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Thursday, 05/24/2012, 08:07 am

Video | Dos Santos – "Give Me Three Months, I Can Fight the Klitschkos in Boxing"

Junior Dos Santos in an interview with

The Heavyweight Champion talks about defending his title as well as his recent comments about Frank Mir. He also comments on his boxing dreams and whether Daniel Cormier deserves a shot at the title.


35 Responses to “Video | Dos Santos – "Give Me Three Months, I Can Fight the Klitschkos in Boxing"”

  1. Jim says:

    I would not want to see that fight, JDS would get killed, please leave the crazy talk for Mir.

    • Numba1Ghani says:

      What makes you think JDS isn’t capable of boxing at the highest level? Ppl laughed when Alistair wanted to fight K-1 but he did and ended up winning the K-1 HW grand prix against legends like Peter Aerts, Badr Hari, Gokhan Saki. I’d say they’re as good at kickboxing as the Klitschkos are at boxing. JDS wouldn’t say shit if he didn’t believe in his skill he’s the best pure boxer in mma and in boxing he wouldn’t have to worry about kicks, knees, takedowns, clinch, subs itd be easy for him to adjust and itd help the sport of boxing get more publicity on heavyweights again.

      • James says:

        With about a year of intense, pure boxing training JDS could compete at a high level in boxing. I don’t know about winning though. He may be able to knock off some low level HW’s. Definitely not the Klitschko brothers.

      • Mike says:

        I didn’t think badr hari fought on the k1 that overeem won! I could be completely wrong though, and sorry if I am!

        Oh and I totally agree with what u said!

        • The Mantis says:

          No you are right he didn’t, overeem bet him once in the past but the last fight they had badr hari smashed in 1st round

      • LAIESTuD says:

        Because Overeeem was never a MMA at the beginning dummy! He is a kickboxer and started his first pro fight in K1 in 1997 when he was 17 years old. he joined MMA later but his roots is Kick Boxing. even that he had to juiced up, get tons of muscles to beat old champs. so stop acting like you know anything about fighting.

      • David says:

        Really Overeem in the K1 GP is different look at who he trained with before that and how long, I personally thought it was to expected that he would do good. JDS would get KOed first round by either Klitschko

  2. Josh says:

    As boring as the klitschschko brothers are, they would probably knock jds out. The only way he could win is if he didicated himself to strictly boxing with a high profiled trainer like Emmanuel Stewart, Freddie Roach, Floyd Mayweather sr. For at least a year or so. But again I would love to see him knock those guys out either he’s still the best heavyweight in the UFC can beat him

  3. Noah Plata says:

    why the fuck is this making headlines on every mma site?

  4. Tapitout21 says:

    I think he could do it…JDS already trains boxing at the highest level with the Cuban national team. They have long been considered among the best boxers in the world but dont get the exposure cause boxing is a dying sport and thet are cuba a country long forgot about by most of the world. Not to mention its easier for an MMA fighter to transition to boxing that vice versa cause now he no longer has to worry about kicks or takedowns. Could he beat klitchko? 50/50 but if I had to pick one MMA fighter to make the cross over it would be JDS

  5. Jujitsu Player says:

    He doesn’t even say he could beat the Klitschkos…HW boxing is weak right now so I don’t doubt that he could be competitive, but being competitive and beating the Klitschkos is a different thing. A fight againt Haye would be a good match up though, Haye is not that big for a HW.

  6. maurice says:

    im not goin to say he can beat one of those guys. but he definently has the power, skills and footwork to pose some serious problems. if this had been anyone else saying this i would say kill urself, but jds is really fucking good at boxing. his mma boxing is by far better then anyone. shit, kimbo is doin great at boxing, and jds is about a million times better then that guy.

  7. Lol says:

    I believe it. If you look at the klitchkos fights you will see they are not crisp with their boxing and average speed with decent power. They win almost all their fights with their long reached jabs. I can see a improved jds knocking them out.

    • James says:

      You must know a lot about boxing.

    • Hjortur Halldorsson says:

      They have definitely more than decent power and JDS’s punching power would be a lot different in a boxing gloves. I would think that JDS would have a hard time dogging the jabs because they are very accurate. JDS definitely has a speed advantage but I can’t say it’s more then that.
      JDS would at least make a lot of money from that fight and it would be interesting to see.

  8. JOSH Y says:

    Doesnt matter bc dana would never let this happen. JDS your dreaming. the klitchsko bros would destroy you. MMA boxing is one thing but trying to straight box the two best HW boxers in the world today is just dumb. Maybe in another 3 yrs when they are done fighting.

  9. ganjaneerUSMC says:

    Sorry but comparing kimbos boxing career to anything remotely related to jds vs klitchsco is just silly to put it nicely. Kimbos opponents are given a grand or two to take dives to keep interest in a nobody. Klitchscos are paid millions to wreck anyone they put in front of them. So good one, haha, but no….

  10. Stu says:

    I think there is some dude named Vitor Belfort (ever heard of him?) Who could transition into boxing easily. The problem for JdS or Vitor wouldn’t be the transition from MMA to Boxing. These two have all the skills in the world, they would just change their training focus, the major roadblock would be the transition back to MMA. Going six months without wrestling, jits, thai boxing would be hard to bounce right back from. I used to fight (in the military now they frown upon that apparently) now I just do Jits, and I feel retarded when I miss a week of training, I couldn’t imagine missing six months, then trying to pick it back up.

  11. Thom says:

    No… Just no.

  12. Hey Yo says:

    how did this whole thing about JDS fighting against wlad and vitali turn into an argument about reem? fuck the reem, I think JDS would do good in boxing, but beating wlad and vitali is bit over his head, but that doesn’t mean he won’t win, he’s confident that his skills can win, and they could

  13. Dee says:

    Boxing is a different animal. There isn’t an mma fighter that can transition into boxing. I’m sorry but it’s the truth. The Klitschkos are hard accurate punchers, they will kill any heavyweight in the UFC.

  14. raz says:

    as much as a fan i am of JDS, i see no possible outcome of him beating wladimir. Vitali… well, maybe he could but it would take a good year of professional boxing training. MMA boxing teaches hips to be square so that you can avoid single leg take downs etc. With boxing you cant generate enough power when your hips are that square, you need the torque in the hips, to get enough power for your right, especially when using boxing gloves (10oz depending on state compared to mma 4oz?). Not to mention the head movement and reach advantage of the klitchsko brothers. He might be able to whip out a wild punch and catch wladimir but that is a long shot. Vitali is getting old and even with his shoulder/arm problem last match he looked a bit sloppy.

  15. skeva says:

    making a statement like that wold be like me who has been training mma for 3 years recreationly that if i were to focus for 3 months intensively i could whoop and KO frank mir…

  16. skeva says:

    i take everything back because i commented and didnt watch the video,now once i have watched it one thing comes to mind….ARIEL FUCKING HELWANI INSTIGATING SHIT AGAIN!!!!….damn i wish nick diaz filps out and slaps his ass!!! >:(((

  17. Ryan says:

    I think dos santos would have a pretty good advantage he has the power and speed in my opinion I think mma is more challenging then boxing because it take more strength then boxing yea u get fatigued in boxing boohoo but in mma u have to worry about other part of the body that are being used to hit u as opposed to boxing it’s just fist

  18. 10 dan says:

    JDS doesn’t have punching power if you’ve ever seen Tyson in his prime, he didn’t need to cock his arm into outer space to knock down his opponent like JDS did against th ovrrated Valesquez. Klitchco W was once a kickboxing champion before a boxing champion. JDS should work on his nonexistent kicks not boxing and take on the kickboxing Klitchco, still give edge to Klitchco who also has better endurance, JDS fades after 10 minutes.

  19. Akamai says:

    Just do it!!!

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