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Tuesday, 05/15/2012, 07:24 am

VIDEO | Brock Lesnar Sues WWE For Breach Of Contract

“As a business man, you truly screwed up, because this is what they call an ‘open and shut case.’ My client, Brock Lesnar, entered into an oral and binding agreement with your executive vice president John Laurinaitis in front of millions of witnesses on live television and what did you do Triple H? You arrogantly and defiantly and illegally ripped that contract up. You don’t get the seriousness of this situation. But you do get this. Consider yourself served. You see Triple H, that is a lawsuit. Brock Lesnar is suing you for the millions of dollars you owe him.”


69 Responses to “VIDEO | Brock Lesnar Sues WWE For Breach Of Contract”

  1. Joe says:

    You obviously don’t understand the fact that it is fake and well and truly staged, no such thing is going to happen, guaranteed.

    • alex says:

      Joe totally agree with u WWE fake sport with w fake contract

    • aaxantonio says:

      how funny is it all the people bitching but here you are leaving comments, hahahah fucking idiots, good job who ever is running this site, keep the retards coming back for more

      • aaxantonio is gay says:

        maybe people are clicking the link and leaving comments to TRY AND GET THIS WWE COVERAGE TO STOP.

        click link > skip article and scroll to comments > leave comment > hope they stop posting this crap

        • TheDrooch says:

          HA That’s EXACTLY what I did.
          FUCK WWE.
          THIS IS MMA.

        • toneloc24 says:

          How bout u just skip the link dumbass? Nobody is making u come to this article, if u see something u don’t like or don’t wanna read just keep it moving. Who cares if they put WWE stuff on this site, u don’t have to look at it

  2. A guy says:

    This is obviously part of a plot line in the WWE. Not real news.

  3. haha says:

    thats it. i love bj penn. but i’m over this site. its been getting worse and worse. reporting stupid shit. they need to get someone different running this site.

  4. lionstrangler says:

    oh rearry captain obvious? you so smart….

    p.s it’s a running thing on the website to update his WWE moves…in case you didn’t you know

  5. Mr.Rusk says:

    I came here to bitch I’m not comming here anymore!

  6. Kevin says:

    Seriously? WWE bullshit? Tuning out.

  7. great says:

    i guess WWE now is MMA. why news such as this are here.

  8. ThaGreenBandit says:

    …and the WWE has what to do with MMA? Brock USED TO fight in MMA, but no longer does, so why the hell is this site following his WWE antics? This WWE shit that is showing up on this site, more and more, a waste of space.

  9. Bill G. says:

    Oh boy funny! I love watching bad acting! And hopefully this Brock Lesnar stuff will die off soon and we can get back to reality!

  10. K says:

    Come on… BJ Penn should’ve disconnected any “news” regarding Lesnar… This one’s not even real news. LOL.

  11. WWE news don't belong here says:

    Don’t lower the quality of the site with reporting on WWE story lines. If we wanted wwe news we would go to a wwe fanboy site

  12. Ifan says:

    Why the bloody f*chking hell do you post f*cking scripted pro wrestling sh*t on a f*cking MMA site like it’s real ?!?!!??! For that matter, why are you into this WWE sh*t ?!?!?!

  13. Epic says:

    Christ, does Pedro not know that WWE is scripted. None of this is real much less is it news. Is it that slow in the MMA world that we need to keep up with Brock Lesnar news now. I would expect this from Maggie Hendricks.

  14. Daniel says:

    Mr. Penn, whoever is running your site is tarnishing your good name and MMA by posting all of this unrelated and frankly asinine professional wrestling stuff.

  15. Turkeykneck fun chav says:

    GTFO with this shit

  16. Hulk hogan says:

    Breaking news the hulkster has entered the ufc and is making sure all you mma stars are taking your illegal vitamins. What you goinh to do when the state commission suspends YOU Brother.

  17. Derpedy Derp says:

    Fuck bjpenndotcom

  18. James Troy says:

    news flash for all you newbies on the internet. if you dont want to read WWE related news, dont click on the link, its really fucking simple. no one is forcing you to click the link or read the article. so please, make good of your word and dont come back like you are claiming u will. rid us all of your presence and mind numbing comments of ignorance and hypocrisy, and hopefully soon after you will rid humanity of your pitiful and meaningless existence.

    and who the fuck cares if wrestling is fake. TV shows and movies are fake, you gona start bitching about that too? pointing out its fake makes you look retarded. everyone knows its fake. its been known since it was created. its like going into a room and telling everyone the sky is blue.

    lesnars introduction to MMA brought over alot of WWE fans. those fans that are here may like to keep tabs on him. dana and vince are pals, who cares if they share news about each others organizations.

    grow the fuck up, smarten the fuck up and shut the fuck up. thank you.

    • andy says:

      News flash for you jackass. If I wanted to read about pro wrestling I’d go to a pro wrestling website. I don’t go to sherdog to catch up on lacrosse and I don’t come here for WWE news. So go fuck yourself. You stupid fucking wanna-be ultimatum slinging jackass.

    • joshuah says:

      Gotta agree with Andy, the headline made it look as if this was a real story, not a FAKE STORY, so the deception is why people r mad.

      I personally was excited, I thought it was real and was happy to see Brock WAS back in the wwe for a fat check, I’m now disappointed because I became a lesner fan because of his integrity …. going back to the wwe went against what he worked for as an athlete for the previous decade, he left the wwe to prove he could be the best athlete he could be.

      I agree people r overreacting … but stfu your statement is just false

  19. RazorBackJack says:

    Anybody who cares about pro wrestling will know about this already, please stop posting it here.

  20. This Site Now Sucks! says:

    The name says it all. Period.

  21. Xaninho says:

    I wanted to post some constructive criticism. But I can’t!

    Fuck this WWE shit!

    It is not MMA! This shit is NOT why we all come here! Mixing up the WWE crap with MMA is an outrageous insult to MMA fans, we like REAL martial arts.

  22. Edd says:

    If people want them to stop with the WWE posts then don’t click on the link. They’re more likely to stop because of poor viewer numbers than negative comments.

  23. Xaninho says:

    I think they’ll stop once the total numbers go down. People will stop coming on here because of this WWE shit.

  24. Mike says:

    Fake stuff happens! Let’s make an article out of it to screw with people!

    Yep, that’s the extent of this “professional” site.

  25. Ryan M says:

    How about making some of these videos available in Canada. This is bullshit.

  26. T.Daddy says:

    cuz all you lames keep commenting on it thats why they keep posting it…lmao dumb asses

  27. Thurgood Jenkins says:

    You all realize this Web site, like most others, is a business venture. There’s no membership fee, so employment, operation, etc is paid by the money received from advertisements. Did anyone consider that the WWE pays to run these stories as advertisements? Any person on here who runs a business and says they would turn down money that would help finance his or her company is fucking liar.

    Sad to say, but many consider WWE and MMA to be synonymous with one other, especially in light of the fact one of the biggest MMA stars ever is now in the WWE. And it’s not like this site is the only run that runs this stuff. They have Brock WWE stories on Bleacher Reports all the time.

    It’s as simple as not clicking on the link to these stories. That’s it. Very easy.

  28. the original steve says:

    i thought this was real when i saw the title.

  29. King Prodigy Levreau says:

    As a father of three boys I do like the WWF (not WWE) and lucha libre. Still I’m confused why I come to the G.O.A.T’s website for mma news just to find someone that I wouldn’t even consider in his prime to be a true mma fighter. Brock was always a sideshow because of his size and popularity before he even fought a fight in the UFC. I’m not a hater, but lets keep it real. Life is about choices and those that we make. If there are people on this website that don’t want updates regarding Brock and WWF then there shouldn’t be any updates. It’s like McDonalds trying to switch the menu to sub sandwiches. Brock’s in another company now and playing a different sport…how bout’ you update me with Mr. Walker at least he has the love for this sport and his life is way more interesting than Mr. Lesnar’s. We need a poll to see who would like updates from Mr. Lesnar in my opinion. One love from the central cali and the city of “NO”.

  30. BowtieAssassin says:

    You whiners do realize that every MMA site reports this stuff right, like it or not it will continue to happen so to ez your fragile mind how bout not clicking the link, it’s really not that hard.

    It Penns site and he can put whatever he wants on here; it’s not like there skipping over real news to post this crap so really who gives a fuck.

    End Rant.

  31. bobby says:

    will you guys shut the fuck up with all the crying shit… Don’t fucking read it if you don’t wanna see it i mean damn boo woo. Go check your self cause none of you have balls crying like you are i question if you guys are really men sometimes…

    • wwe is for homos says:

      Who cares! Its another wwe show. That is all it is.

    • idiot says:

      Go back to WWE.
      Or better yet, school. You shouldn’t be allowed to post if you can’t even grasp basic grammar.

    • bobby is gay says:

      what?! only men can be on this site?! why are you here then?!

      also… “boo woo” hahaha, “boo woo” WTF?!?! you’re an idiot. i agree w/everyone else… this is SUPPOSE to be an MMA site. wwe does not fall in that category. so everyone complaining has a good reason.

  32. Super Gochu says:

    Fake and Gay.

  33. jbeamazing says:

    Peoples hate for brock is starting to make me like him more

  34. Ma mama said mma says:

    It’s a fake fucking story line no one cares it would only be remotely interesting if he actually was suing them

  35. Mark McSmark says:


  36. Get rid of Fitch (forever) says:

    Think the UFC should have given Kongo another shot at Cain since he was able to give Cain stanky legs last time they fought. Bigfoot is going to fall over faster than he did in the Cormier fight. Cain/ Bigfoot is a total waste of time at best. Cain/ JDS would have been better than Mir/JDS. We all know Cain would KO Mir in less than a round

    • fox says:

      No doubt cain would be a better fight but frank mir was the only fair choice they had given cain a shot after losing as clear as day would of cause an uproar

  37. E says:

    whats up with the wwe shit? you guys desperate for material or what?

  38. salem says:

    Come one guys, what are you doing.
    I like BJ and his site, but enough of WWE.

  39. bj.adk, unclebeaver says:

    is it just me or is brock lesnar the only man to think he is still relavent in any combat sport. anyone who purposely looks for a easy win over a hard fought victory needs to just retire. please brock im tired of seeing you talk the talk and not backing any of it up.

  40. Jorge says:

    Wow look at how many people like watching fake shit! Lol

  41. bizzle says:

    Must be a slow news day..

  42. Pancho says:

    Don’t read it if you don’t like it faggots. All there is to it.

  43. wes says:

    In other news, not a single fuck was given.

  44. Pancho blows goats i have proof says:

    This is an MMA site, not entertainment weekly or scripted steriod soup opra crap.

  45. joker.... says:

    Er I think they probably published this story because Brock is a former UFC champion, and may still have some MMA fans.

    But yes I agree, WWE is sooooooo gay.

  46. Dick Diaz says:

    lol yeah… i thought i was fake…

  47. Tsimanga says:

    WTF!!! Are you guys reporting on pro wrestling?? That is f-ed up and i sure hope it doesn’t continue. If you want to fill up space call an ex-fighter and do a “Where are they now” type of thing. Be much more relevant than that garbage.

  48. pitride9 says:

    i am just a little bit dumber now for even watching that…

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