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Monday, 02/17/2014, 04:42 pm

UFC Vet Nate Quarry Speaks Out Against The UFC: ‘Fighters just a product to them… they don’t care’

We recently did a story about fighter’s who have bad blood with the UFC and Dana White.

Nate Quarry wasn’t on our list, but with his latest statement, there’s a chance he should have been.

The former UFC middleweight title challenger hasn’t seen the inside of a cage since a 2012 TKO loss to Jorge Rivera. Nate fought on TUF season 1 and lived out the rest of his career as a UFC employed fighter. As a result, he’s seen it all. The rise from nothing, to the post UFC 100 era.

Now Quarry has taken to the Underground Forums with a statement about his experience, both good and bad, with the UFC.

Check it:

When I signed with the UFC this is what I was told”

We can’t pay you much but you can have any sponsors you want.

Then: We need to approve your sponsors.

Then: You can’t have any conflicting sponsors.

Then: You can’t thank your sponsors after fights.

Then: We are not approving any sponsors that we don’t like their product.

Then: Your sponsors have to pay us a fee of $50,000 for the pleasure to sponsor you.

Then: Your sponsors have to pay us a fee of $100,000 for the pleasure to sponsor you.

If a sponsor has a budget of 10k to sponsor a fighter, they are then out. If there are 5 shorts companies in the UFC you can only go to them for a sponsorship. If they have spent their budget or don’t want to support an up and coming fighter they give you shorts instead of money. If you’re fighting for $6,000 to show and fighting 3 times a year, even $500 makes a big difference. When there is no competition they don’t have to pay you. I lost And1 as a sponsor when the UFC enacted the tax.

At the UFC summit a fighter asked if he could wear his own shirt. Dana laughed and said, “Uh… we can talk about it.” I turned around and asked the UFC lawyer if I could wear my OWN shirt and he said, “Sure, give me $50,000 and we can talk about it.”

People have no clue from the outside what it’s like to fight for the UFC. After spending 10-15 years chasing your dream only to see that the company it’s been your dream to fight for cares nothing about the fighters and only cares about the bottom line.

When I was fighting for the UFC we got X-Mas presents like an iPod. A very bottom of the line iPod but it was still cool. Now the guys get a gift certificate to the UFC store and can use it ONE day. Any money they don’t spend on that day is forfeited.

A fighter gets to use the gym at the hotel he’s fighting at for free. The cornermen and everyone with him have to pay. So I’m helping Leben make weight the day of weigh ins and have to pay to go sit in the sauna with him. The UFC couldn’t say, “The fighter gets 3 people to go into the gym with him the week of the fight.”

That’s just nickel and dime stuff.

With every little bit they try to squeeze out of the fighters, the more the other organizations will look more attractive.

I’m incredibly grateful for the opportunity to fight for the UFC and everything I have besides my daughter has come from fighting. But let’s not fool ourselves. It’s not a charity. It’s a business. And they are doing everything they can to make money. The fighters are just a product to use and discard. Every up and coming fighter is the best ever. Every ex-fighter who then expresses an opinion is a coward, loser, etc, etc.

I fought for the world title for $10,000. Not a penny more. No bonus. No cut of the PPV. The gate alone was 3.5 million dollars. The third highest gate in UFC history at the time. And they must have loved the fight cuz they show the final punch at the start of EVERY UFC PPV. :-)

And that’s fine. Because it’s a business. But sooner or later the allure of fighting in the UFC will not be as attractive as fighting for an organization that takes care of you, appreciates you, will let you have sponsors to help make up the income gap, doesn’t trash you when you think for yourself, and on and on. Just like every business you work for. It’s funny to me to hear people cheer for Dana when he says things that if he was your boss and he said them about you, you would be looking for another job. But when you’re signed to a contract, you can’t go anywhere. No matter how much you want to.

When I retired I received a form letter, EMAILED to me that said, “Should you choose to fight again you are still under contract with the UFC.” I didn’t even get a hard copy with a real signature that I could frame.

As I said, I love what the UFC has done for me and my family. And specifically what Dana has done for me. 
But I also know it’s a business. And that’s the best piece of advice I can give to wanna be fighters. Fight for the love of the game. But you better treat it like a business. Because the promoter handing you a contract sure will.


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  1. team backfist says:

    We need more fighters to tell it like it is.

  2. bob says:

    He hasn’t hasn’t fought since 2010 not 12.

  3. Macefromspace says:

    This is no different than record labels and the music industry. You dont draw, you dont get paid. You get on a card with a big act, you are lucky you got thier audience.

  4. docta v says:

    It’s not just a business. It’s a business run by the sons of a notorious mobster.

  5. seminalcacti says:

    He speaks a lot of truth but UFC isn’t any different from any other corporations in the struggle for profits. The NFL which rakes in hundred times more profits still doesn’t have any retirement medical plan in place for their players.

    • Tys says:

      yes but the Ufc does not struggle for profits. Dana spends millions, yes milions of his own money just on gambling, sometimes per day. The amount of money the executives have is mind blowing. Just a tiny tiny little part could go to the fighters instead of already bulging pockets of ridicously rich owners and they would double or triple their salaries. Dana&co. wouldnt even notice that. A few less blackjack hands for them but for fighters a huge difference. Its absurd the differences. Sick even, twisted.

  6. Dhananjay says:

    I love mma, I love the ufc and I love combat sports in general. But this is getting ridiculous. I don’t know why fighters are complaining about the UFC. They are running a fucking business. YOU are an employee. THEY have stated what they can or cannot and will or will not do for you in your fucking contract. Just like my bosses did it for me in my job. YOU have a choice to either shut up and do your job or just fucking quit, just the same way I would. YOU chose to join the UFC, nobody forced you. And nobody is forcing you to stick around either.

    • Rishab says:

      You’re from India, your name suggests that. So let me remind you of a very common thing in India. Its called Protest. That’s why there are unions.
      And what Nate is saying is the inside truth. He didnt complain, just informing others. Also when you’re young and trained all your life for a sport and then get screwed over cuz the whole thing is a monopoly, how would one feel??
      You can leave your job to go to another, where will a person go after he’s bound by the contract? Like Nate said, even after he retired.. he was contracted by UFC.
      And dont give me the bullshit that every job you did told you exactly how everything works. Even the work environment sometimes makes people quit and start something else

  7. Jeremy says:

    Yeah but most sports like baseball and football have base salaries much higher then that of the UFC fighters

  8. bubbagum says:

    no matter what it is in life, government, business, sports franchisees, UFC…the
    bigger it gets, the more rules, the more lawyers involved, the more people
    wanting a piece of the pie…its all about the money, greed takes over and eventually
    its ruined…I have seen this in sports, in all areas of society, time and time
    again…humans are greedy…its all about the money.

    one wanted to touch the UFC for years when I was struggling… until it became mainstream,
    now look at all the scum with hands out, show me the money…dictating all sorts
    of new rules, laws…making it up on the fly…just a bunch of greedy, money sucking
    scum bags…

    can only hope the fighters get paid what they deserve…the business side of
    things will only get worse, just watch as it grows…sad indeed.

    • BrainSmasher says:

      I think fighters already get what they are worth(based on what they bring in). If they weren’t another promotion would come in and pay them more and get the UFCs profit. The UFC can only be expected to pay market value. Which they pay way above. Something they can do because their brand brings in so much more than the fighters. They share it. People can’t stand to see any “business” successful. Like you said, people are greedy and can’t handle anyone having more than them and seek to destroy it. The fans are the worst of them all. The UFC and fighters are supposed to get what they can. It’s the mindless fans who sheepishly side with fighters or athletes every single time regardless who is right or what is in the fans best interest. The fans are the only one of the 3 who is screwing themselves while they try to destroy the sport by picking a side.

      Let the UFC and the fighters work out their deals and stop picking sides and being used as leverage. People are so fucking stupid.

  9. K3vbot says:

    Did they honestly think they could hide how little they payed fighters forever? or are they really that cocky that another better organization won’t rise. the fact of the matter is nfl players have higher salaries because there’s teams to compete for the money. If they don’t stop dicking around someone will have enough money to get these people away, who knows maybe fighters could pool earnings and start throwing fighter-owned events. something has to happen though

    • BrainSmasher says:

      You really don’t know much about MMA do you? Do you realize how many people with money have tried to compete with the UFC? The reason the failed is the same reason no one is out bidding the UFC for its fighters and the same reason the fights can’t promote heir own fights. It’s because very few people actually are following the individual fighters. People are buying the UFC brand that has created today’s MMA and that has come to stand for quality over 20 years. That is why they sell tickets and PPV’s. Without the UFC brand no one pays a dime to see these guys. They’d why they are worthless to any other promotion. The UFC Quary fought franklin did 3 million gate. If anyone else could get that 3 million gate they would double the fighters salary and take them from the UFC and make a couple million profit. It didn’t happen because people with money and a promotion know they would lose their ass. Affliction banked on big names and lost their ass to the tune of like 4 million loss per event. No one cared about the names. The UFC pays way above market value. Fighters need to do more to grow their fan base and connect with fans and give themselves value. Right now they are piggybacking off the UFC name and demand money they haven’t earned. If they increase their value. They not only are worth more and get more from the UFC. But they start to have value outside the UFC to other promoters. UFC makes guys credible. Without it they lose credibility. Look what it did for Brock from his K-1 fight to his UFC fight. Look what it did for Rousey compared to where she was in strikeforce. Now she is headlining PPVs. UFC gets the lions share because they are responsible for the revenue. They are what people are paying for. Thankfully they use the money to keep growing the sport and putting on the fights we all want to see.

  10. Jason Raymond says:

    It’s pretty sad seeing stories of someone fighting for a championship and getting $10,000 no more no less and then you see stories of dana importing fresh snow to his mansion on the west coast so his kids can sled…

  11. ghani says:

    i find it hilarious that these washed up fighters that never really accomplished anything special inside the octagon other than ending up on the wrong side of the KO highlight reels are all coming out talking about how they have nothing and were left with nothing “because the UFC doesnt care” when in reality it was their own decisions that caused them to lose their finances. Perfect examples are Leben and Quarry, both of which started fighting in the earlier days before major sponsorship and insurance. The opportunities werent the same as they are today and they are just bitter as fuck that they werent able to capitalize on it. Quarry was nothing in the UFC his claim to fame is getting flatlined by Rich Franklin and Chris Leben just admitted to spending all his money on drugs and shit. Notice how both of them also contradict their complaints after they make them and retort by apologizing and thanking Dana and the UFC for what theyve done for them. wtf? Why even bother talking shit if you dont actually mean it? IMO they are just thirsty for the spotlight from having been lost in the ether for so many years. This sport is a business, and in this business “youre only as good as youre last fight” so of course a couple fighters who continuously lost are gona be broke without sponsors. I wouldnt be asking Jonathan Goulet if he enjoyed the UFC would you?

  12. jason reinhardt says:

    I’m hoping the ufc comes through for me. I just need an mri to see why my hands are going to sleep. (injury from my last ufc fight) I’m keping the faith the ufc will do the right thing as promised. jason reinhardt

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