either be part of it by training them (what hes currently doing)
    are get caught out being one the legends taking repeated losses just so his fans can have a little hope.

    he retired being one of the best with minimal ufc losses, he should stay that way and keep his legacy intact

    We will all miss him greately but which would you rather have???

  19. Xaninho says:

    If he’s not a 100% motivated to get back in that cage, he shouldn’t. He seems happy with what he’s doing, so I think he made the right decision.

    He’s a legend and hall of famer, no need to tarnish that legacy against younger, stronger, bigger less talented fighters.

    Roiders and weight cutters are destroying MMA.

  20. Tom Ryan says:

    BJ, it’s truly been a pleasure watching you fight. If you come back or if you don’t; all up to you and I wish you the best.

    All I hope is that you continue on as a martial artist, whether or not you’re competing in the UFC.

  21. BJ still has alot to prove says:

    BJ was a great fighter but never achieved what he was capable of. If only he put in the hard work with his raw talent, we would’ve witnessed the greatest fighter of all time. I’m happy for him, but I hate to see him retire because Nick Diaz kicked his a$$. BJ deserves to go out with a memorable a$$ kicking of his own. Best wishes to BJ.

  22. Quazzi says:

    Damn even though i want to be selfish and tell bj to get his ass back in the octogan he needs to do wats best for him and his family.

  23. EP says:

    BJ youre a true MMA Legend and in my opinion the GOAT. Although youre legacy is set in stone as a Hall of Famer and everyone will agree that are you the one of the greatest ever… I would love to see you come back for 1 more run. Whether it be at 155 or 170, i know u have it in you to come back and get your belt back. Come back , handle some unfinished business, get your belt back, then go out on top, where you belong brotha. TEAM PENN for LIFE. #JustScrap

  24. E716 says:

    Yur a legend bj but i believe u still got it

  25. Twayne says:

    Allready!! “PRODIGY” is da’ G.O.A.T!!


  26. guamy says:

    Allready!! “PRODIGY” is da’ G.O.A.T!!


  27. Tanaka san says:

    I think bj u should retire from mma an try to enter adcc or worlds or the mundials. Would be great to see him in a superfight at adcc

  28. Lol says:

    I know. I lost the passion in something i left i was good at and my family disagreed with me leaving but im actually very happy and dont miss it. I feel u brotha bj. Take care and aloha

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