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Saturday, 05/12/2012, 10:11 am

Wanderlei Talks Retirement & What An Easy Target Vitor Is

By Jamie McAllister
Wanderlei Silva in an interview with

Wanderlei comments on retirement.

“How can I say it? I am in a situation… people want to see a show. I thought that I would do my last fight in Japan but then Germany, Australia and other countries came in asking me to make the final fight in their country,”

“I am feeling really good. I have to repeat what I said before my latest fight: only my performance can tell me if I can continue or not. Nobody who knocks Belfort out [then goes and] retires!”

Wanderlei also comments on Belfort who he is coaching beside on TUF Brazil.

“Actually, the guy lives in his own world. Everyone has their own viewpoint of course, he has his and it is much different from mine. And it opens a big opportunity to fool him around,”

“He is comedy. He thinks of himself, ‘I am a good looking and admired guy and everybody flatters me’ … when guys realize [he thinks like this] they are like ‘Oh my God!’”


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