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Saturday, 05/05/2012, 08:29 pm

UFC President Says Nate Diaz Will Wait For A Title Shot

During tonight’s UFC on FOX 3 post-fight press conference UFC president Dana White confirmed to the media in attendance that Nate Diaz, who is coming off of one of the biggest wins of his career will wait for the winner of Henderson vs. Edgar II.

In the lead up to the fight the UFC president was vocal about Diaz getting a title shot with a win, but with the Henderson Edgar fight now put off until September many speculated that Diaz would fight Anthony Pettis in the interim.

Dana White debunked those rumors and said “No, he will wait for his title shot.”

Nate responded by saying, “I am down for whatever”.

Will this news stick? Who knows, but that seems to be the plan at the moment.

Stay tuned to BJPENN.COM for updates on this story.


98 Responses to “UFC President Says Nate Diaz Will Wait For A Title Shot”

  1. I’d like to see him fight Pettis.

  2. Jay says:

    It should be him and Pettis for title shot. They keep fuckin Pettis out of his shots.

    • rewqq says:

      Pettis is 2-1 in the UFC. With only one good win over a decent opponent. Pettis is awesome but he doesn’t deserve anything at this point. Have him wait for Edson Barboza or fight the winner of guida vs maynard. (Most likely maynard)

  3. RickRuckus says:

    I say Anthony Pettis needs one more fight or a rematch with Clay Guida but Guida is tied to fight Gray Maynard. How bout Donald Cerrone against Anthony Pettis.

  4. GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

    Pettis barely and i mean barely beat a guy that is considered maybe top 25 and he was “FITCHED” by Guida so i think he’s getting about as much respect from UFC as can be expected. UFC is looking for title contenders that dominate like what we saw tonight in Nate Diaz. Yes Pettis has a very close win over Bendo but I think Bendo has been absolutely dominating since coming to the UFC where as Pettis has been “so so” compared the other top guys. Maybe if Pettis would have pulled a Rashad and sat out a year (14 months) he would have gotten his promised title shot but he is a warrior and took a tough fight against Guida who i’m sure he didn’t think would spend 15 minutes just “FITCHING”. Guida lost alot fans in that fight but Pettis lost a title shot. Pettis is recovering from Shoulder surgery which as we all know creates a big “?” on where he will be when he comes back. Pettis is very young and having shoulder problems at such a young age can be a very bad sign. Using young college football players as an anolgy that get injured say senior year college after being phenoms in previous year often get passed over in draft because of that “UNKNOWN FACTOR” perfect example before most of your time was Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson who was just an animal one of the best college defensive football players in a generation dominated 3 years in college and was like for sure #1 draft pick but he got injured and had back surgery but came back and looked as good as ever and he sat there on national T.V with cameras on him expecting to be drafted in first round and despite what all the pros and announsers hype he was not picked because of the unknown of getting injured at such young age. Jon Fitch had same type injury at 34 yrs old and so far people are saying he might not be as good now. I guess UFC wants to make sure gthe top contenders are ready to go and lined up you never know Edgar could get injured in training camp (i doubt it) but happens all the time and now with Nate UFC has a clear cut #1 contender after Edgar. No matter how good Pettis is its just not his time right now but he’s young and has plenty time to come back but if he was rushed back he could ruin taht shoulder for good. My point is there is alot of different factors that goes into UFC deciding who is the right guy to be next in line.

    • Mwill says:

      Thanks for the long drawn out bullshit! I give it 96 hours before it hits the press that Nate popped on his piss test for Mary Jane or even better yet…..either brother gets shot in a drug deal gone bad or even a drive by shooting! Diaz brothers are lucky they don’t get tested for intelligence like they do in the NFL with the Wunderlick test! They show up (sometimes), they fight, but I just can’t get over their shitty personalities.

      • RFK says:

        Your a dumbass the Diaz bros are beast fighters they both come in and fight everytime and it shouldn’t matter if they smoke weed he will most likely will pass his drug test and won’t get shot in a drug deal gone bad fucking troll

        • E says:

          word. if you aint a fan of diaz bros then you arent a true fan of mma.

          if you’re more concerned about their attitude and how they present themselves in public then you gotta stop being a bitch ass and you gotta learn to control your feelings .

      • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

        Congrats MWill you just became the biggest idiot piece of shit to ever post on Bj penn since Blal blah b;lah. prob one and the same pice of garbage as a human being. You sound like one of those complete morons who think Pot is worse than steroids. Nate Diaz has more class in hi spinky finger than you could drum up in a 100 lifetimes. Nick Diaz is the most exciting possibly best fighter in world. Yeah so they arn’t kiss asses like the mighty JUICER/HGH boy GSP who BTW has fast become of the most boring fighters in the world. You have no idea how hard the Diaz brothers have trained and devoted their lives toi marshal arts so please crawl back in your mommas basement and find a piece of rope and do society a favor and hang your sorry self. YOU and Bla bla blah are perfect example of what it means to be a complete waist of oxygen.

        • Mwill says:

          Great spelling and grammar you idiot! Did your dad forget to pay his child support this month so now your Internet connection does not work at your mom’s house?

        • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

          This isn’t the LA times low life i could careless about spelling. is that all you got because i tore you a new asshole just like i would do if you were within 10 feet of me. I would smash your low life face thru pavement because i don’t have much use for scumbags
          You have to be bla bla bla because noone else is more of a low life that has ever been on this site. One in the same MWill and bla bla bla. I was sure they msut have banned your sorry ass off of this site. Prob had your momma get a knew IP address

        • Pancho says:

          Wow mwill you are a fuckin idiot. Way to hate on basically the only two fighters willing to finish fights xD

      • Mwill is a fag says:

        The Diaz bros aren’t called fags by anyone. But, Mwill, you’re a fag. Go ahead, big dog, respond, you fag.

        • Mwill says:

          Are you high? Have someone re-read the posts to you because it’s obvious you can’t read! I never called them fags, I said people do not like them because of their shitty personalities! The only cigarette is you! Have someone explain that to you. The only thing I want to know is who gives the reach around, you or GET RID OF FITCH (forever) when you guys are butt fucking each other?

        • Mwill is a fag says:

          you a fag, mwill. let it out and scream it, fag boy.
          you a fag. and, fag, when you say “you,” who you talkin’ to? Mwill is a fag? Yes, he is.

    • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

      Screw Petis he acts entitled when he’s on a two fight win streak in the UFC. I say give him Cerrone like someone said in here or maybe two more fights. So Cerrone and winner of Guida vs Maynard. Bendo would destroy him if they fought again.

      • Xaninho says:

        Well honestly I think in a way Pettis , coming in as the WEC champion, did deserve the titleshot as his first UFC fight. But then all the stupid Edgar rematches put Pettis’ rightful titleshot on hold.

        He decided to fight Guida who surprisingly and disappointingly LnP’d his way to a boring decision.

        • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

          The only person I can think of that has had an automatic title shot is Hendo. That’s only because he held Pride mw and ww belts. Everyone else, as I’ve recall has had one test fight before the title shot and Pettis failed the test fight.

        • Xaninho says:

          He was supposed to have a titleshot without a testfight, but Edgar’s rematches messed that up.

  5. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    Nate kicked ass! He’s so gangly and weird its hard to believe he’s number 1 contender.

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      Any fighter who can dominate Cerrone and Jim miller who are both top of the food chain LWT’s like Nate Diaz did 100% deserves a title shot. What Guida did to Pettis was an absolute discrace but he showed that Pettis has a big hole in his game. Bendo showed the world he doesn’t have any holes in his game and no B.S on trying to say matchups make fights because they both fought Guida and Bendo showed he was #1 contender. Personally i think the UFC should do Diaz vs Bendo. Dana offered Frankie BIG MONEY to fight Aldo ( which he turned down even after Dana practically begged him) which is the fight most hard core fans want to see. To me that would have been the best matchups for fans. Sorry i always thought rematches were for fights that were so close noone knows who really won. Bendo made Edgar look like he had been thru a meat grinder and i couldn’t even tell Bendo had beeen in a fight. He literaly didn’t have one scratch on him. How is it possible to go 5 rounds with 4oz gloves and not have something that shows you at least got punched in face. Edgar went to hospital Bendo went to the post fight conference.

      Speaking of damage Hendricks busted Koscheck orbital again. One things for sure Koscheck can take a way better punch than Fitch because Hendricks landed countless left hand bombs flush.

      • jones says:

        i dont think kos can take a better punch,,,he just caught fitch better,,,paulo tiago (spelled wrong ok assholes) does not have near the power hendrix and he ko kos with 1 shot ,and ko him cold not like fitch was…it is about timing..but i think kos is going have retire soon really..his orbital keeps breaking…last time 1 years and serious recovery,,.,now again,,how many times can u go threw that??

  6. jones says:

    nice,,,i dont really think nate will wait so long for a title shot,,,he likes to fight andf always talks about needing money…also dana always says this guys or that guy is next for a shot ND THEN changes the when pettis was going face the winner of edger n maynard,,,still now he aint got a shot,..i dont think pettis should get a shot…u need dominate few fight in row to show u can not only win but hold the title…belts get handed around too easy

  7. Greg says:

    Love diaz bros. Nate deserves a shot, who cares if they smoke. It basicly legal depending what state u live in. on average more than 50% of american adults have tried marij. Dirty rotten criminals! All of them!

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      WEll put Greg and I agree there’s alot worse crap you can do in this world than smoke alittle pot. this coming from a guy who hasn’t smoked pot since 1979. You know you Diaz haters really should concentrate all your hate on all the JUICERS/CHEATERS in MMA like GSP/ HGH/EPO’s, Sonnen, nate “THE CHEAT” Marquardt. If anything pot gives fighters a bigtime disadvantage.

  8. JJ says:

    Diaz vs BJ

    The fight just makes sense!!

  9. Coco says:

    I like turtles

    And weed

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      Coco nothing wrong with a little herb once in a while. hey congrats on being a Brian Stann “fan” oh wait were you talking about actual turtles?

  10. Mwill says:

    GET RID OF FITCH (forever) – So now your a tough guy? You got really sensitive when I brought up your dad not paying his child support. Did I touch a nerve? You shouldn’t get so sensitive, you probably never ever knew your dad anyway!

    • Mwill is a fag says:

      Shaaadduuuuuupppp Fag.

      • Mwill says:

        I think it’s cute that you are trying to stick up for your gay lover! I guess you’ll “be the man” tonight, uh?

        • Mwill is a fag says:

          i’m sticking up for you, fag. because Mwill is a fag. and that’s you. don’t you get it, fag? you are talking to you, fag!

        • Mwill says:

          I’m sorry I over estimated your intellect! Good poem or rap or whatever that was. With an argument like that, you really should think about law school.

        • Mwill is a fage says:

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      • K2 says:

        MWill IS a troll’s douche just like Bla bla blah. God dammit we don’t need anymore troll’s here. The bridge just isn’t that big.

        • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

          K2 well said my man. we all just need to stop feeding these trolls like Bla bla bla and MWill (one and the same I’m sure) FYI that pile of shit Bla bla bla is from across the pond ( i saw him spell Favorite Favourite you know like Color or colour. glad to know at least he’s not from USA. to date blah blah is the worst troll to ever come on junkie in 2-3 years i have been on here. out of prob 10,000 mma posts i have read on net he is the lowest form of scum i have encountered. People that talk like he does are going to rott in hell with people like Ted Bundy, Jack the ripper

        • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

          I meant Bj not mmajunkie although to date bla bla is the all time worst piece shit troll i have ever encountered on any mma website. He would have been banned on any other MMA website after his first post

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

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      • Mwill says:

        And yet you have not heard of Karma? Hardy fucking har! You reading 10,000 posts AND your dad being your best friend all makes sense now! You loser! You don’t even have friends other than your “on line” friends! Let me guess….your wife is your dog and your kids are your goldfish or did you forget to feed them because you were too busy reading posts and now they’re dead too!

        • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

          To bad Mwill you would never have balls to meet me anywhere at anytime because i swear to god i would rip your fucking head off and shove it up your ass. What did your parents do to do man you are fucked up bad. I swear last thing i do i will find out who you are and track you down. you fucked with wrong fucking person this time. You are going to regret ever saying one fucking word about my dead parents you piece of shit. You better go find a deep hole to hide in because i’m coming to find you

  11. Bjj BB says:

    Its funny how every1 is talking shit about pettis when he beat bendo by KNOCKOUT!!

    • Jay says:

      He won by decision. Bendo took the kick on the chin n bounced right back up. It was one of the best fights the wec had.

    • jones says:

      hahahah hahah hahah learn u shit buddy,,,,try watching actual fight an not just 1 second of highlight an talk like u saw the fight…it was a 5 round fight and a flashy soft ick that barley cought him with not much time left…u idiot bendo was off balance fell and jumpt back up..goof

      • Nuitari X says:

        um sorry but i did see the fight and that kick caught him clean…u could heard the smack across the arena. He did bounce right the fuck back up though lol

        • K2 says:

          You heard the smack cause he caught him with the top of the foot which gives at the ankle. So it was like a REALLY hard backhand.

  12. Pancho says:

    Nate deserves the shot for sure after dominating the way he has. Pettis should wait, he still needs to prove some more.

  13. k says:

    it’s pretty impressive how nate has turned his fighting career around, I thought jim was going to win, but damn he wasn’t even close! I sometimes dislike the way the diaz brother’s act but nate is making all these dudes look bad, wonder how he would do against a strong wrestler.

    • jones says:

      all nates loses are to stromng wrestlers…like gray and i think guida if i remmebr right,..but both were very close and really fighter think nate won////nates problem he dont fight for points he fights to win,,,if u wanna know how nate does wit wrestlers just watch more ufc

  14. court1124 says:

    I think Pettis would beat Diaz. Both got good stand up and bjj, but Pettis has better kicks. Both are pretty much equal in size and range. Both wont gas out either. That would be a mean scrap. It could go either way. But I’ll take Pettis. Showtime Baby!

    • jones says:

      diaz taller longer and better boxing…cerrone is pretty much a bigger and better pettis and i know u dont know but most people know what happen in that fight,,,ok BABY

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      Pettis isn’t in the same league as Diaz besides he just had shoulder surgery and will be out for another 6 months or so

  15. A.James says:

    Pettis should fight Diaz for the number one contender spot. Who has Pettis beat? The fucking title holder Ben Henderson. Guida laid on him. Give the man what’s right!

  16. Hightower says:

    Congrats to Diaz, kid deserves his shot. Funny thing is when Condit said he would wait for his shot everyone started calling him a pussy and blah blah blah. So i guess Diaz is a pussy to huh?!

    • E says:

      the only thing different between the 2 scenarios is that nate earned his shot, while condit ran in his fight with nick, and it seemed like condit had not earned that “interim belt” convincingly.

    • k says:

      I feel you on that one

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      I think it was more because everyone thought Nick Diaz beat Condit and he ran away like a pussy the entire fight.

      • Hightower says:

        Or maybe he had a smart strategy. Didnt want to be a human punching bag. If nick wasnt an ass he wouldve changed his strategie and maybe would have won the fight. For a guy who claims that has been watching mma for a million years you sure say a lot of stupid shit man.

        • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

          Condit was afraid of Nick and ran away like a pussy. I was a heg condit fan until the Diaz fight but i lost all respect for him after that discraceful display of being a coward. Diaz battered Condit the entire fight and landed all the best shots.

        • Hightower says:

          Really? I saw a guy implement a good gameplan and stick to it for 5 rounds. And wow, he lost your respect, like that even means anything. While your sitting on your fat ass bitching about all these guys that im sure are a million times better than you at anything they strive to be. They are living their dream doing what they love. Take your 1000 word essays and mr smart ass know it all answers somewhere else. Learn to appreciate talent.

        • Hightower says:

          Really? I saw a guy implement a good game plan and stick to it for 5 rounds. And wow he lost your respect? Like that even means anything. While you sit on your fat ass talking shit about all these guys that are all probably a million times more talented and gifted than you in anything they strive to be, these guys are doing what they love and making great money doing so. Take your 1000 word mr smart ass know it all essays somewhere else. Learn to appreciate talent.

  17. Hjortur Halldorsson says:

    Great fight by Nate. I hope that Bendo doesn’t hurt his hands or arms when destroys Edgar, because I’m so excited to see Bendo vs Nate. But the thing I want most is to see Aldo move up and face Bendo, that would be an absolute dream fight.

  18. Damnu says:

    Love the Diaz bros an there “shitty” attitudes who cares about there antics in the octagon it’s a fight not a fucking luncheon! Weed? Are you kidding?? Weed?? I smoked that shit for years an never felt like training much less a fucking fight! Hats off to the Diaz bros! Btw no md or anything but if you take ADHD med an your not adhd it has diff effect on you than it does with the person that does. It’s med marijuana it’s treating the guy for is problem who knows if he didn’t smoke we might not see the guy ever fight

  19. Jujitsu Player says:

    Really impressed by Diaz again, he looked in a different class to Miller and IMO is the legit number 1 contender.

  20. E says:

    nate deserves the title shot. every fight he recently won, it looks like his game is getting better and better. he’s been in the game for a minute now and its good to see him evolving into this hungry ass fighter, like what we all see in BJ PENN. someone had said nate is just hitting his prime and i also believe that. i think nate will be a dominant factor in the lw division for 2012.

    • Jujitsu Player says:

      Agree, his performances against Gomi, Cerrone and Miller who are all top guys have been outstanding. The LW division is the most stacked and exciting division in MMA right now.

  21. Zack says:

    Diaz vs bendo… Diaz by armbar

  22. Michael hamlin says:

    All the way!!!

  23. Mike McMack says:

    Fight Pettis, make money, stay busy and prove you’re the No.1 contendor Nate. He should look at it as something to defend until he gets his shot.

  24. Greg says:

    Why everyone keep saying he should fight pettis?? Pettis beat an overrated lauzon and Jeremy Stephens is not even top 10. You want to know who Nate Diaz put a beating on? 3 top 10 light weights, Jim miller, Donald Corrine, takanori gomi, now go ask your dumb selves why in the hell pettis deserves a shot at Diaz? Explain?

    • E says:

      i dont see why you discredit joe lauzon and jeremy stephens. both are legit.

    • Hightower says:

      Gomi has lost 5 of his last 9 and is no where near top 10, cerrone beat paul kelly, vagner rocha, charles oliveira and dennis siver wich to me are all on a lower lever than joe lauzon. I dont think Pettis deserves a shot yet but dont completely dicredit a guy just cause you dont like him.

  25. Scotty says:

    Smart decision by Nate.. Diaz brothers are different than most fighters cause they are always training and competing in something.. So i don’t see any rust playing a factor after his wait.. Just hopefully, no medical suspensions happen in the Henderson/Edgar rematch and he gets to fight one of them earlier.. This also shows you why rematches hurt other fighters.. If this rematch didn’t happen, Nate could fight in September maybe even in August.. But now might have to wait 9 months, maybe longer..

  26. steeler says:

    definitely should be pettis vs nate for number one contender pettis fought guida and lost but did way more damage then against jeremy he wanted to prove he had worked on his wrestling then he ktfo of joe louzon and he’s already beaten bendo it might have been close but that’s what rematches are for. nate though has beaten gomi who’s been out of his prime for years then he dominated cowboy but then again cowboy just stood with him and threw no kicks and jim did the same thing boxed with nate until he was desperate for a take down not taken anything away from nate but him and pettis I think should fight for #1 contender

  27. xhoochiex says:

    I hate the Diaz bros
    But they got my respect bc Nate is on a tear!

  28. KIDD433 says:

    I Think everyones somehow forgot about Barbosa.Well deserving of a title shot to.This edgar bendo rematch is really fucking everything up.Diaz,Pettis,and Barbosa are all top contenders.Diaz should get his shot,Barbosa and Pettis can duke it out,winner should be next #1 contender,and would get winner of Bendo and Diaz.Perfect fucken sense.

  29. makes sense says:

    Barbosa vs Pettis would be a good fight.Diaz deserves to wait for his shot he just submitted a guy who has never been finished and finished him at his own game.Nate could of just picked him apart the whole fight but he proved a point that he is the number 1 contender.

  30. Damnu says:

    I love how kidd433 has already written Edgar out lmao Bendo wins that rematch as easy as the first fight step aside Edgar your done! Should’ve taken the payday fight versus aldo! Would’ve loved to see Aldo ko you!!

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      Frankie isn’t stupid he knows the only reason he has been succesful at LW is because he was able to run away and get flash takedowns and use his speed. At FW Aldo is faster, 10 times stronger, way better mauy tai, power striking is nite day, leg kicks alone would crush edgar. Only way we ever see Edgar at FW is if Aldo moves up in weight.

  31. jbeamazing says:

    if a p wants a tittle shot send him over to fight gill lol he might move to F W after that

  32. jbeamazing says:

    I know your only as remembered by the fans from your last fight but people saying frankie should be on the under card or shouldn’t get a title shot should kill them selves
    I keep hearing frankie just runs frankie bla bla bla he just knocked out a undefeated gray to defend his belt he lost to bendo for sure but does that mean he is trash? hell no people need to stop joining the bandwagon just like most people on here thought palhares deserved a title shot

  33. Wiggerfromthewasteup says:

    Need I say more???

  34. Gunner says:

    I would like to see Pettis vs Guillard..Diaz vs Vendor cause Edgar is losing again..And for gods sake WTF is Dana waiting for???Bring the best LW in the biz to the UFC,Gill “El Niño” Melendez

  35. Xaninho says:

    That was a great fight! The Bendo- Nate Diaz titlefight will be exciting.

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