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Saturday, 04/28/2012, 09:31 pm

UFC Veteran Joey Beltran Wins His 205 Debut Tonight

Former UFC heavyweight Joey “The Mexicutioner” Beltran defeated Anton Talamantes in his light heavyweight debut under the C3 fight promotion in Oklahoma.

After a dominant three-round performance that saw “The Mexicutioner” throw everything but the kitchen sink at his opponent, including a brutal head kick, he walked away with a unanimous decision victory to get his career back on track and bring a new threat to the 205 pound division.

Yesterday, Beltran weighed in at 203, a huge transformation and step forward in his career.

Looking like a completely different fighter, lean and ready to go at the weigh ins, Beltran made the fight his using superior striking and defensive wrestling to thwart off all takedown attempts from his opponent.

Beltran was a UFC fan favorite because of his heart and eagerness to stand and bang.

With “The Mexicutioner” leaned out and back to his old ways, who knows what the future holds for the UFC veteran.

We wish Joey all the best and congratulate him on having a successful LHW debut!


Just look at this guy?


21 Responses to “UFC Veteran Joey Beltran Wins His 205 Debut Tonight”

  1. The Godfather says:

    He shrunk too…

  2. joshuah says:

    DAMN mexicutioner looks good, I can’t be mad @ that!

  3. Scott says:

    Joey looks good! hope all the best to him always entertaining to watch him!

  4. Beltran Fan for life says:

    Hell Ya!! War Joey!!!

  5. Nick says:

    Man he looks lean.

  6. Jason says:

    love that guy!

    Joey if you read this stay at it and go kick some ass in the UFC again!

  7. Blake says:

    Dang! he took the cut seriously! props to Beltran! I always thought 205 wa a better fit for him

  8. Monkey juice says:

    I see a fat kid begging for a KFC double down chicken burger.

  9. Monkey juice says:

    I see a fat kid wishing he could eat a KFC double down.

  10. L.R. says:

    Good on ya mate. You don’t even look the same. it’s uncanny yo. Sorry everyone, mental state is not that great currently. Anyways, Yeah, go Mexicutioner.

  11. A T T says:

    Keep up the good work Joey ! You’ll be back in the UFC in no time

  12. Flex juice monkey says:

    Back at the KFC you mean…har…

  13. If they let wanderlei silva fight in the UFC with all his loses they should let someone i actually like to watch back in. Go Joey!!!

  14. E716 says:

    Imagine if big country could slim down like him…

  15. Scotty says:

    Glad to see he took the cut from the UFC a wake up call and made the right changes.. He was a beast at HW but just to small for the HW’s nowadays.. Hope he gets a on a good run at 205 and the UFC calls em back to fight at LHW!

    Roy Nelson should follow Joey’s foot steps and start to drop weight at 205.. Hopefully if he beats Gonzaga, he will take time off to drop some weight! Would like to see what he could do at 205!

  16. Mike Custer says:

    Wow looking good. Joey;s always been a beast now he just fits the picture. 205 gonna a great move for him…hopefully he’ll be back in the ufc soon.

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