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Wednesday, 05/30/2012, 07:38 am

VIDEO | Justin Bieber Trains To Fight With Mike Tyson

He’s been seen in the front row of many UFC events, walking out with the likes of Floyd Mayweather and now we have this clip of Justin Bieber training with Mike Tyson.


73 Responses to “VIDEO | Justin Bieber Trains To Fight With Mike Tyson”

  1. no worreh says:

    Haaa haaaa haaaa ha u thro with only upper body ur punches look so soft I would walk threw all ur punches ha ha ha idk y tyson would waste his time wit dat queer looks like hes laughin in his head I would ko beaver boi in two shakes and bend selena gomez over

  2. nEWVArO says:

    Fucker don’t look too bad. Did not believe it was him at first

    • Thom says:

      haha, you´re kidding right? please tell me you’re kidding… if you think that’s good boxing then you obviously don’t know shit about boxing

      • Numba1Ghani says:

        hahahahahah wow I honestly can’t believe there are a couple ppl on here talking about how he looks “good” watch some boxing or try some you pussyniggas. this is a fuckin joke this queefer beiber j-beebs is a fucking lesbian I can’t believe these dumbass niggas like Tyson, 50, and Mayweather kick it with him but its just cuz he has money they can use hahahah so pathetic. Every faggot who actually stands up for this pussyass little essence of queef must love cock. And go ahead and tell me he gets a little puss he still looks like he brutally dildos himself and sings while he does it hahahah. This fool is such a flaming gaping stinky roastbeef pussy that Fox voted him top 10 wealthiest WOMEN in the US. FAGGGOTTTT. Get this buttfucking bowlcut bitchboy the fuck off this MMA website.

    • I Gotta agree with Thom. That was embarrassing. I felt awkward watching it.

  3. GIL says:

    punches look weak but not bad looks like he’s been at it for a little while never know he is only 18 , hate to say it but just because he’s a little gay boy singer doesnt mean hes not tough or cant learn to throw hands

  4. Thom says:

    lmao he punches like a 4 y o girl.

  5. jbeamazing says:

    He might do better the jason miller lololololololol

    • Dog chapman says:

      Jus like ur mom is better than sucking guyz than justin hairless beaver

      • JOSH Y says:

        cool guy poster of the day. I bet JB would beat your ass. Stop being jealous that he gets more pussy then you ever could dream of.

        • Dog chapman says:

          No I would stomp his ass bruddah and how u kno he gets lots of pussy jus to let u kno urs ur dads pussy doesent count as a lot of vag becuz ur vaginz r huge josh y. R u so gay y u let gay.b rip ur punn up u faggt but seriously I wold stomp u out or sub u shut ur ass u dont kno bich jb lol is tht ur pet name for him vag boi

        • JOSH Y says:

          Teen pop star or some dude who post shit on the internet who cant even make a proper sentecne without misspelling everything. Yup im sure he gets more than you. You talk a lot of shit on the internet all the time. I get it, you want to seem cool and funny. How old are you? IM guessing your like 30 still living in your parents basement. Im still trying to decipher what the fuck you said. Go get a dictionary and see if half of the words you just used are even in there.

        • jbeamazing says:

          Dog you are smart and super funny I would of never thought of saying your moma sucks cock damn your smart and tuff for sure I bet all the ladies want you based off of your tuff guy typing

          Your in the running for the ”Kill yourself of the year award

        • no worreh says:

          Lol looks like we got a teen girl or a gay boy beiber fan

        • Tenth planet says:

          Some ones but hurt

      • jbeamazing says:

        saying that kid would do better then miller is sarcasm if you can’t find the common sense rattling at the bottom of your purse

        • Dog chapman says:

          Nope im 20 I would fuck both ur justeen beaver lovin asses look on ur ipods and u will find out y u two.queefs r standin up for ur man crush u both proved u r both faaaagggets

        • no worreh says:

          J be amazing at ripping ur but whole

        • jbeamazing says:

          @ dog if you seen me in real life you would shit your pants. By reading your comments you are either 14 or mentally retarded

  6. Chris420(FREE DIAZ) says:

    man he sucks at boxing. his hands are u at weird angles, hes barely throwing power and his head movement suks. just stick to making lil girls vaginas tingle…………..

  7. Alistair overeem says:

    This is why fighting shouldn’t become mainstream.

    • Thom says:

      lol by all means let it be mainstream, if gaylords like this are ever dumb enough to spar with someone half decent they’ll quickly regret their decision… I would pay to see some young G black kid from one of the cali boxing gyms mess up fags like Bieber all day.

  8. r4j4 says:

    I think he’s just a fan and loves boxing.

    Anyone can hit a punch bag or sone focus pads (which is all we seen him do so far) and that never proves how tough u are, just shows wether u got power and good movement, u gotta spar with someone if u wanna prove ur toughness or test urself. Not hating on the guy but I dnt think he’s trying to prove any toughness to anyone, if anything it’s probably just a publicity thing from his management in trying to market him more

    • JT says:

      Talking shit about him doesn’t make anyone tough either (Not you but plenty of people here). Big deal, the kids obviously a big fight fan and supporter of MMA and he trains. He isn’t out there talking shit about fighters or fans, he just enjoys the sport and enjoys doing it for fun. Which is more than 90% of these couch potatoes will ever do. Hate the kids music, he probably hits lightly, his hand placement kinda sucks (At JG MMA, where I train for fun the hands are huge) but who gives a crap? He could probably beat the hell out of half the people talking trash on here. Especially the ones who say things like “hhahahahaha, what a fag, I would kill him!”

      • Mc says:

        This kid is like 5’6″-5’7″ and 110lbs no joke. He wouldn’t beat shit. I saw that he started shit w/ a photographer(pop) after this and shoved him. He lucky he didn’t get turned inside out.

      • Shawn says:

        Just like he assaulted a photographer. Of course he’s not trying to prove he’s a tough guy…he already is…in his own mind. The kid hires Tyson, hangs with Mayweather, attends UFC events, and has a huge ego and a shit load of money, you don’t think it’s filling his head a little? Some of us are critiquing his boxing skills. Because there is something to critique. If your going to post your “skills” online, you should make sure your doing it properly. Otherwise, it’s just called “showing off”.

  9. thatsrightbitch says:

    I kind of want him to start fighting just so I can see him get his ass kicked

  10. Legato says:

    Tyson has gone down hill so much.. Training bieber, wtf! And anyone who thinks he can “throw hands” ha please he was punching like a spastic!

  11. Ping says:

    He drops the right… Left hook ko a la hardy!

  12. GIL says:

    I hate the little fucker too but hes only 18 haha , i forgot all you guys n here are professional boxers

    • Thom says:

      I’m 17 and i would box the living shit out of him… not trying to sound cool or tough but i’ve put more hours in the gym than he has on his hairstyle.
      where you at PROD? oh wait u got banned from the news section lmao.

    • Chris420(FREEDIAZ) says:

      we’re just critiquing him. he literally does suck at boxing. he doesnt have his hands in the right position, he’s barely moving his body when he punches so hes putting almost no power in them and his head movement sucks. ive trained at an mma gym for almost a year n a half so i kinda know alittle bit about boxin. n he’s doing it all wrong……………..just saying.

  13. JP says:

    I thought that was jake shields at first. jakes boxing is bout as good as JB. thats sad.

  14. Dick Bowlsy says:

    Tyson tapped that ass!

  15. Tsimanga says:

    Curious…. it looks to me as though it’s just a kid boxing, having fun, living life. It’s pretty pathetic when grown men try to put down a kid like they’re some big middle school bullies. Live your own life, quit hating so much.

  16. rehf10MMA says:

    Oh shit! The way that kid drops the guard! Mike is not training her well, he’s on our side and want her dead!

  17. Jp says:

    Who wants to here about that little twat!

  18. Malsah says:

    Yeah he punches like bitch, but so did most of you lot a one time. Let the kid learn!!

  19. Rob says:

    It takes big, tough guys to call out a little eighteen year-old boy. Most of you are grown men; act like it.

  20. keep fitch (forever) says:

    Lol he is just having with the mike tyson. He isnt looking to be better than anyone or anything. U all need to quit making a big deal out of it.

  21. James says:

    I think I would have a better time hanging out with Bieber and Tyson than most of the people on this site.

  22. Kennster says:

    WTF was that?…does he actually think he knows what he is doing?…he punching so wide and his center-line is wide open..screaming for a counter uppercut…and who trains wearing a hat?…seriously..I’m sorry kid gets no street cred from me…he a bubble gum

  23. DMAC says:

    He got more hand game then Mayhem! Give the kid a break how many of you can say Iron Mike held the heavy bag for you, NO ONE!

  24. Tapia says:

    Dude!! It’s Justin Bieber. This is hilarious! That’s what it’s meant to be! Exact reason why Tyson is laughing. What’s with all These tough guys saying Bieber is gay and they will beat his ass haha! I sure hope you will! He’s an 18 year old kid. Chill with all the girl,gay and other non sense comments. This just shows how much our sport is growing and how everyone wants to be a part of it in some way shape or form.

  25. jim says:

    This kid has the best life in the history of the world.

  26. Ralph says:

    Look how he keeps dropin his hands lol, no technique, no power, no fukin idea wht hes doin. Its sad, stick to makin millions by singin gay songs tht make 13 yr old girls wet And take those fkn gloves off ur fkn embarassing urself.

  27. Zack says:

    If you ever want to test your skills bieber, I’ll fight you anyplace anytime

  28. robertg98 says:

    Will you guys shut up. The only reason why you hate this so much. Is because its Justin Bieber if it was some random kid you guys would love it. Yeah I don’t like his music either and I understand he did some things wrong but I must have forgot that Bieber is a professional boxer right? Leave the kid alone. You really expect him to be able to do everything perfect. No of course not he sings he doesn’t fight. As a matter of fact I give him props for loving the sport it shows something about him. The kids got heart more heart than some of the jerks commenting on this. Give the kid some slack.

  29. B-rad says:

    (tyson voice) Im gonna break this little gaywads nose into his brain

  30. Baz says:

    LOL more comments than UFC 146 when I checked that

    All the people judging his defense what the hell are you talking about hes not sparring hes just punching the bag… Not to mention analysing his style is totally out of whack hes like what, 16? I mean anyone who can get Iron Mike and Mayweather to teach them a thing or two would be a sick boxer if they wanted to be.

    Who cares how much pussy he gets, of course he gets more than everybody on this website, males don’t attend his concerts.

  31. jay says:

    lol he gets no power, doesnt even use his hips and his guards so far apart

  32. Mitchell Cavin says:

    Ok i have been away from TV’s and computers for about 6 months and just found out about this “JUST SCRAP” i was hoping there was still sign ups, from what Iv seen the sign ups are over. i wish to sign up for it, i know i have what it takes to become the best in the world. i have no training I’m a off the couch fighter. i know that i can become the best bantamweight or flyweight UFC fighter in the world. i know you don’t know me or owe me a thing BJ Penn, i don’t fight for money or fame. i just want to show the world the best of me. if there are any opening in the roster i wish to sign up. i will be checking every day for a reply’s. I thank you BJ Penn, for reading this and taking the time to reply.

  33. Tate says:

    I’d absolutely beat the shit out of bieber.

  34. Xaninho says:

    Frankie Edgar would beat the shit out of Bieber……Or demand a rematch.

  35. nEWVArO says:

    Tyson is such a nice guy.

  36. Mike cannon jr says:

    Missleading…story..title….should say..tyson trains trNsvesdite…beeber thought he was training to fight..with mike….lol

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