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Thursday, 05/31/2012, 11:32 am

VIDEO | Munoz Offers Encouraging Words For "Mayhem" Miller | UFC NEWs

In this video interview brought to you by our good friends over at Mark Munoz talks about the rise and fall of his friend and training partner Jason “Mayhem” Miller.


23 Responses to “VIDEO | Munoz Offers Encouraging Words For "Mayhem" Miller | UFC NEWs”

  1. ThaGreenBandit says:

    Munoz seems like a very genuine, very loyal friend.

    • DMAC says:

      Tell that to Black House Camp, this dudes a mole.

    • DMAC says:

      Black House Camp disagrees, this dudes a mole.

      Mayhem was with the wrong camp for his last fight, he looked like shit again.

      • Clay says:

        How is he a ‘mole’?

      • Patrick says:

        I agree, but psychology mayhem wasn’t their its similar to Ricky Hatton after the Mayweather fight he wasn’t the same. I hope Mayhem can go somewhere and fight make name for himself and then return to UFC too prove to himself he can make it.

      • jbeamazing says:

        I think black house used him more then he used them they just wanted a good wrestler he provided that too bad he didn’t get any stand up in return

      • Cel415 says:

        completely disagree, his knee was double taped and had a brace over it, he rocked CB in the first (and again in the second but far worse, matter of fact the fight would have been over there had Mayhem not gotten overly excited.) then went for a guillotine and got his leg trapped as they were both goin to the ground (Joe R & Mike G showed the replay after round 1.) if his knee was totalled goin into the fight, then that destroyed it. and for real tho, tryin to fight a wrestler with 1 leg is mos def an uphill battle. gotta comend him for not bringin up the knee as an excuse for the loss as it mos def was a reason for the fight goin the way it did. hope causes Myahem wherever he goes.

  2. josh krosscheck says:

    Real talk. Sometimes we forget who brought this sport to where it is.

  3. Patrick says:

    How is Munoz a mole this a fight business you aren’t stepping in the cage to make friends your their to prove to yourself what you can accomplish. Just because he may eventually fight Anderson Silva for the fight doesn’t make him a mole. look at GSP he seeks advice from Renzo Gracie Academy in New York training with one of Matt Serra’s good friends. Serra fought GSP twice.

  4. John M says:

    Finally so speaks the truth about Miller! Also so interesting that none of the haters are blowing up this page…

  5. BobO says:

    Gotta be a crappy place where Mayem is right now. The guys a human being. I think Munoz is right, his mental state wasn’t correct. That happens to fighters alot. The mental aspect is just as big as the physical. Maybe Dana jumped the gun, I don’t know. Not sure what Mayem did backstage though. Anybody know yet? ~BobO

    • MMFT says:

      i read that he tried to start a fight with cb’s corner backstage, but it was broken up quickly. not sure if it’s true though.

      • danielrchargers says:

        its not. the “incident” happened before the fight even happened. it was between Burt Watson and Mayhem.

        • danielrchargers says:

          something about having a paper bag with a gas mask in it.

        • MMFT says:

          that wasn’t an incident. that was just something mayhem was bitching about because of the lack of professionalism and distracting him before the fight.

          the incident dana talked about was after the fight. SO LEARN TO READ SHIT BETTER BRO, IGHT!!?

  6. John M says:

    Whatever about the backstage bullshit, that stuff happens all the time and boo hoo about the mask he was wearing, Mayhem always wears that stuff for his walk outs. More importantly Dana did jump the gun on him. So what two loses?!? We’ve had fighters like Houston Alexander and Keith Jardine given a lot of lenience for their shitty performances. And Dana comment Mayhem had another “poor” performance…that’s right I forgot having C.B. rocked twice and two submits attempts qualifies as a “poor” performance.

    • Rick L says:

      It takes 2 to make a fight,and that was a terrible fight

      • Cel415 says:

        not for a lack of trying on Mayhem’s part. that match does speak volumes to me about CB’s performance tho. Mayhem only had 1 leg and when CB got him down all he could do was lay & pray when he could barley stand on his own? a wrestler with his caliber with top position on a striker with a gimpy knee? and that’s how you win? of course Mayhem has subs but with only one leg there goes half the subs you gotta worry about. it just says to ME how sucky Cock Bake Dollaway really is.

  7. Mike cannon jr says:


  8. Mike says:

    I heard the incident concerned a gas mask, Miller wanted to wear it and Burt said he couldn’t. Supposedly this through off the mental aspect of his game. Whether it really did or didn’t, who knows haha. Huge Mayhem fan.

  9. According to Mayhem says:

    it was the Burt Watson incident that Dana referred to as the incident backstage. Mayhem said nothing else happened, that he knows of, that Dana could be referring to. Now, that’s Mayhem’s side of the story. Dana will never be specific about it, although he can, because now Mayhem is out of the UFC. But Dana won’t be specific because it was one of those situations where the man with the power was looking for ANY SMALL reason to terminate. Dana saw his opening and took it. The man with the power doesn’t have to explain anything if he doesn’t want to.

    To me, even when Mayhem had Dollaway rocked, it didn’t seem like Mayhem would finish him. And he obviously didn’t. But that’s the second performance by Mayhem that looked like crap. Against Bisping, yeah, okay, returning to the UFC, butterflies, whatever. But then against Dollaway….dude….go fix yourself before coming back.

    I am a big Mayhem fan, just so disappointed in this last fight.

    • Nick says:

      After the fight, Miller went backstage and just sat near the gateway. One staff tried to tell him to move (politely) but Miller preceded to stand up and scream at the staff. Miller walked angrily and saw CB being treated by some medical dudes and screamed at him as if contesting the decision. Why would Dana want to fire a high fan base fighter for no reason?

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