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Thursday, 05/31/2012, 06:53 pm

VIDEO | Dana White And Kenny Florian Announce Retirement Of "Kenflo" | UFC NEWS

“I’m just so thankful to the UFC and everyone here for everything they have done. Fighting found me and I’m a much better person because of it. I’m happy…. I’ve dealt with injuries in the past, but back in November I was training and hurt my back. It just hasn’t quite been the same … I re-injured it a few weeks back. So, it’s been tough. I haven’t been able to train. And I’m the type of person who never wants to do anything half-ass. If I’m going to train for a fight, I want to be able to do it 100 percent. [The decision] has been several months [in the making]. It’s been very, very hard. It’s been tough.”


34 Responses to “VIDEO | Dana White And Kenny Florian Announce Retirement Of "Kenflo" | UFC NEWS”

  1. bob says:

    Hooray as half assed career is done. That’s news worthy. Aside from being a highlight on the show he’s done jack shit. Dare I say good riddance to an injury prone whiner?

  2. Fett says:

    He is an excellent fighter and role model. I respect him and hope he enjoys retirement.

  3. mean170 says:

    Never was a big KenFlo fan, but at least he knows when its time to hang it up. Best of luck to him as long as he isn’t commentating. He and that other guy are terrible on Fuel.

  4. Kenny Florian is a great MMA ambassador says:

    this sport is still young and Florian is pushing the sport forward the best he can. He is very knowledgable commentator and will only get better (the Silva-Okami fight is one of his best works yet). His methods of hyping a fight during his career is what turned a lot of people off. But in the end, he had a very respectable career doing something that many of his critiques will never do. No way was I his biggest fan, but I know when to throw out respect to a person who deserves it. Florian deserves it.

  5. watchafightbeforecommenting says:

    Anyone talking shit on florian need to watch some older tape! He fought in middleweight and made his way all the way down to featherweight and always finished fights or looked for a finish. Have some respect you fucking punks!! Go smoke ur weed and sit on ur couch, but leave MMA sites to actual fans who don’t jump on the bandwaggon just cause a guy has a good record right now…

    • ThaGreenBandit says:

      Uh, please leave weed outta this. Mary Jane ain’t did no one no harm, bro! Bob’s stupid ass probably woulda been better off if he woulda took a puff or two before making that stupid ass comment of his

  6. flip says:

    Sucks man! Hope he can get his back fixed! Haters, youre either trolls which is pathetic or you are just showing how pathetic and sad you really are. To be honest, if you really talk that way, those “friends” you have that smile and nod, yeah they dont like you or. Be cool.

  7. stephen Riddle says:

    Gona miss his bows to the dome! And the samurai entrance!

  8. Haters Hate shredders Dominate says:

    Ken flow is a warrior that showed skill and honor thats what fighting is all about, fuck he even got in there with BJ PENN dont tell that that doesnt take a warrior spirit!

  9. maurice says:

    damn. always loved kenflo. another legend gone. defiently top five fighter from the tuf series

  10. Dick Diaz says:

    kenny florian was a great freakin’ fighter!

  11. DMAC says:

    It’s unfortunate he has back problems he’s one of the most exciting fighters in MMA, just had a hard time letting it all hang out in big fights.

    • Chris says:

      Agreed. Tough fight against Sherk, of course BJ is a monster at 155 and Aldo is basically Ares. Gonna miss you Kenflo. Will never forget you choking out Joe Daddy.

  12. A.James says:

    My favorite Ken Flo moment is when he took out Guida!

  13. Ma mama said mma says:

    The guy couldn’t even eat potatoes because of the weight class he’s in Fuck not being able to eat potatoes

  14. Jpeech says:

    Damn… one of the greatest! I wish he could of got a title, but it doesnt take away from what a great fighter he was his whole career.

  15. Benjamin lestenkof says:

    I hope Kenny can rehab from his injury. Even if he is dead set on retirement; no man with athletic motivation deserves a chronic injury.

  16. spades says:

    If there ever were a fighter who belonged in the hall of fame without a belt it would be this man.
    Amazing career and always a great fight.

  17. The natural says:

    Let’s not make a big deal about it yes he was a true fighter but def doesn’t belong to b in UFC hof in order for that he would have had to accomplish something in the org. Yes he’s a great fighter in the sport but you can’t just compare him to every fighter in sport only fighters in UFC he was not elite that like saying faber belongs in hof but then again at least no with Cruz hurt he stands a chance of holding an interim title what di Kenny do besides choke everytime he had a title fight witch was only twice in his career

  18. JOSH Y says:

    Was a little sad when he retired. really wanted to see him and Diego fight again. but in a five round main event.
    I dont know how people cant like kenny. dude was a finisher and always put on excellent fights. He got his ass handed to him by bj, but i mean come on how many 155ers wouldnt bj whoop.

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