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Thursday, 05/10/2012, 07:24 am

VIDEO | Brazilian Man Performs Voodoo on Photo of Chael Sonnen In This Strange Video

A seemingly irate Brazilian man is seen here performing voodoo on a photo of number one contender, Chael Sonnen. The man is shown continuously stabbing the photo while also shouting at the photo in what is truly a bizarre video that must be seen to be appreciated.

Surely, if Sonnen sees this video it will only fuel his pre game trash talk. Lets just hope that this voodoo doesn’t work and Chael remains healthy come fight time.


24 Responses to “VIDEO | Brazilian Man Performs Voodoo on Photo of Chael Sonnen In This Strange Video”

  1. No worreh says:

    Sangre por sangre blood in blood out…..
    Eas los vatos locos d life

  2. Train the trainer says:

    This only proves what Sonnen has said. Freaks!!

  3. Voodoo? Since when get a knife and cut a photo is a Voodoo? This video is just a joke, because Sonnen always talk shit about Brazil. Anderson Silva will kick his ass for sure!

  4. Aaron says:

    Yea, 50 bucks says this dreadlock Brazilian pussy wouldn’t do that in front of Chael. Or even in the same building as Chael.

    Now I’m really rooting for him.

  5. James says:

    Definitely not voodoo.

  6. I’m Brazilian and I’m glad to inform you that it’s a comedy act!!!
    Bad taste? Maybe. But it’s not serious. In fact, he is mocking the idea that we would kill Sonnen at all.

  7. Fabio Carmona says:

    In fact, witchcraft is called “MACUMBA” (Brazilian voodoo).
    But Sonnen can rest easy, because this guy is just a comedian named Gil Brother.
    Who does he have to fear is tha Spider.

  8. Big Show says:

    in fact only the stupid people support Jackass Sonnen!!!

  9. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    Sure stab Chaels face but what did Ikea ever do to you?

  10. Monks says:

    phil nurse has better voodoo lmfao! papa shungoo shit

  11. Brend0magic says:

    Even “voodoo” is ten years behind in Brazil.

  12. Max says:

    hes just a comedian… a very scary comedian lol

  13. Igor says:

    slow down dude, this is just a comedian, it’s not voodoo, maybe someone can put subtitles for you, just a joke, don’t blame brazilians.

  14. jorge says:

    why not put subtitles?
    if Sonnen saw this video would be too afraid to come to Brazil..

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