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Monday, 05/21/2012, 09:58 am

Urijah Faber | "I had text Dana and he was basically lying to me, saying it was gonna be Menjivar"

By Jamie McAllister
Urijah Faber comments while on Pro MMA Radio.

Faber comments on Dana lying to him about his next opponent.

“I had first assumed it was going to be Barao, or McDonald or Menjivar and Barao was my first prediction. I started getting tape on him as soon as I found out about Dominick. This was a couple of weeks ago. Then, when Dana came in to do the announcement, I asked him if there were any hints or insights on who it would be and he was saying ‘Oh, you wouldn’t believe what all had gone down, how McDonald broke his hand and Barao didn’t want to leave Brazil, to leave Aldo’s side, because Aldo was training’ and all this crazy stuff, so I didn’t know for a while. Then like two days before the thing, I had text Dana and he was basically lying to me, saying it was gonna be Menjivar. For like two days I thought I might be fighting Menjivar. Then the day of the announcement, I was like ‘Are you sure it’s not Barao?’ And he was like, ‘Yeah.’ But I had a feeling that it was. Then Dana apologized right before he announced it, for basically lying, which is kinda weird, I thought, because Barao was there. I don’t care who I fight, I told Dana I wouldn’t say anything anyway, if he was thinking I might spoil the surprise, or what the deal was.”


59 Responses to “Urijah Faber | "I had text Dana and he was basically lying to me, saying it was gonna be Menjivar"”

  1. Eric El Perro says:

    don’t be scared homie

  2. cheap says:

    oh no, two whole days.

    i dont know why faber would even say anything. its not like it went on very long.

    • FrankinNog says:

      i see Fabers concern here Barao is a beast so for two days hes gettin ready for someone else thats fucked. You need as much time to get ready for a guy like Barao as you can get.

      • James Troy says:

        faber is a fuckin baby. he should be training the same everyday. what could he be doing different in 2 days. if he isnt training hard and preparing to fight barao every day then hes an idiot. whether its last year or next year, train like youre fighting the best guys in the division. stop crying and making excuses. bitch ass.

    • GET RID OF FITCH ( forever) says:

      DUH???? what did you expect Dana to do he knew you are just a little kid and would run to twitter and tell world. No doubt Faber told all his teammates he was fighting Menjavar. I can’t wait to see Faber get his ass kicked (AGAIN)

  3. beag says:

    dude i hope the title of this article is factual, otherwise you just made Faber look like he’s called Dana a liar, and if so, Faber just stay quiet man! dont bite the hand that feeds!

  4. Artstunna says:

    Dana didn’t said I was going to get my ass kick, and know when I do loose this fight am going to blame Dana. Sincere crying faber

  5. Jason says:

    Did u see c his face on tuf when dana told him who he was fighting.dude was shook.sorry faber your gettin tko’d

  6. Xaninho says:

    Barao is a tougher opponent than Menjivar. I think Faber was stoked about Menjivar for a little while and then he was unpleasantly surprised by DW.

  7. Call me whatever names you want, but I’ve got Faber for the win.

  8. Inconvenient_truth says:

    Barao has a win streak against a bunch of chumps…not once on his record do I see any legit contenders no past champions…just a bunch of chumps…we will see how he does against a elite level wrestler who in his last fight showed off that ko power…Faber will easily dominate this fight and end that chumps streak

    • Ct says:

      You can’t even call Barao a chump… Aldo said he’s one of the best in the world and Joe Rogan talks about him being a p4p top 10. Nova União!!

    • Yes, in no way, shape or form are Jorgensen or Picket legit contenders.
      At least have the forethought to study the top 10 in the weight class before you spunk out your nonsense.
      Barao is so highly regarded precisely because he has handily beat two of the best in the division.
      Faber has one convincing win at 135 against Bowles and was very nearly made to look an idiot by Wineland in a fight that was meant to be a gimme.

      • Ct says:

        I’m just saying.. Barao is not a chump.. Jose Aldo.. One of the baddest dudes on the planet says he’ll be champ shortly. It doesn’t matter who he was fighting when he landed that knee against Pickett, he was ending anyone’s night.

        • I apologise if my sarcasm wasn’t apparent.
          I agree Barao is an awesome fighter who has earned hi high regard.
          Faber whilst being talented and bankable gets more title shots than he deserves ultimately harming the weight class.

      • Inconvenient_truth says:

        And as far as wineland goes I recall a unanimous decision win…so idk where you got nearly made him looking an idiot…you do know in MMA that unanimous means all judges saw it for Faber right? Instead of studying top 10 you should study how fights are scored and won dumbass

      • JBroce says:

        dude, one of those was a decsion, and he had another decision against….Cole Escovedo. Maybe hes a world beater but he hasnt had the best competition to prove it against yet.

    • wow says:

      so jorgensen and picket are chumps? shut up. this isn’t the light heavyweight division where everyone and their grandmother are former champions.

  9. John_S_ Adams says:

    Well, I get Faber’s confusion over the whole ordeal. Why lie to the guy and make him think he’s fighting someone else? Dana kind of unnecessarily threw Uriah under the bus there.

    Why not just tell Faber, “Sorry, can’t say anything” rather than lie to the guy? Obviously Barao knew before Faber did…bet DW was going for that shocked face reaction by doing it this way on live TV…kind of a dick move IMO.

  10. A T T says:

    Faber shitted his pant when he found out he was gonna face barao.

  11. Joelieo says:

    Urijah, I don’t know wtf you just said, son.. but I love you, kid!

  12. Boogers says:

    Excited for this fight. Good for either. Barao proves himself or faber cements himself. Either way, itll be a good fight

  13. :O says:

    dafuq did i just read?

  14. klawman24 says:

    when r fans gonna realize alot of this is publicity stunts to create drama, even tho the fightsr real drama still sells.

  15. Nick says:

    Oh well. I wouldn’t of told him anyway. I mean Faber was bound to tell someone if he knew. I like the dude but he probably would of spoiled it. Kudos to Dana.

  16. Sick Brah says:

    Should be a sick fight! Fabers a favorite of mine, but Barro can be slick.
    Should be a epic fight.

  17. San Da FC says:

    Dana… lying to a fighter?? Thats pretty much par for the course isn’t it?

  18. FaberFan says:

    Faber is the former champ. He’s fought and beat the best. No way he’s losing. Barao is a great fighter and all, but unless Faber gets caught, his experience will prevail.

    • LOL WUT?? says:

      Beat the best??? Bahahah… He knocked the f*ck out by Mike Brown.. and beat down by Aldo and Cruz.. Seriously.. he beat an out of shape and out of prime Jens Pulver. Seriously.. Name ONE fighter that he has beaten that was at least near or in the top 10 (at the time of the fight), and if you even say Assuncao I will laugh my ass off bc that win was just the beginning of Raphaels straight downfall. He is nothing but a poster boy for the UFC. and was in his “prime” (if you wanna call it that) in the WEC. He doesn’t even deserve this interim title shot much less a rematch against Cruz… There are wayyyy more fighters such as Barao who deserved a title shot against Cruz than this homo. The only reason people like him is either you have a vagina, or you are a closet homo that thinks “the california kid” is a really cool gouy and would love to gobble on his nutsack chin…. And this is coming from a true Faber fan when he was in the WEC, until his head got all big and he thinks he is the shit… And to prove it I met him and got his autograph, but right now I have been tweeting Cruz that if I burned this autographed picture of Faber will he send me one to replace it, because Cruz has so much more skill and style that it is ridiculous and he doesn’t think he is some kind of God’s gift to MMA who hasn’t proven SH*T ever since he has gotten into the UFC. Here’s that pic that I cant stand and will burn either way:

  19. Inconvenient_truth says:

    I have no clue what you consider nonsense but when has Pickett beat a top 10 fighter?? And Jorgensen win against a top 10 is against Pickett…other than that who else have they beat that’s top 10…hmmm maybe you should learn the rankings before you open your mouth…Like I said before baraos record is against a bunch of chumps not in the UFC and the ones he have beat in the UFC are also chumps…just some knowledge for you to ponder

  20. Broman145 says:

    it’s going to be hilarious when Barao opens up as a huge favorite to beat Faber, this has the chance to be fight of the year, pretty much like every other fight on the card, UFC really outdid themselves this time

  21. Inconvenient_truth says:

    And also to add….they consider every fighter who has a win streak p4p…that title is one of the most overrated terms used….p4p is anyone’s opinion of who they want it to be

  22. The point is.. Dana lies!!!!!! But we all still watch!!!! Of coarse I still will..

  23. amus says:

    if people tell you one thing and then change it up like that. its basically like getting played. i could see why faber is upset. faber will probably win.

  24. this is going to be funny says:

    When Dana announced that fight, I know that Faber shat his pants… as he should have because this is going to be the beginning of the demise of the “Faber era”… He hasn’t proven himself in the UFC.. He got lucky and got a second title shot that was not earned, but not karma has came and bit him in the ass. Once Barao tears him a new one, then Dana is going to stop HANDING this kid favors and title shots and Barao is going to become the new Aldo, but I Hope that after he give Faber the beatdown of a lifetime to Faber, he doesn’t beat Cruz. Because we need this belt in North American hands.. Nothing against Brazil, but I love my country and we need to keep some belts ppl…

  25. Ma mama said mma says:

    This is just a cut taken from a most likely long conversation on the radio and blown up into an “article”

  26. Aaron says:

    What’s with all the hate towards Faber? You do realize that this mother fucker broke BOTH of his hands in 2 rounds of a fight and still fought? Just so you could sit there on your ass, drink beer, and watch.
    -WEC champion
    -NCAA division 1 wrestler
    -Defeated Cruz in the first round of their first fight. Then put of a great show with him the second fight.
    I don’t know why all of you get into the politics of MMA when literally the only thing that matters is entertainment. If a guy is entertaining to watch, which Faber is, then I like them… Unless your last name is Diaz. Then I don’t like you lol

  27. MMACRAVER says:

    Yea I found that kind of weird… Urijah pretty much called it right from the beginning and I just assumed we all knew it was going to be Renan after that.

    Then on Ultimate fighter live Dana was like “sorry had to keep it a secret” or something… Don’t really get it.

  28. DayDay says:

    a bro of mine told me that Barao commented on Faber’s Facebook wall “Don’t be Scared Homie!” that is straight up balls right there. Plus really awesome if I had Faber on Facebook I would of like that post 99 times.

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