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Monday, 05/21/2012, 01:02 pm

VIDEO | Jon Jones Car Crash | UFC NEWS

UFC Light-heavyweight champion, Jon Jones was arrested Saturday under for suspicion of DUI after he crashed his 2012 Bentley into a telephone pole in Binghamton New York.

There have been no reports yet as to any injuries sustained from the accident or if Jones was traveling alone. He has been released as of now.

Jones issued an official apology via Facebook

Dana White posted a comment on Twitter saying:  “Wow, I guess its not my week, is it?”



26 Responses to “VIDEO | Jon Jones Car Crash | UFC NEWS”

  1. roberts says:

    scary…..could have ran over someone…..geee that guy

  2. cntybollax says:

    i had respect for him. guess the fame got to his head

  3. Ed says:

    it’s daylight in the pic. dang! what time was he driving home? if i was an investigator i would be saying that tells me he was headed home at 7am and he wasn’t just leaving the bar. when do we read about his fiance leaving and child custody issues? gettin juicy….

  4. Fate says:

    That pic is not Jones’ Bentley. His had black wheels on it. The picture above has been proven to be false.

  5. Bigfan says: always has these misleading titles. This made me think it was like a CCTV tape of the car crash.

  6. San Da FC says:

    The humble champion… the christian. I love to see this guy fight, but I tune out everything he says.

  7. jones says:

    typical nigg…lets it all go to shit,,,cant have anything good …no matter all the shit he talks u gotta remembr its in the blood…think he wanted nike to back him hahah…poor ufc i hope they dont have high hopes this is the first to come

  8. Fitch GOAT says:

    does insurance cover it if you wreck in a DUI? If not I guess he might have to borrow Forrest Griffins car that he won on TUF

    • Zack says:

      What kind of question is that? If you were insuring Jon jones and he goes out and wrecks his brand new Bentley would you give him the money to get a new one? Call me crazy but I sure as hell wouldn’t.

  9. Clay says:


  10. Wes says:

    Can someone clarify the whole DUI/ DWI thing for me please? In Australia we get breathalysed by police to check how much alcohol we have in our system and if you blow over a certain limit you get arrested. Is there anything similar in the states?

    • James says:

      In the US it is similar. DUI is an all inclusive term to cover drugs and alcohol. You do not necessarily have to blow over to still get arrested. The key term in the US is “suspicion” of DUI, meaning that police can pretty much do whatever they want because they “suspect” wrong doing. While driving under the influence can present serious social dangers, it has in many states essentially become a for profit business. The laws vary from state to state and I am not sure what the specifics are in New York. Pretty much police are an out of control, power hungry, business venture in the US.

  11. GET RID OF FITCH ( forever) says:

    UFC will put a spin on this and EVERYONE will forget about it by next week. UFC has Jones back no matter what he does.

    • DayDay says:

      not unless he had a dead hookers body in the trunk then that would be hard to forget. that or he pulled an eddie murphy and picked up a tranny hooker.

  12. Xaninho says:

    Wow….How drunk does a guy have to be to just crash into a telephone pole like that?

    He must have been wasted.

  13. J says:

    The guy is a human being not a God. Im pretty sure eveyone here has driven a car after drinking. Everyone makes mistakes he hurt himself. The fact is he will still beat hendos old ass. So until we get some better light heavyweight fighters he will be the champ. Hell sonnen never makes mistakes mistakes or gets caught for doping or. Doing something illegal with money. But anyway jones aint jesus he will make mistakes like all of us and hopefully he learns from it.

    • taptfo says:

      I’ve never driven drunk, buzzed, or after having imbibed. Your justification of “Everyone does it” is ridiculous. Not all human stains drink and drive, but all who drink and drive are the filth of the earth. It’s the exact same as discharging a firearm out your window, only less safe. I can only hope that you kill yourself and not someone else next time you choose to play russian roulette with innocent lives.

  14. Cagin says:

    Hes only 24 years old.

    You do retarded shit at that age.

  15. Larry Stevens says:

    nigs will be nigs

    • taptfo says:

      A tyrant will always find a pretext for his tyranny. A scumbag will always spread the blame. A racist will always be pitied then ignored by anyone with intellect. You think if you leave out part of a word its any better? You suc your uncle dad’s dck with that mouth you inbred backwater hillbilly? Put down the cryst met stem and go read a book.

    • taptfo says:

      And inbred backwater hillbilly’s will repeat whatever uncle dad says while he beats his wife with his meth stem.

  16. chiefkikaho says:

    He probably didn’t see the tree… His ego got in the way

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