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Sunday, 05/27/2012, 11:48 am

VIDEO | Velasquez vs. Silva Fight Highlight | UFC NEWS

Last night during the UFC 146 event at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada, former champion Cain Velasquez put an emphatic stamp on his return to dominance in the co-main event against Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva.


24 Responses to “VIDEO | Velasquez vs. Silva Fight Highlight | UFC NEWS”

  1. danielrchargers says:

    Beat the shit out of him, jeez. Those last punches were just… BOMBS.

  2. Fortyb4five says:

    This is what he should’v done with Jds not try and stand with him.

  3. .. says:

    it’s funny when cain got knocked out everyone start’s saying he has shit for hands but in reality he is without a doubt one of the top 3 strikers in the heavyweight division, the only guy I can see taking him out again is dos santos, that’s why I want cain to take 1 more fight before he fight dos santos again and I think it should be against overeem so we can get that roided monkey out of the way, cain would expose his weak chin and his sub par stand up, sure he’s got good kicks and punches but so do alot of the heavyweights in the division that are capable of 1 punch power. Sure he’s won K-1 and dream but how many of those fights were fixed or just mediocre fighters. Cain and junior are the top 2 heavyweights in the world and the great thing about that is they dont got to use ped’s to be one of the best.

  4. mike says:

    swim back to your parasitic country with the other border jumpers brownie brown pride. This will save you another embarrassing beating by a real champion who’s pride is genuine — Cigano. If you want to brag about your useless culture, next time you fight Cigano, you should walk out dressed as a pinata. Junior is the MAN!

    • Eddie says:

      What’s this about?

    • Rodriguez says:

      Before you start running your stupid bitchy little mouth, realize that he (Cain) as well as all of us other “Border Jumpers.” I like JDS but I am not okay with someone putting down my heritage. Plus I bet your not even from Brazil, your probably some white fag who has nothing better to do than think he is better than everyone else, especially cause your girlfriend is probably sucking some other guys dick! Have a good day Mr. Mike!

      • mike says:

        Nice one! Did you tattoo “brown bride” on your chest as well to compensate for your dick size?

        • mike is pathetic says:

          It’s more like you like to talk shit over the internet to compensate for your dick size faggot.

        • mike says:

          you still didn’t answer my question spiclet…:)

        • mike says:

          Nah, guys, I’m just kidding. I apologize. I’ve been ridiculed for being gay in my hometown and this is how I let out my frustration: by attacking other races. I am not racist, because I have no power or influence over anyone. I’m just a gay bigot, guys. I apologize. Please forgive me. Love you all.

      • mike says:

        haha, its hilarious that somebody actually created a screen name in my honor to talk more about illegals.

        • Rodriguez says:

          Nope I tattooed your mom’s name on my dick so she knew where to si…say hi to your real daddy fag;)

    • danielrchargers says:

      Yeah mike i feel sorry for you.
      Having to spread hate like that, even on the internet. I have been treated poorly by racism in reality for being hispanic, not just the internet, but i never get upset because i understand that those people who say such things have dark evil issue that they will probably never get over and will have to live the rest of there lives with a heart heavy with hatred. god bless you and you’re poor family to have you as a role model.

    • Artstunna says:

      I am sure someone in your family at some point was in this country illegally, unless you are 100% Native American, you are a border jumper as far I can give a fuck this was a grate nation before the white man,genocide and attempt extermination of all American indian people so shut the fuck up whit your racist comments you don’t have right to said anything,grow up and act your age not you shoe size

    • Are you seriously one of those dudes who trips about the brown pride thing?

      Look at this site: they pretty much just sell tee shirts, music and has a bunch of pics of hot chicks.

      Now look at any ‘white pride’ site. Segregation, hate metal, and far right propaganda.

      Pride is pride but hate is hate.

  5. Broman145 says:

    Strikeforce Heavyweights, welcome to the UFC

  6. E says:

    cain went beast mode. he is hungry for that belt!

  7. Dude says:

    I recall brownie being champ

  8. I’m glad BJ took the time to at least write ONE article about Cain.

    I guess you have to have a big mouth like Mir to get an article written about you;)

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