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Friday, 05/17/2013, 05:57 pm

UFC Vet Paul Kelly Convicted For Heroin Trafficking, Facing Serious Jail Time

Former UFC lightweight competitor Paul ‘Tellys’ Kelly was unanimously convicted earlier today for heroin trafficking in his native Liverpool, England. As reported by the Liverpool Echo, the 28 year old Kelly is being held in custody to await sentencing following a four day court deliberation. The investigation surrounding Kelly and his best friend Christopher St. John McGirr, who were allegedly known as Batman and Robin to customers, all began when an aquantince of Kelly’s was arrested with 1.5 kg of heroin found in the wheel-well of his vehicle. reported in May of 2012 that Kelly was one of three assailants apprehended due to the drug-sting in which 14 search warrants were executed. Cannabis plants, heroin, firearms, ammunition, and large amounts of money were all confiscated in the series of raids that included several suspects and locations in addition to Paul Kelly. Following the news, Kelly attempted to debunk the charges via Twitter, claiming that his home was raided but no drugs were found of any kind, despite the fact that his cohort McGirr, plead guilty to conspiracy to supply class A drugs last year.

Kelly, who was 2-1 following his release from the UFC in 2011, is alleged to be the ringleader in all of this,with the presiding Judge Brown stating he considered Kelly “the boss” of the organization, telling the jurors they made the right decision. Both McGirr and Kelly were accused of having couriers run their heroin in an attempt to not get their hands dirty, while Kelly claimed his salary from fighting paid his bills and he did not to sell drugs. A friend of Kelly, Paul Rogers, was found guilty during the trial as one those couriers.

As the verdict was read to the court, a man believed to be Kelly’s father was taken from the courtroom for an outburst as Kelly himself shouted angrily from the bench, “I’ve got two kids!”

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  1. Nando says:

    Shamrock called it….

  2. confucius says:

    nite nite! keep ya butthole tight !

  3. doc says:

    He’ll be targeted in prison. And butt rhaped. Good for him.

  4. Ddddddd says:

    For the people that wanna bitch about drugs

  5. Luke says:

    He can hang out with Lee Murray now. Josh Rosenthal can ref their training sessions.

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