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Friday, 05/25/2012, 06:33 am

Dan Hardy On Matt Hughes | "He's going out there and shooting animals for fun, it's just ignorant and calculated. I just can't agree"

By Jamie McAllister
UFC Welterweight Dan Hardy in an interview with Bloodyelbow.

Matt Hughes recently posted a picture himself and a black bear carcass on his personal website which has left Hardy unimpressed. Dan Hardy comments on Matt Hughes as well as the theory behind hunting in general, Hardy also responds to claims that he is just trying to bait the former champion into fighting him.

“I just can’t agree with what he’s doing, and I can’t find any way for him to justify it. I’m sure there are ways that he’s convinced himself that it’s ok, but in my opinion, every human being innately has morals. They know what’s right and wrong, and whether it’s legal or not, it’s the wrong thing to do. It’s not illegal to sleep with your best friend’s wife, but if you do it, you’re an asshole,”

“I don’t think that humans are in any way elevated above the other species that are on the planet. For somebody to think it’s ok to go out and shoot one of them, because it’s not illegal, I just don’t make the connection. If it’s illegal to shoot human beings, it should be illegal to shoot animals, as well.”

“Now, as far as hunting for food goes, that’s a different thing. If I needed to kill an animal for food, I would. To go out there and shoot them for his own entertainment…I mean, he’s not going out there and having bear sandwiches for lunch off his kill, that’s for sure.”

“The fact that he had to go out and find it tells me that it wasn’t an over population issue. The same situation happened with the bobcat. He had to go in search for the damned thing before he could kill it. It’s not like it was near his house. If he were standing next to it in his back yard, that might be a different situation, but I still wouldn’t be proud of that.”

“Out of all the species, we’re the only one that has evolved enough to have a set of morals and be able to co-exist with the other species, and people like Matt Hughes, reading from his bible, and interpreting however he wants, going out there and shooting animals for fun, it’s just ignorant and calculated. I just can’t agree with him,”

“People say, ‘Oh, you’re just calling out an aging welterweight. He was the champion, and he’s done more than you.’ It’s not about mixed martial arts. I don’t like Brock Lesnar for his ethics on hunting, either. I’m not saying these things about Matt Hughes because I want to fight him.”

“I mean, if the opportunity was there, I would, but it’s a completely different subject. I respect him as a champion, but that doesn’t mean he’s not an asshole as a person. He’s proven that he is.”


181 Responses to “Dan Hardy On Matt Hughes | "He's going out there and shooting animals for fun, it's just ignorant and calculated. I just can't agree"”

  1. Ko_King says:

    I wish someone in mma land can help me, there is a saying from a very old book saying thou shall not kill anyone know what that book was? I think holier than holy mat can!

    • GET RID OF FITCH ( forever) says:

      I think fighters like hardy make MMA look like WWE with their stupid gimic rooster hair. maybe time for hardy to reinvent himself and dream up a new charactor. 4 losses in row should have been released 2 fights ago

      • nature says:

        look how stupid hughe look kneeling next to the animal he executed with his fancy gun. he wants to take a photo and thinks he looks cool. and he going to educate PETA hahahaa thats like a 5 year ol girl teaching how to drive a car. that stupid hillibilly cur fuck aint educating noone his god fearing pro human weak mind weak emotion mentality to noone cept for his inbreed offspring which thinks he cool to taking photo with the animal he executed with zero skill. his little bitch son is going to grow up executing animals trying to fit in trying to be cool thinking he worth something hAHAHAHA. M HUGH HIS WHOLE FAMILY ALL PRO HUMAN MUTHERFUCKERS NEED TO BE EXECUTED. MAY NATURE TAKE VEANGENCE UPON HIM AND HIS FAMILY WITH THE GREATEST OF FURY.

  2. You know what it is says:

    Dan Hardy might not understand being from jolly olde England but hunting is an American tradition. Yes, you can eat bear meat, and no humans ARE definitively more important than animals. You cannot compare an animal life to a human life. Not to say an animal life is not important, but if its between my dog and another human,the human wins.

    • ThaGreenBandit says:

      Being from England, which also has a deep history of sport hunting, has nothing to do with it. I’m sure it’s just the type of person he is. Trophy hunting is, in my opinion, just plain stupid

    • dynomania says:

      The aliens are going to have fun torturing your ass.

    • Thurgood Jenkins says:

      OK how about this scenario. You’re out in the woods with your 10-year-old dog that you have raised since he was a puppy and that you are very attached to. You hear a scream originating from a nearby cliff. You and your dog run over to discover a complete stranger hanging off the edge of the cliff. The dog can’t stop in time and runs into the guy and both start to fall. You quickly grab a hand and a paw, but you don’t have a good grip on either. Thus, you have to make a choice then and there. You’re saying you would choose the stranger simply because he’s human, despite the emotional connection you have with your dog and the fact he’s been a part of your life for over a decade?

      • Thom says:

        Killing animals for fun is plain stupid BUT they won’t suffer nearly as much as the billions of chickens (or any other animal) that we eat every evening, that shit is pure animalcruelty and inmorale

        • Thurgood Jenkins says:

          I see what you’re saying. I’ve seen the way cows are treated on some of the ASPCA commercials, and it’s tough to watch. I think the problem is many don’t agree with the methods of killing animals we eat but at the same time are unwilling to give up that part of their daily diets. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be a readily viable solution.

        • BowtieAssassin says:

          While I agree with most of what your saying you have to think of are three staple animals, two of them probably wouldn’t even exist today if not specifically for them being food.

          Cows and Chickens would most Likely be extinct but Pigs would probably flourish to overpopulation if we didn’t eat them.

          Just a thought, I could be wrong.

        • jaydee says:

          Both these things are cruel

      • jaydee says:

        I would DEFINITELY choose my dog 😉

      • ThaGreenBandit says:

        My dog all day long. It would be just like choosing to save a family member before saving a stranger.

      • Flash says:

        I can say with confidence my dog will be coming home with me in a situation like this

      • Leighton says:

        What an irrelevant scenario. The discussion is about killing for fun not being superman and having to make the big decision. The point Dan is making is that killing humans for fun is illegal so why does it make it ok for animals? Regardless of whether Americans do it as a hobby or not doesn’t make it any more morally correct, let’s be fair, their not the most honestly run country in the world. When an American gets killed its illegal but when an afghan child dies for oil it’s all good.

    • Gould says:

      if i had to choose between you and my dog. Dog all day and your ignorant ass can rot. Dogs loyal and respectable your just an idiot with a rifle who thinks he is cool killing animals when they have no chance to fight back. Hunting isnt an american tradition its a redneck tradition.

    • jaydee says:

      Hunting is an american tradition right? Sorry dude that tradition is really disgusting. You are just a pathetic american who thinks he’s superior to every human being. anyways you are millions like that.

      • Seiichi79 says:

        dude. ppl hunt in just about every country on this planet. it’s something that pretty much ALL creatures do to survive. if hughes is out there poaching animals then he is a lame ass but if he is actually eating wut he hunts, then more power to him.

    • Dog chspman says:

      I hunt woman and rape them as well

    • Scott says:

      Slavery was an American tradition at one point in time, also.

    • Xaninho says:

      You’re a fucking dumbass.

      If it’s between my dog and you I’d slit your throat myself and get it over with.

    • theking says:

      U fucking retard fucker usa fucker u think u are a hunter? u r a joke.taking ur powered rifle and fancy scope into the woods putting the animal in ur reticle and pulling the triger is not hunting. ur executing animals. hunting is when both animals got a chance to live. a lion got a chance to catch somthihng just as the something got a chance to get bolt and most often the lion wont catch it. in nature ther is self regulating system its been doing this for billions of years u thing it need pice of shit human to step in?? oh and ur probably one them pro human piece of shit which think u are entitled to and better then all sentient beings .pro human weak minded emotionally weak mutherfuckers like u need to be executed. inferior shit.

  3. Aaron says:

    Oh my God shut up you pathetic British liberal pussy. Animals are NOT the same as humans and I guarantee that Matt has eaten every single one of the animals he’s killed. Dan Hardy doesn’t know shit about hunting because he’s lived over in the UK so long where hunting is frowned upon.

    All I can say is, you better not eat any kind of meat. Period. No eggs, no spam, none of that shit. You would be one of the biggest hypocrites I have ever seen talking shit like this. The funny part is, I bet Dan Hardy would have a fucking blast going out in the wilderness with Matt and hunting something.

    • Ko_King says:

      No dickhead not frowned upon its illegal in the uk!

      • Aaron says:

        I know it is illegal in the UK, dick. I hunt year round on 600 acres in Flatonia, TX. I know more about hunting and killed more animals than you have ever even thought about. People come to my land and pay me $5,000 to shoot a single buck on my ranch. Yea, fuck you Mr. know it all about hunting.

        • Ko_King says:

          U sound so proud of urself but it must b hard 2 smile with all them dicks in ur mouth!

        • Jonesy says:

          You tell us Ko_King.

        • joker.... says:

          aaron, you’re a bit of a jumped up little prick aren’t you. Shooting a defenceless innocent animal from range does not make you a man… it makes you a faggot. And anyone who is prepared to pay a waste of air pussyhole such as yourself 5k to shoot one of your animals, is an even bigger faggot in my opinion. But karma’s a motherfucker, lets hope you don’t lose both your legs in a car crash. Dickhead.

        • The Streak says:

          It’s called “canned hunting”, basically a guy with a small penis and an obnoxious gun he paid more for than his teeth in his mouth get to play dress up and make like they are actually doing something with there lives. When really they get to shoot at close range and drag a rotten carcass home to boast to there hillbilly friends with additionally bad teeth. Way to go douchebag.

        • Xaninho says:

          If I wouldn’t have to do time for it I’d shoot you myself dickhead!

          Being all proud of killing numerous animals, you’re a pathetic coward.

    • Kingsforge says:

      No eggs? Saying just made everything you said completely invalid due to the enormity of your stupidity. Chickens lay eggs regardless of if they’re fertilised or not, there’s no meat in an egg unless it’s fertilised because nothing’s growing in it.

      People who think human beings are more important than anything else that’s living are fucking idiots for the following reasons

      1) Life is life, no matter how long it lasts or what form it takes.
      2) Humans are the most intelligent species on this planet and yet we’re the only ones who try to justify the mass slaughter of each other based on ridiculous concepts such as racism and religion. You ever seen an animal slaughter thousands of other animals because it’s decided it doesn’t like the lifestyle they live or the place they were born?

      Also, guns are for pussies. You think you could ever take on a bear without a piece of machinery in your hand? It would tear you to fucking pieces. You’re not big or tough because you can wield some machinery, you want to prove you’re worthy to take another life then try fighting something on fair terms. Our ancestors hunted to survive with flint spears and rocks, they risked their lives every time they went out in order to survive.

      People who use guns to kill animals that have no defense against them aren’t hunters, they’re pathetic cowards who want to make themselves feel big by taking a life.

      Step in the fucking cage and fight another guy on equal terms if you want to prove yourself.

      • AsaxSpades says:

        The weapon is the equalizer. A human doesn’t have the claws, teeth, or instinct. What we have is our ability to think and create.
        What you’re saying is ignorant. Country folks are probably more humaine than someone living in the city. They process the whole animal, wether its food, clothing, or trophy. Do you know how much of a cow is wasted? The only animal that isn’t wasted is chicken and that’s cuz they grind them up into a paste.
        Pull your head out, and not be so judgemental.

        • ubunchofags says:

          U idiot, we do not only have human instinct, we (some of us) have reason, but there is no way a freaking weapon that can kill you at a distant is an equalizer: Teeth and Claws can’t kill you at 100ft away! It gives us a way unfair advantage! I would respect these pussy “hunters” if they had the balls to kill with a knife, spear, or bow and if it was only for survival reasons not stupid coward ignorant trophy pussy reason!

      • Jonesy says:

        I have no defense against bear claws or teeth. That bear is a fucking pathetic coward then.

    • Balls McGee says:


    • Dev says:

      You miss the point entirely. Dan Hardy is saying he opposes hunting as a SPORT. Which is what Matt Hughes does. Do you think he eats meerkats for dinner every night? ‘Cos I don’t..

    • Will says:

      You’re missing Dan’s point entirely… Killing for FUN and not for food by necessity is pointless. That animal was minding it’s own business just doing what animals do… And you come along and KILL it.. for nothing but FUN. Now imagine if we were visited by a far more superior Alien Race… and they saw us… poor little Humans.. and thought to themselves.. Hey lets go down there and hunt these creatures for FUN. They would kill us.. skin us.. use our bones as trophies.. etc. Wouldn’t that be completely fucked up..?

      There is only ONE reason why hunting is so enjoyable and it is because it brings us back to our primitive hunting roots. We have a genetic disposition for it. But once we’ve become evolved enough not to need to hunt anymore we should simply leave those primitive habits behind. You only make your argument because it’s in your line of work. It makes you money. You’re not thinking objectively.

      • heka says:

        You’re missing Dan’s point entirely… Killing for FUN and not for food by necessity is pointless. That animal was minding it’s own business just doing what animals do… And you come along and KILL it.. for nothing but FUN. Now imagine if we were visited by a far more superior Alien Race… and they saw us… poor little Humans.. and thought to themselves.. Hey lets go down there and hunt these creatures for FUN. They would kill us.. skin us.. use our bones as trophies.. etc. Wouldn’t that be completely fucked up..?

        hey, actually there is a movie about this scenario … PREDATOR ,,, a deep, philosophical movie, as Arnold’s movies often are …

        PREDATOR is a hunter who only hunts armed game … tables are turned on humans …

        In PREDATOR 2, a PRedator is about to kill an armed woman in a subway … but then his sensors show, that this woman is carrying a baby, a fetus … he is PRO-LIFE … and he lets the woman live because of it —

  4. Dick Diaz says:

    eh, if you’re hunting for trophies, you’re a douchebag. lol the guys above me defending hunting as an american tradition… your argument is highly rooted in human exemption from nature… an ideology (heavily connected to the big religions) that plays a part in our environmental problems…

  5. Zack says:

    Animals would be so over populated if there was no hunting. That’s why there is rules and regulations that keep the animals at a controlled population. I agree you shouldn’t kill just for the joy of killing ever but I’m sure Matt eats his kill.

    • EBM FTW says:

      The fun fact is: we are overpopulating the world instead of random animals…

      • dynomania says:

        won’t be long before India passes another law that allows humans to hunt humans, not just poachers. It’s never been legal to kill other humans until now. You poach, you are free sport. I love it.

    • reaalllly? says:

      Yesss thats why sooo many animals are goin extinct and the endangered lists are gettin bigger an bigger im all about huntin for food an such but its the trophy huntin ruining ut for alot of people who do it for food

  6. EBM FTW says:

    I agree with Hardy. Hunting is meaningless bullshit. I don’t understand how these stupid rednecks can be proud of themselves by shooting an animal with a gun, just for the fun it. People credit themselves a kill while they wouldn’t be able to kill it with even odds: barehandedly. Hunting is for sick fucks who enjoy the fun of killing.

    • JMH says:

      People who don’t know a thing about the outdoors or hunting really look stupid. They don’t know what they don’t know. Its hardley worth my time to post. It is the American hunter who pays for habitat preservation and conservation programs. Without hunting our country would not have the abundance of wildlife for all Americans to enjoy. Maybe some PETA member will try to interfer with Matt and he will kick their ass just for fun.

      • Aaron says:

        Right? Us hunters catch shit about hunting when it’s actually people in the city that ruin animal’s lives. People in the city eat harvested livestock that live caged lives and then are killed. Not to mention 80% of animals can’t survive in an urban environment. When you go out into the wild, early as fuck, with nothing but your camo, coffee, and a bow to shoot dinner for the next week… it sort of puts it into perspective how little we actually impact nature.

        • Dick Diaz says:

          that may be true but suburban life would probably be nowhere near as sustainable the way urban cities support that many people per square feet than a country community… we all impact the environment harmfully in our own way…one is no better than the other…

    • GRAY says:

      I had no idea that non hunters were so uneducated.

  7. heka says:

    Yes, there is the Book, but the commandment had a narrower range, referring to a murder in modern parlance, excluding war, capital punishment, killing animals for instance.

    Nowadays the Brits seem to have a soft spot for animals but it’s just 200 years ago when their biggest entertainment was having animals fighting each other or similar tortures … thnak God they have Football/soccer now.

  8. James Leonard says:

    What a liberal little fuck. Some of the greatest hunting dogs in the world come out of the UK. By the way. How do you think America started?? We never wanted to do what you liberal British pussys wanted us to. So in the end, who cares and of you do, leave America of go to California you fuck!!

  9. Tony Badillo says:

    Good points hardy, The point is that killing animals is something a lot of people have become numb to, as HUMANS we are smart enough to know fruits and veggies are the best thing we can eat and even if there are healthy nutrients u can get through meat, there’s no arguing that fruits and veggies are better for digestion, energy, cognitive clarity, and even reversing a number of diseases, killing if u truly need to survive is one thing, but allowing killing because it’s our American tradition or because people just wanna go have a good time and eat ignorantly while we’re completely doing exactly what the corporate food companies, pharmacudical companies, and government want us to do keep eating unhealthy and keep spending money allowing the system as it is to continue, and as we all know the system as it is, Is completely fucked.

    • James Leonard says:

      Dan Hardy, EBM FTW, and Tony Badillo… You all need to go drink a full bottle of Draino

    • Chris says:

      There are multiple studies available that conclude vegetarianism iis detrimental to long term health and many vegetarians in fact go back to a meat inclusive diet after a period of a few years or so.

  10. T.DADDY says:

    matt is a country boy.. and country boys hunt… dan hardy aint got shit going on ever since gsp dominated his ass so he’s tryin to get a fight with matt… what a clown

  11. DMAC says:

    Hey dummies if hunters don’t hunt for certain things over population will occur. Hardy is just trying to get a easy fight.

    • Gould says:

      over population occurs cause humans are taking all of the land and the animals cant spread to new areas anymore you dumb ass. how would you like it if another species came here smashed your living area to shit to build what they want and then shoot you cause “your over populated”. China is over populated you gonna rush over there and shoot them?

      • DMAC says:

        People vs animals people win you fucking dumb shit, what are you like 17. Your tree hugging therory is shit! What the fuck we suppose to do let animals over populate everything and be walking to the store and have to watch out for wild animals. Or better yet driving down the highway and deer jumping in front of cars killing people because there over populated. Your a fucking dummy!! Its done to keep us safe. Don’t reply cuz I don’t live in fairy tale land of “what if” and I know that’s all the ammunition you got.

        • Kingsforge says:

          If we killed off all the people like you in the name of ‘over-population’ the world would be a much better place.

          Go fight a bear with nothing but your hands if you’re so superior. We’ll see who walks out of that one…

        • fucking retard says:

          there you go with the ifs just like DMAC predicted, you just dont understand because youre fucking ignorant. im a city boy and i completely understand why people hunt. yes there are the fuckers that hunt just for the fuck of it but MOST hunters in america hunt for food and to keep the population down so they fuck shit up where people live. And if you want people like us dead then why dont you do it yourself? you fucking dumbshit. seriously people like you are so goddam ignorant.

        • LOLOLOLOL says:

          yeah dude! just like how we needed to hunt all those bison back in the day! there was sure an overpopulation issue. and damnit you are right! i grew up in an area without much hunting, in a city, and i saw mountain lions and wild boars at the super market all the time! and whenever i was in england on vacation id get attacked by wild foxes that roamed the streets of whatever town i was in! lol. you truly are an idiot. The only time overpopulation is an issue is with invasive species, that were brought to an area by humans (such as wild boars pretty much all over this country). So if you go out and kill a pig humanely and eat it, i wont give you any shit. But if you shoot a bear just to put its head on your wall you are an asshole.

        • fucking retard says:

          wtf? the first half of your comment is dumb and pointless. did you even read what i have wrote? First of all, some parts of america ARE overpopulated by a certain animals, feral cats, hogs, etc. I have also stated that people that hunt for fun are douches but MOST hunters hunt for the sake of keeping the population down if needed and/or hunt for food. your comment is just dumb and idk why you even took the time out to type up such a pointless retarded comment. you are ignorant and you dont know how to read, good for you

        • LOLOLOLOL says:

          also last time i checked, deer still have plenty of natural predators in america (well i guess some of them declined in population since we idiotically killed thousands of wolves a long ass time ago). But uh red wolves are increasing in population (coyote wolf hybrids) in the east. We killed all the grizzly bears in california, but theres still mountain lions and coyotes here.

        • Xaninho says:

          No ‘ifs’here. WE are overpopulating the world, there is no room for the animals to live in anymore.

          That’s why deer jump in front of cars on the highway.

  12. A.James says:

    Dan Hardy will say anything at this point for attention. he hasn’t won in years.

  13. OKWTEV says:

    He is being a pussy about it. I would not kill an animal unless I was going to eat it. But I still do not fault others for hunting. If they kill an endangered animal then I would. Hardy has his opinions, like we do. I still think he is trying to pick a fight.

  14. mmafan says:

    has a avid hunter that kills animals when the season comes, not only do I do it for fun it alson helps me to provide food for my family for a year or more!!! so stfu you english muffin

  15. Keep Fitch (Forever) says:

    I hope Matt Hughes took down that bear or cat and grounded pounded and humped him for 5 rounds to squeak out a decision.

  16. Mike says:

    7 billion of us out there…. like 1 million bears. I’d say bears are rare and of great value nowadays. People on the other hand do more to prove their lack of value than anything else. You don’t sacrifice your dog to save another man. Your dog sacrifices itself to save you.

  17. spades says:

    Poor Dan Hardy, he will do anything to get an interview. Common 4 straight losses he should have been fired long ago.

    I think Matt Hughes said it best himself “He hasn’t looked that good in his last few fights. He should worry about that.”

    So what the guy enjoys hunting..

    Hardy is just trying to get the fight and after this weekend maybe Hughes will go to Strikeforce or Shark fights to fight him after his UFC career is over.

  18. Zander Cage says:

    you know you’re a legend of the sport when you’re not in the title mix, and not a champion, yet people still call you out. what a stud. Hardy must realize things are diff in the US than they are in the UK right? im a fan of hardy and hughes to an extent, but hardy doesnt understand what hes saying here

  19. johnson says:

    bear sandwich! that should be the name for my next band!
    anyway, 100% agree with dan on this.
    good man, that dan!

  20. John says:

    Well said Dan. It’s not big and it’s not clever!

  21. Wow Dan! Im gonna kick your ass now because you stated your opinion about hunting for trophies. Im SO angry now..

  22. Jonathon Echols says:

    WOW…Dan Hardys’ a dumbass

  23. Fedor says:

    Dan hardy sucks plain and simple. Not a fan and he grew a vagina.

  24. Sr. stinson says:

    WTF!!!!! I thought I was on a MMA website what it has to do hunting with MMA

  25. BAMA MMA FAN says:

    I will say this, I don’t hunt but I have no problem with those that do, for trophy or food. What most of you forget is that hunting is about conservation more so than actually killing animals. This is why there are bag limits to every species. If we did not hunt, species would die out due to overpopulation. It is a fact that if one particular species of animal is overpopulated in a certain area disease runs rampant among the species. Not to mention the fact that they become a danger to humans. With that being said if you feel hunting is wrong then maybe what you should do is bulldoze your home to give the land back to the animals because that is the only way to truly save that population.

  26. grgo says:

    Hardy? I will fight you for free! Knock your ugly english teeth out! Matt would change your world!
    Go back to sleep before someone makes you do so!
    Grgo The Croatian Sensation

  27. tank says:

    Just a question for everybody; if these crazy ignorant assholes that love hunting are just out there to kill animals for the thrill of it, wouldn’t you rather have them hunting an animal instead of you for instance? Many have brought up the issue of human over population but I hope you all that your part of that over population and if there was ever any sort of “extermination” than you would be on the chopping block to.

  28. ZC says:

    For anyone to comment on another persons lifestyle without having experienced what it’s like to be in their position as a person is ignorant. Dan Hardy obviously doesn’t understand the meaning of being a country boy from the States.

    He should understand that if there wasn’t an over-population of the animal or that if they were becoming endangered then it would definitely be illegal to hunt them.

    That bear, or even the bobcat wouldn’t think twice before attacking, killing, and eating a human. We’ve “evolved and are the only species to be able to have morals” but regardless that doesn’t change who a person is and the enviorment that they were raised in plays the biggest role on morals and ethics rather than basic instinctual morals.

    If Dan Hardy wants to be an activist for animal rights then he needs to go do that. Seeing as how his last few fights have been less than impressive anyway, I doubt anyone in the MMA community would miss him.

  29. David says:

    Matt Hughes has sex with every animal he kills then feeds it to small children after he spunks on it about 30 times.

  30. andy says:

    My favorite part of this article is when I remembered who Dan Hardy was.

  31. ihunt says:

    .Dudes entitled to his opinion. I think hes wrong because ive been raised to be a hunter. I come from a family of hunters and we do it because we enjoy it. Hunting is fun! Do we eat what we kill? Yes, but its stupid to act like we’re not out there trying to get a trophy. The thing non hunters need ti understand is this isn’t a “redneck” thing. Hunters stretch across our country from New York to California. These same hunters contribute billions of dollars to wildlife management, protecting natural habitat areas and the animals that we hunt. The hunter mentality is kill the animal, but protect and improve the herd. I wont bore you with numbers ( you have google) but the hunter is truley the greatest friend wildlife knows.

    • Will says:

      Is the hunter preserving wildlife because they love wildlife… or is it because they love to hunt and if they kill everything… then there is nothing left to hunt…? You are only maintaining your habits and practices of killing… If you really cared about wildlife… you wouldn’t take wildLIFE.

      You can maintain wildlife just the same without killing them for SPORT. And Dan already addressed the population issue so all bases are covered. If you aren’t killing by necessity then you are killing for sport. The sport is completely pointless. It is done for mere enjoyment. I only ask this one question. If we Humans were not the most advanced and evolved and another species (or aliens) was above us. Would they be justified in killing us for sport? Even if they maintained our “habitat”… or ‘herd”…?

      • Truth Be Told says:

        Great point. I agree.

        • Mc says:

          Does this dick get mad at a house cat when it kills a mouse even though it had food from its owners? Just cuz England couldn’t manage their wildlife and it’s all gone he thinks all hunting is bad. I don’t even hunt but I realize its not hurting anything. What a douche to keep bringing this up cuz I read the same shit from him months ago. He is tryn to call out a old fighter he thinks maybe ha can beat. Why not sit out another yr or 2 bum or lose another 4 in a row.

        • US....DERP! says:

          news flash. people arent house cats killing on instinct for food

        • MAgog says:

          wait for nasty nate to whine and cry when matt hughes holds down hardy for 3 rounds.

      • Ty Shirey says:

        More wildlife and “habitat’s” are destroyed by the construction of sub divisions and other development. If you want the real culprit. It’s not the people living off the land and would rather feed their family healthier meat than roid filled chicken or beef. It’s people who live a fast food lifestyle as we call it down south. Some may call us rednecks, and that’s fine. I agree with Hardy. No need in killing if you won’t eat it, but if the population isn’t in danger and you want the meat and the satisfaction of knowing where you food comes from. Why not?

    • Mike cannon jr says:

      Anybody that enjoys killing.. Is a scumbag… Period…. If your poor and need food… Hunt.. And god bless…. If you kill for fun….. Pray u don’t meet me….

  32. JoeMamma says:

    WOW!! There are some IGNORANT people on here. Your hate totally clouds your reasoning. I love to hunt. I love to fish. Who the hell cares if it’s for sport or for your freezer. I see no problem with people hunting for trophies because even if they don’t eat the meat themselves it is donated to local foodbanks for the less fortunate. Does any one think before they speak any more?!?! Also, who is any one to force their opinions on any other person. If you don’t like hunting, then don’t hunt, but don’t criticize any person who does. Hunters do more for our environment than any activist does.

    • Will says:

      Your ignorance clouds your judgment. People aren’t against sport-hunting because of hate you moron. This is a philosophical question on the value of LIFE. Whether it is human or animal. What makes it ok to take a life in general…? Then you need to ask what makes it ok to take an animal’s life as compared to a humans? Would you hunt humans for sport (and then donate the meat to poor little wolves)..? Ofcourse fucking not… the question is WHY.

      You need to actually have an answer to that before justifying yourself.

      • hauts says:

        ahhaha just owned that fucking idiot… generally people who kill animals and have no feeling about it become serial killers, or mass murders…

      • Mc says:

        Why? Why not? Find something else to bitch about. What a bunch of fn pansy bitches. It’s not like any of the animals bein hunted are endangered there are plenty and if they weren’t hunted they’d spread into populated areas. What is the value of that animals life? Well pretty much it’s just food value for all the other animals including humans that prey on it. What other value does its life have. I love animals but get over the hunting shit already. Just cuz u couldn’t do it doesnt mean it’s wrong, it’s Part of our history none of us would be here if not for hunting

        • doosh's says:

          thats how things get on the endangered list R tard, because we fuck up their ecosystems and hunt them dead. i live in minnesota and if you want to hunt so bad come here and shoot a fuckin’ deer they are overpopulated and they are smashing up front ends on cars everywhere, but the bears and wolfs and other shit you have to track and kill i say leave that alone.

        • jones says:

          there is always 1 tough guy to tell everyone there wrong around here….good job big man….is your wife afraid of you?? i bet u really smack her around

        • Mike cannon jr says:

          Any idiot can kill… A real man never takes a life… That he doesn’t haftoo…

        • GET RID OF FITCH ( forever) says:

          I’m sure you back woods people don’t have any problem killing someone walking thru woods that accidently runs across your “whiskey stills” bunch or friggen hicks and hillbillys in Tennesee and kentucky. Instead of having idols like Mickey Mantle when you were kids you backwood people worship Daniel Boone and davey crocket.

    • Jim says:

      While I’m not against hunting, your post is devoid of reasoning entirely, and is entirely personal taste.

      You shouldn’t criticise other people’s reasoning when yours is absent.

    • Mike cannon jr says:

      I care… Nutless

  33. Scott says:

    I’m not a fan of the dude, but I agree with Hardy. Should you be able to shoot animals for food? Of course. If you have a license, should you be able to shoot animals to pare down overpopulation? Of course. If a dangerous animal is on your property and you have to kill it to protect your family should you be able to kill it? Of course.

    Should you be able to get a bunch of beers, your pick-ups and go out on a day with the boys to kill things for your own amusement? Fuck no. It just doesn’t make any sense. Sociopaths do that shit, pulling the wings off of birds and crap. It’s no different. Especially if you’re shooting them with a weapon you didn’t even make yourself. You buy some high-precision rifle out of a store and then shoot a deer from 100 yards and you’re proud? You didn’t make the damn gun that allowed you to kill it. I don’t know. Seems kind of cowardly to me.

    • ihunt says:

      Think you’d find, the vast majority of hunters aren’t driving around in their pickups with a case of beer shooting at everything. Btw 100 yards is just a chip shot. Got my last buck at 257the yds!

      • Thom says:

        Grats you killed a helpless animal, go join my gym and take on guys who will fight back. Hunting for fun is retarded. The bio industry for our dinner (chickens for instance) is even worse though, that’s real animal cruelty.

      • Thurgood Jenkins says:

        So you stood 771 feet away with a gun and shot something that was unarmed. That’s the definition of a “real man,” let me tell you. Go to France and live amongst the rest of the world’s pussies.

  34. hughjazz says:

    It looks like Hardy has a hard on for Matt cause he surely has been on his dick over this for more than a year now.

  35. mark says:

    People who thinks hunting is okay must be hunted.. Let’s put them in the wild and hunt them.. Let’s kill them leaving their family behind and such.. Or why dont they let their children and spouses run in the wild and hunt them.. Just leave the animals alone..

    Life is all about survival of the fitest.. But as a human, you have the choice to lend a hand or look away..

    Even I’m a science major I believe that life is equal.. It doesnt matter if its an animal or a human.. It’s a matter of “which one’s better to live”.. So a human life, for example, is a criminal more important than a bird?

    I have lived in an environment where people hunt.. And it just doesnt make any sense.. I mean that is the reason lots of animal have gone to extinction. That’s the reason we have farm animals.. We raise them.. We do not raise wild animals..

    I just feel bad for people think hunting animal is cool or “manly”.. We, humans, have isolated ourselves from animals since the before times.. We should act as a human.. If you still think hunting is cool or “manly,” then go in the wild and hunt bare handed.. I hope you get good infectious disease in the process..=-)

    • hauts says:

      lets get a gun and go hunting.. but not for animals… hunting the hunters… fcking eat them after just to prove a point.

      • ihunt says:

        Love this idea. You trying to hunt me to prove a point. Differnce between me and a deer is i wont stand in a field so you can shoot me. Even with the gun, youll be at a disadvantage. Your ignorance is cute though

        • Mike cannon jr says:

          Lmao…. Ur so tuff… U wouldn’t be standing ina field … Cuz u would be cowering and crying like the b#### u r… If your poor.. Hunt… If yOur not… And u kill for sport… Again.. Eat sh! T and die..

    • Jim says:

      Try reading Kenan Malik’s ‘what science can and cannot tell us about being human’.

      Science is irrelevant when it comes to discussing humanity. Live with it.

      • Thurgood Jenkins says:

        I’m no science major, but my understanding is that science is able to reveal why and how there is a humanity to begin with. I would think that has a lot to do with humanity itself. But I guess a single author’s opinion is hard data that the thousands of other scientists are wrong.

    • Jeff says:

      I would have no worries in the world being hunted by a non-hunter.
      All it comes down to is survival skills.
      You teach your kids how to hunt and fish so they can provide for them selves and their family if something happens to the food chain.
      Also, if anyone here is bitching about killing animals and they are buying there meat at a super market then they should just fack off, your a hypocrite. If you truly don’t believe in eating meat and are a vegitarian or vegan that’s fine, I respect that, but please don’t push your beliefs onto me.

      • Dave says:

        To me you make the most sense. I dont really believe in killing for sport but anyone who buys meat from a store or for that matter uses any animal products has no place to talk about the value of an animals life being the same as a humans and I think hunting and fishing is the only way to ensure you’re family gets pure natural animal protein

        • Mike cannon jr says:

          I’ve got your protien rite here bi+<#. .. Deez nuts.. Again it's back to human compassion… Teaching your family to survive is awsome.. And I think itsa crime if u don't…. But… Enjoying taking life is a entirely diff subject.. And as far as meat n the store.. Millions of animals r slaughtered everyday for u.. And me… And how do we .. View this? We could appreciate our blessings.. Or we could go out and kill sum more…fo fun.. Yay ..

  36. DudeO says:

    everyone is addressing the wrong issue on this thread. dan hardy needs to stfu and focus on his career not on what matt hughes is doing. even if he is fishing for an easy fight hardys a moron he wouldnt stand a chance against hughes a couple years ago.

    • RJ says:

      I don’t think Hardy can beat him now. Hardy’s takedown defense is his downfall and Hughes could still take him down and ground and pound him.

  37. DKD says:

    Dan, I can agree with you about some hunters. Some hunters are ignorant. There were headless dear carcasses turning up in rivers near where I live. But as far as the hunters that are in my family, we hunt to eat. Don’t be sterotypical

    • hauts says:

      good hunters bad hunters dude you need to get real… its not like there is good and bad criminals or good and bad government… its not about careless or care.. its about the fact. that you are killing. killing humans or animals, i dont care its senseless… if you wake up and are stuck out in the wild about to die, then yeah kill something… but if you are hunting to eat, you still are hunting for fun, and if you are hunting for fun, then you get a rush from killing. i wouldnt even believe any hunter who said they didnt get a rush… that rush is the rush of killing. soon animals wont cut it… history repeats itself… always… killing is killing, animals humans or things. it generally all falls in the same category, since we are also animals… hunters need to be hunted. animals are far more important then arrogant people…

      • Jim says:

        Full of shit. Provide figures on how many hunters become murderers or stfu and log off the internet.

        • ha says:

          Just about EVERYONE that has ever killed another human being started off with animals.

      • Louis Fender says:

        It makes way more sense and makes you more of a humanitarian to just walk into a grocery store and pay 2.99/lb for hamburger meat that came from am animal that was pumped full of steroids and led to slaughter! Try going out and tracking your own food for once you ignorant Fuck…then you become a real man!

      • Dave says:

        How is a man providing pure nutritious meat ignorant and a man going to a grocery store buying meat from cows with hormones and antibiotics who were raised and slaugthered in a factory isn’t. I’ve never hunted in my life and you’re the one who sounds ignorant

  38. Sam Eames says:

    This is the most I’ve ever liked Dan Hardy.

  39. Junglebunny124 says:

    Yeah it’s just sick.. Give the animal a gun and make it a fair fight and see how many of you “hunters” would still love it. Hunter is not the word.. More like animal killer. If you ain’t eating the meat.. Go shoot some skeet

    • James says:

      I see you support the right to arm bears…

    • Jim says:

      Yeah, because nature is fair. You know that nature works on the premise that life isn’t fair right? Is it fair for an owl to swoop down and take out a mouse? Is it fair for a tiger to go around killing the cubs of its rival?

      People who think hunters should do their thing bare handed are idiots, conveniently overlooking the fact that giving up weapons would be giving up the result of a natural advantage.. intelligence.

  40. jeremy says:

    So, Hardy do you not pound other humans in the face for fun? Shut up you idiot… Please tell me this mohawk freak is a vegan! Cause, smashing a cow in the head to get Dan Hardy a nice slice of steak sounds worse then hunting for your food! I hope he gets his crap pushed in!

    • Xaninho says:

      Those humans made their own choice stupid. Did the animals choose to die at gunpoint of some bloodcrazed sociopath with a hunting license?

      • ihunt says:

        Im thirty and have been hunting since i was seven. Yet to turn into some crazed serial killer. Unlike you, who during your life time, has turned into a giant douche bag. Im from Kentucky , which in sure in your eyes makes me a redneck or hillbilly, but it’s amazing i’m no where near as ignorant as you!

        • Thom says:

          THEY TOOK OUR JOBS!!!

        • Xaninho says:

          I’m not talking about rednecks or hillbillies. I’m talking about bloodcrazed sociopathic animal killers.

          You’re not a crazed serial killer? You just said you’ve been killing animals since the age of 7…That’s 23 years worth of useless bloodshed.

          I’d say that’s a serial killer.

        • ihunt says:

          Good at it too!

    • James says:

      Have you considered that people who fight for a living and are successful at it may possess a sadistic side? Maybe that could have something to do with someone going out of their way to kill animals when their survival isn’t at stake.

  41. Kieran says:

    Fucking pussies, using guns to kill animals. At least fight fair Human vs Animal- no guns, no knifes and no dogs to do your dirty work. Then if you survive a black bear, you can have your trophy.

  42. BobstEr says:

    Dan should just shut the fuck up already and get on his knees and lick Dana Whites balls for not cutting his sorry ass after 4 consecutive losses. He’s trying to create a fight that no one wants to see.

  43. Louis Fender says:

    so…………is it ok to kill a couple of cats twice a week to bury under my Weeping Willow??

  44. Justin says:

    Matt Hughes would pound Hardy in his day, he has done more in MMA than Hardy ever will.
    Theres nothing wrong with hunting humans have been doing it since the begining of time.

  45. dana black says:

    i would like to hunt some keyboard warriors and so called fuckin hunters. u are all just bitches like dos santos talked about mir, most of you guys are just strong when u r in a good moment like hunting without being shot by a good person and in bad moments, when things get difficult u bitches just fold! hunting is evolution blah blah, hunting is for food blah blah. fuckin bitches!!!

  46. tommy goodman says:

    yea stupid asss comment he makes a life by getting in a cage and possibily killing someone and hes worried about sum stupid wildlife what a panzie i live in MI if people dident hunt deer would run the state and they allready cause a shit ton of accidents and venison taste good as fuck healthier then anything you can buy at a store so he better be carefull what he wishes for cause he might be Hughes next trophy

  47. Larry Williams says:

    Guys without hunting your car insurance would go up because of all deer that would be hit by cars second in a bad winter they would starve and die so don’t bust the hunters asses.

    • Mike cannon jr says:

      Seems like it’s a matter.. Of human over population.. Not animals… WhT about these idiots who usta say.. Animals don’t feel pain… Lol.. Thats what hunters usta say..or the other dummies who say there r more animals now than their usta b.. Cuz of whT hunters do for the over population problem.. Only the most idiotic would spill this shit out of his mouth.. There is less habitat for animals now.. Than ever b4 in history..

  48. Larry Williams says:

    Oh and its so far kept my son out of trouble hunting and trapping but remember he could be smashing car windows doing drugs or robbing someones house lucky for me he likes to hunt.

  49. mark says:

    Please read my post carefully.. Of course I eat meat.. But I only eat meat that are from farms.. Animals that were raised.. (Before you argue with this, please read this whole thing first and try to intertwine the concepts)..

    Even not standing on the field you’ll be in a disadvantage.. I feel bad for you guys.. For sure some of you are low life shit heads who have no above common knowledge.. Science is irrelevant? Who says it? Some unknown dude who made some copy paste research in the net.. Humanity cannot be address with just some belief..

    Yeah.. we’ve been hunting since the beginning but that is why we advanced to agriculture – to get out of hunting.. We’re not in this period anymore.. Hunting is also one of the reasons why we get new infectious diseases and that’s a scienctific fact..

    Of course, hunting is necessary just in case of a life threatening scenario where you’ll either sink or swim.. But it shouldnt be put in practice just for fun..

    Of course, animals eat animals.. They indeed kill each other.. But that is for survival.. Are you that poor to depend on nature?? Or are you in danger to kill??

    Exactly, we are all murderers.. Based on the word “murder” definition, we are all murderers.. If you kill an insect or even a bacteria, you kill a living thing.. It sounds ridiculous but its true because based on SCIENCE they are all living things.. This is in general definition.. Most define “murder” as between humans only.. But with the word “life” included, you can argue since life is equal BUT with survival necessity it should have been weighed..

    Just like society’s definition, if a police kills a criminal it’s fine as long as it’s self defense or defending a life (still murder but has been weighed).. If a human unauthorized kills someone intentionally, thats murder without same reasons.. Killing should be about survival.. Again, we’re not in this period anymore.. And again, hunting shouldnt be source of pleasure..

    You cannot address ignorance to me since, like I mentioned, I grew up in that kind of environment.. It means that I’ve been there.. I understand both sides and I chose this side because it weighed more than the other..

    Yup.. we are more intelligent than animals that’s why I have concluded this reasoning unlike you.. But it doesnt mean I’m in the same level as you.. It’s not like “Humans created computers, so humans are more intelligent than computers” which is completely a joke..

  50. Chase says:

    I am a hunter myself. Have been all my life almost 30. You can use every word in the dictionary and every language on the earth but non hunters will never understand hunting. They don’t understand the challenge that helps you become a better master of yourself (just like martial arts), the bonds that are made between dads sons grandfathers grandsons uncles nephews and best friends etc. A hunters role in our ecosystem So I don’t waste my time arguing with these people.

  51. Edd says:

    I cant stand hunting but its actually very important where I live in Northern NY. It helps to keep the deer population to a manageable amount, which in turn lowers the number of car accidents with deer. If Hardy lost a close family member to an accident involving a deer he might change his opinion.

  52. Donnybrook says:

    Well let ‘s see what do I have in my chest freezer… deer, moose, elk, bison and bear (pepperoni), I think I have a couple of grouse breasts left in there too. Yep had a pretty good hunting season last year. All you guys bitching about hunting do realize the meat and fish you buy from your local grocery store had to die to get there right?! Think about that next time your BBQ’n up a nice juicy steak ya hypocrites. BTW I’m a meat hunter (bonus if you get a wall hanger), been raised that way… if your going to kill something you’d better eat it.

    • Mike says:

      Hell yeah that is the same way I was raised down here in Texas. The meat is all that matters but the trophy rack is just an added bonus. My buddies bought a bunch of jerky from this 14 point white tail I killed this past season thing was delicious

  53. dean says:

    the reason we left England was to escape idiots like hardy . I respect him as a fighter but just lost total respect for him as a person.

  54. jones says:

    i dont like hunting either,,,,,but hardy is just trying pcik any easy fight he is dying for a win,,,,this guy talked himself into numer 1 rank for titel shot,,,that just shows the ufc dont always fight the best fuk….hughs is washed up badly and maybe still retire hardy,,,hardy need thinking about his fight tomor cuz he almost out the ufc

  55. Balls McGee says:

    All of you are dumb assholes FUCK EANGLAND AND FUCK THE QUEEN

  56. Phil says:

    I stand on a weird position on this because I am a hunter and I do help out on this ranch that does suffer from a wildlife overpopulation. The owner pays 3 of us to go out and basically kill a certain amount of deer and wild hogs. Yes we do have our ice chests and our pickup trucks and get to work, the wildlife department has even okay’d us doing it. But from what Hardy is saying sounds exactly like what my ex girlfriend told me each time I would go on these hunts because she was a huge PETA supporter also yet her ass would still eat the meat I brought home. It was cool that I was getting paid to do something I enjoy hunting. Hell some of the guys that go on these animal control hunts are former soldiers since its like one of the few jobs they can get since some businesses don’t want to hire them.

    If you don’t like hunting or fishing or guns or hunters thats fine. But don’t call hunters ignorant we take a portion of our kills home and the rest are donated to local church groups and homeless shelters.

  57. Jesse says:

    So has anyone ever seen a car crash caused by a deer they are brutal. Deers have killed more people than any other animal in the world, true fact. I don’t hunt but I do study wildlife science and we all agree hunting and even trophy hunting is ok for the wildlife population. Also no animal is defenselss or innocent. That one deer Matt might have kill probably caused 2 or 3 accidents on the closes highway. People who say hunters are faggots or pussy think about what you’re saying because someone in your family might be a hunter, our presidents have been hunters, our soldiers are hunters. And whos to say that these deer or cougars aren’t killing us off aren’t trying to thin out all the stupid in the world.

    • James says:

      What about tigers?

      • Llyod Springfield says:

        what about them they have been known to attack people in most areas of tiger attacks they don’t put them down unless they kill more than 2 people. But people that kill them are poor pochers who are being paid huge amounts by a rich non-hunter who can’t get it up that wants to eat tiger cock.

  58. Steven Lane says:

    Ok so everyone is bitchin’ about hunting and going to the store. Lets see hunting the animal goes down in one shot. Grocery Store meat… chicken are dropped into hot water alive to be defeathered. Cows and pigs are electrocuted and beaten and then killed. We have all seen the videos of the animal cruelty so to say that a hunter is doing a worse atrocities to animals than our food suppliers is kind of stupid. So the next time you’re pushing a double quarter pounder with cheese down your throat take a moment and wonder how many times that cow was proded, how small of a cage it was held up in, if it was kicked or branded several times. While I’m eating my nice Moose steak and know that it only took one heart shot to put it down. Just to put the icing on the cake how about you viel lovers yea not a pretty thing when you know what they do to those baby calfs, some assholes like to break their legs so they won’t want once after birth.

  59. rlm says:

    I’m not against hunting for sport, but if someone were to kill a lot of animals they might as well do it for more then trophies so food and fur won’t go to waste. It makes a great business too.

  60. Hugh L says:

    So lets make a comparison I am perched in my treeblind and see a beautiful 12 point buck and take it out at 250 yrds I’m a pussy and an asshole. Yet if I’m perched in my snipers nest at 700yrds snipe a “insurgent” I’m a real man and hero. But both have probably killed people the deer by playing frogger on the highway causing 5 accidents and the insurgent by roadside bombs. Yet when I take them out they don’t know it and are unarmed. Just another thing to toss out there what about the omish they hunt are they pussies and assholes and queers.

    Didn’t know so many people were so antihunter here. Didn’t know that Quackers can be MMA fans. Don’t hate on someones lifestyle choices, it would be like me going over to your house and telling you shit about playing world of warcraft of diablo 3 and telling you only pussies and fags do that and that you’re ignorant for paying to play a game online each month.

  61. One thought says:

    So major props to Dan Hardy for getting back on track and winning his fight, just don’t agree on his opinion of hunting

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