UFC Will Pay for Georges St-Pierre’s ACL surgery

April 7, 2014 11:53 am Leave your thoughts

Dana White said on the Monday that the UFC will pay for former welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre’s ACL surgery.

According to a MMAJunkie report, the UFC’s fighter health insurance policy has only been in existence since May 2011, but for St-Pierre, there were questions surrounding whether his injury would be covered. GSP took a self-imposed hiatus from the sport in December, 2013.

Rudolphe Beaulieu, a St-Pierre’s manager, also confirmed with MMAjunkie that the surgery is covered under the UFC’s insurance policy and will be paid for by the company.

White says that even though St-Pierre’s (25-2) UFC’s contract is currently in a “frozen” state, his surgery is still covered under the insurance agreement because he is not officially retired.

“We have health insurance for the guys,” White told MMAjunkie. “It should be covered even if the contract is frozen. He’s still under contract; he’s still a UFC fighter.”

The 32-year-old announced through social media that he tore his ACL last week.

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