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Friday, 05/10/2013, 09:49 am

UFC & Youtube Launch Subscription Based Channel

The all new UFC Select channel provides access to full event replays, classic fights, and full episodes of your favorite UFC shows such as UFC Unleashed, The Best of Pride Fighting Championships and the hit reality show The Ultimate Fighter, refreshed on a Weekly and Monthly basis. Subscribe Today at and for fjust $5.99 a month you can get your fight fix in whenever you want.

Currently the subscription based channel has the full replay from UFC 1, TUF Season 13 and a huge library of some of the most memorable fights inside the cage.


2 Responses to “UFC & Youtube Launch Subscription Based Channel”

  1. DzzzNutzzz says:

    They could’ve made plenty off the pop up adds no need to charge for already paid for brawls…Is a shame because many would’ve flocked to it yet greed found it’s way in to a good thing.Now they’ll get a fraction of the traffic and fans will call the ufc a sell out org just a thought

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