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Sunday, 08/12/2012, 10:10 am

UFC Set To Offer Cerrone And Pettis Chance To Square Off | UFC News

By Jamie McAllister

The UFC President Dana White announced at the UFC 150 Post-Fight Press Conference that the UFC will offer Donald Cerrone and Anthony Pettis an opportunity to face one another.

“Yeah. I like it,” White said. “It sounds like a great idea.”

After the press conference according to ESPN White announced in the media scrum  that he intends to award the winner of the bout a shot at the Lightweight Title.

“Yes” White said “We’re going to make it up to Pettis.”

When Pettis was signed by the UFC he was told he would receive the next shot at the Lightweight Title. However the bout between Gray Maynard and then Champion Frankie Edgar was a draw and forced another rematch.

Nate Diaz will be receiving the next shot at the Lightweight Title and no date has been set for that bout yet. On top of that Pettis is still  recovering from a shoulder surgery and expects to return around November time.

Cerrone has been calling out Pettis for some time now and has accused ‘Showtime’ of ducking him. When Pettis caught wind of the comments he admitted he was pissed off and wanted the bout agreement signed right away.

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27 Responses to “UFC Set To Offer Cerrone And Pettis Chance To Square Off | UFC News”

  1. Nuitari X says:

    Hell yeah!!! Can’t wait for this one. Cowboy has gotten much better since his days in the W.E.C. and since his loss to Diaz. How cool would it be for Nate Diaz to win the title and Cerrone win against Pettis to set up the rematch for the title.

    • CALI says:

      To be honest, as much as I’d like to see it, I don’t think this fight should or will happen. Pettis will most likely turn it down, just because he’s waiting on his title shot which should have happened 3 fights ago. Cerrone is coming off a mere two fight win streak (against arguably mid-tier fighters) trailed by a loss against Nate who is the top contender at the moment. My guess is Pettis nurses his shoulder, and gets back into top shop while he waits for the winner of Nate vs Ben.

  2. A.James says:

    Cerrone has some huge gaps in his defense that’s why Guillard and Diaz were able to connect and hurt him. Pettis will take full advantage.

  3. maurice says:

    pettis will fuck donald up. donald is good, but man does his striking defense sucks. its like his chin is literally always there to hit. diaz and melvin found it almost everytime they punched. lets not forget pettis is faster then both of them and is a precision striker. donald got the victory last night, but he also proved he aint fucking with pettis, diaz or bendo.

  4. danielrchargers says:

    Cerrone is putting Pettis to SLEEP!
    -Frankie got Robbed.

  5. Pancho says:

    Hell yeah this one will be a good fight! I think Pettis will take it though

  6. stephen riddle says:

    Its going to be a great fight but im still not convinced that diaz will get the next shot, i know dana changes his mind more than a female.

  7. scotty says:

    Love how people say Pettis is this and Pettis is that but really besides the fight with Henderson who else? Got taken down and out wrestled by Guida, got a split decision against Jeromy Stephenson and the KO against Lauzon who in top 10 but not top 5 and others have done the same.. People live off that Henderson fight way to much.. Cerrone has all around better skills than Pettis IMO.. Pettis has fast flashy stand up, his wrestling is bad and has some good JJ.. Cerrone has great stand up, great wrestling and great JJ.. Im going with Cerrone and he is getting the number 1 shot which will be against Nate Diaz!

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      Scotty well said. noone knows if Pettis will even be same after coming back from shoulder surgery. Very bad sign braking down that early in his career. Pettis is a striker and having shoulder surery is a like pitcher in baseball having arm surgery. I doubt Pettis will be able to hang with Cerrone.

  8. jmannski says:

    Cerrone should learn a lesson from the fight with melvin. If he makes the same mistake with pettis he could pay for it. Cerrone and pettis is going to be a great battle. I see Cerrone taking it.

  9. stephen riddle says:

    This one is a toss up for me i like both fighters!?

  10. some dude says:

    Pettis is over rated hes only had one good fight in ufc ha hasnt grown much since wec

  11. GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

    Sorry I was high earlier. Pettis will win, easily. btw, this isn’t baseball

  12. exit 8 says:

    put that fight on the december card with jds/cain. While your at it throw bj/rory as the co-main event too. come on dana make it happen

  13. Kenny Powers says:

    I love watching cerrone fight, super entertaining, always comes to fight. That said, I am a huge cerrone fan, and as devastating as his striking is, I do think there’s holes there that Diaz and Melvin found, and I think pettis is too precise. I think he’ll be able to find his mark on cowboy standing up. As for the grappling, pettis proved he’s good off his back, but cowboy might wanna work his takedowns, and I can’t see either of these guys finishing the other, both way too tough. Got pettis by unam dec.

  14. some dude says:

    why do you all think pettis will win he had one good win his fight with stephens was not impresive at all. Ceroni has looked great in 6 of his ufc fights totally dominating stephens. Pettis had ducked ceroni earliar. Ceroni is totally beating the over rated pettis. And if pettis fought gullard he would have got kod.

  15. stonerman says:

    Cowboy will KO Pettis out cold. If Pettis never landed that kick we wouldnt even be in this situation. Very over rated fighter.

  16. tristanpt27 says:

    Is Lighweight the only weight class not sitting on their asses right now. JDS, hello?, are you there??? Jose Aldo, hello?, are you in JDS’s ass?

  17. derp says:

    not convinced by pettis just yet. he got beat by guida who is nowhere near top 5. pettis barely kicked jeremy stephens ass to which cerrone made stephens look like an idiot in their fight. looked like target practice for cerrone. donald keeps getting better & better. only way pettis has a chance to to catch him. theres absolutely no way he can beat cerrone by having a technical game plan.

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