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Thursday, 05/31/2012, 10:09 am

Report: A Slurring, Unsteady, Glassy Eyed Jones Wrecked His Car Carrying Two Female Passengers | UFC NEWS

The always thorough and sometimes controversial Loretta Hunt has dug up some dirt on the Jon Jones DWI story.

Up until her report for Sports Illustrated little was known about the recent incident involving the UFC light-heavyweight champion, Jon Jones. Outside of the fact that he had been arrested for Driving While Intoxicated officials had been silent on the incident.

We now have more facts surrounding the circumstance that has now tarnished the image of one of the UFC’s biggest stars.

Here is a clip from her report (via



Michelle L. Vojtisek and Cara Johnson, both 25, sustained cuts, bruises and swelling from the collision and were transported to Wilson Hospital for treatment, according to the report. Both air bags had been deployed during the crash.

Johnson, who was in the front passenger seat, attended Union-Endicott High with Jones, according to online records.

An uninjured Jones had “slurred speech and glassy bloodshot eyes,” smelled of alcohol and was unsteady on his feet when asked to step out of his vehicle, wrote the arresting officer.

The fighter “politely refused” multiple requests to take sobriety and breathalyzer tests at the scene and after he was arrested and taken into custody, said Binghamton Police Dept. Captain John Chapman. Toxicology tests were not conducted, as there were no serious injuries, said Chapman.




32 Responses to “Report: A Slurring, Unsteady, Glassy Eyed Jones Wrecked His Car Carrying Two Female Passengers | UFC NEWS”

  1. Fedor says:

    I would fight him when he’s drunk.

  2. god says:

    no you wouldnt you pussy…..

  3. pussies says:


  4. Shawn says:

    So now he’s an egotistical liar, hypocrite, and now cheater. Some people who fall from “grace” fall hard. Most times, youth, money and fame never mix very well. Not enough maturity and understanding to cope. Maybe this will open his eyes, and shoot him back down a couple of pegs to how he was when he first burst into the scene.

    • ThaGreenBandit says:

      Yeah, he’s lied, cheated, and been a hypocrite just like you, me, and everyone else who is judging him. Only difference between him and us is he’s rich, successful, and famous. You pointing out his flaws, which you most likely also posess, makes you no better.

      • danielrchargers says:

        Yeah buy neither me or you have played an entire nation, so dont come to this site with you’re half baked psychology.
        Jones is a lier ( lies to all the families on television about how he is a good role model) he cheats on his poor Girlfriend who HAS TWO KIDS, produced by Jone’s seed. And HE TOLD EVERYONE WITH A COCKY CONFIDENT LOOK ON HIS FACE “I WILL NEVER GET A DUI” and boom. He lands a fat one, Would not take the Breathalizer, was out with TWO women, Was going to a Strip Club with the women at 5am.

        Sure he is young. But he is a fucking lier and has now went from Beloved Talent- to Arrogant Ali WANNABE.

        • danielrchargers says:

          I cannot wait to See how he collects himself.
          I really hope he takes a deep look into himself and understands the weight his words carry now. there truly are gonna be children that look up to him, and as this sport continues to grow so will people and children’s dreams. there all gonna look at Jon and aspire to be like him… so please Jon clean up you’re act.

  5. Jpeech says:

    we have a loser for a LHW Champion

  6. JOSH Y says:

    Everyone likes to kick a man when he is down. Just because he had two women in the car with him doesnt mean he was cheating on his wife. You should probably worry about your own lives and quit worrying about the rich and famous.

    • danielrchargers says:

      Kicking a man when he is down…. He did it to himself, its now time for his payment
      He was with two Women on his way to a Strip Club… When you are in a relationship there is know excuse for having to women in you’re car at 5AM on you’re way to a strip club. Espacially when you have 2 children, this goes to show how selfish he is, this shows how low on the list his children are.

      I HOPE TO GOODNESS I AM WRONG TOO. i hope this is not the real Jones and he is really actually a wonderful person who made a HUGE mistake. i really do hope so.

    • Artstunna says:

      a young man,in..Bentley two girls.5 am drinking and driving,,,,,,,,, stupid?
      Or you just like Jones,FAKE ASS, is not like he was with he’s wife on the way to church

    • Dana Black says:

      i already hated him when he fought that deff dude, he always trows 12 to 6 elbows, get real.

  7. DMAC says:

    Fucking Jones! He’s everything he says he wasn’t. Oh well, HE’S RICH BITCH!!!

    Poor kids of his got to hear about their daddy driving drunk with some groupies, not cool. Seems like Rashad knew more then everyone thought he did.

  8. mike says:

    sounds like Jones is a good Christian to me

  9. Clay says:

    They never did a toxicity? That’s weird

  10. Mike Diaz says:

    The best thing he did in that situation was not give a breath-a-lizer test or consent to do a sobriety test! Someone from da hood gave him that advice! LOL Diaz Bros and TEAM PENN!!!!!

  11. Lol says:

    Whats wrong with drinking and dating multiple woman?? The only wrong i see is he crashed while drinking. If he can find a dd driver hes set. Wow one dui and you guys flip. Cheating and drinking is fine.. But the dui is not. He will make this better

  12. jbeamazing says:

    why does the girl thing matter lol the media is in a hurry to fuck his marriage and life up
    I’m not a fan but I’m not a hater and mma needs this headcase to stay on track so we can get more coverage espn shows more on the spelling bee then mma

  13. Bd says:

    I never thought about his wife and kids … GodDamn!!!!!!! Not givin a fuck .. Lmao that guy is living large and in charge .. Too bad he caught if not he would still be hittin up them groupies.

  14. shane says:

    so what he got a Ddub get over it i got 4 he is human dont put him as a god because he a champ, you say be a roll model but he is a pro fighter ppl still dont see it as a sport …….ESPN wont even show highlights

    • Jaedr says:

      people are upset because jon jones is a fake pussy trying to look like the golden boy at first now he’s exposed and we’re all giving him his due beatings.

  15. 543534 says:

    He’s the tiger woods/floyd mayweather of mma

  16. Sternes says:

    BIG DEAL! Jon Jones is the BEST FIGHTER IN THE WORLD right now. He ran through 4 former UFC Light Heavyweight Champions in past 18 months. It’s not like he pulled an “Overeem” and is cheated to win fights. That’s alot worse than a freakin DWI. He’s young, (I know he talks a big game) but everyone makes a bad decision in life.

  17. Chance says:

    I think that everyone should just keep there comments to themselves.. we don’t know what happened for sure. Everyone should move on and stop making assumptions.

  18. Swamp says:

    Jones le succès c est jamais trop bon car après toutes les mauvaises choses ressortent.

  19. Swamp says:

    Le succès c est pas toujours bon car ça fait remonter la merde

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