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Friday, 05/25/2012, 11:38 am

VIDEO | UFC 146 Fighter Diary – Jason 'Mayhem' Miller | UFC NEWS

Follow the middleweight as he prepares for his fight at UFC 146 in Las Vegas versus CB Dollaway. The video blog takes us to Reign training facility to Lake Forest, CA where “Mayhem” trains with the likes of Jake Ellenberger and Mark Munoz.


5 Responses to “VIDEO | UFC 146 Fighter Diary – Jason 'Mayhem' Miller | UFC NEWS”

  1. Ko_King says:

    Bye bye UFC hello strikeforce!

  2. Let's Do Dis says:

    Cmon, Hawaiian, let’s get that win.

  3. Kjtrlt says:

    You need this one Mayhem! Don’t gas out this time, or whatever the heck happened with Bisping, you’re better than that!

  4. The King says:

    Go gettum Miller! Don’t overtrain this time.
    Listen to your body.. These guys will never know the amount of dedication it takes to
    Do what you do.. Gettum Killah!

  5. John M says:

    Mayhem looked fucking focused!

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