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Tuesday, 03/13/2012, 04:31 pm

UFC To Announce Rampage Jackson’s Future Tonight On FUEL TV?

Just a quick note:

So, according to “RUMOR”, the UFC is prepared to announce their future plans for Quinton “Rampage” Jackson tonight on their weekly news show live on FUEL TV tonight.

For the past week, maybe two, Rampage Jackson has been publicly expressing himself through interviews and social media of his disgust for his promotional home, the UFC.

Through these outlets he has expressed his desires to leave the UFC and asked on several occasions that the UFC release him from his contractual obligations so that he can fight somewhere else.

Did we see the last of Rampage at UFC 144 or will the UFC announce reconciliation tonight?

I’ll cover it as it unfolds, so stay tuned.

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38 Responses to “UFC To Announce Rampage Jackson’s Future Tonight On FUEL TV?”

  1. DewYouKnow8 says:

    RAMPAGE VS SHOGUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LAST FIGHT!

  2. G says:

    I hope they fire him and severe all ties with him, that way he doesn’t get another $500,000.00 from the UFC and doesn’t bore us with his stale, lifeless performances.

  3. anthony says:

    he doesn’t look as crisp as he used to … i dont know if its old age or what but i dont even enjoy watching him that much anymore =/ always will respect him tho

  4. Jeff McAbee says:

    RAMPAGE want to quit UFC because the fights their are putting together for him are to much for him, What a freakin GIRL!!!! Be a MAN, you signed it, so DEAL WITH IT. What you going back to your Mom’s nipple????

    • Bovice Warren says:

      Question is, would you really say that to him…

      • MMACRAVER says:

        I don’t get why people always question that when you talk shit about a famous fighter…

        Fuck yea I will say the same shit to his face if it actually came up.

        What’s he going to do? hit me? Ok brilliant idea… Thousands of dollars for me… Who fucken cares.. If I ever see Rampage on the street I will get my GF to tape it and I will tell him to go eat a dick.

      • Ry says:

        question is would you say it? YEAH ON TWITTER HOMIE WOT U SAYIN?

  5. PJ BENN says:

    UFC is gonna let Georges St. Pierre verbally fire him by stating “Dana is not imbressed by your berformance!”

  6. Nick says:

    The picture makes Rampage look like he’s possessed. You guys need to chill. None of you would say anything to his face. I support him and his decision.

    • MMACRAVER says:

      He looks possessed because he is stepping into the cage….

      Why would anyone be afraid to talk shit to his face? Do we live in a society free of laws?

      A society that tolerates vigilante justice?

      He couldn’t do a fucking thing If I told him he was being a whiny little bitch…

      If he…. did I would wake up after thousands of dollars richer…. and if he killed me… my wife would be rich and could afford all the coke and nigger cock she wants.

      • Black Man says:

        She doesn’t have to pay for my cock and we don’t have to wait until u r dead

      • YEAH RIGHT says:

        People like you are whats wrong with society today. Sue happy pussy bitches that think hiding behind laws makes you tough.

        • MMACRAVER says:

          talking shit doesn’t make me tough.

          And in talking shit… I do not feel tough.

          I am just not afraid to say what I actually think… yall are the pussies.

          Get off rampages balls he making himself look silly.

          If someone resorts to punching you in the face because you say what you think, they are a fucking moron and deserve to be sued.

          Rampage talks to much shit all the time. He is all about verbal sparring… he can take it and fire back himself.

          I have no problem with rampage and his fights other then when he talks out like this, coming across whiny.

      • blahz says:

        Yeah cause ur cock ain’t doin the job maggot. Oh, and by the way he would most likely knock your ass out, and you would not be getting any money biatch.

      • Jeff says:

        the amount of faggotry from your posts is amazing. I love the society we live in, where nancy boys like yourself think you can batter people with insults but when that person batters them with fists it’s a crime. Not to mention being able to sue the person. Spineless coward is what you are.

  7. Brett says:

    35 isn’t old, you just hitting your prime at 35

  8. m says:

    i dont know what goes on behind the scenes, but they did give homie a title shot last year.

    i’d like to see Shogun v. Rampage or even a rematch w/ Machida.

    Maybe even a matchup w/ Phil Davis. Either way, always rooting for Rampage. It’s hard for these ol’ school brawlers to compete in a sport that has evolved so much.

  9. Mike McMack says:

    If the UFC releases him then the baby gets what he wants. How can he cry about not making enough money when you have 3 million dollars worth of cars. Rampage lost his love for the sport once he started making a lot of money. Rampage retired a long time ago, it’s Quinton fighting for money now days.

    • Mike McMack says:

      Maybe Rampage makes a return for one last fight in the UFC.

    • ucantbeserious says:

      and how do u know this…do u know rampage personally? and what fighter in the ufc thats not fighting for money? if thats the case then they’d all be fighting in bars and back yards for the hell of it!

      • Mike McMack says:

        It’s hard to be hungry when your pockets are fat. Rampage isn’t the same fighter he was back in 07 when he was champ or before that when he was in Pride. Of course age factors in but he’s not motivated any more. I don’t need to know Rampage to know what I see in the cage and hear what he says about fighting in interviews. What more does he have left to do in the UFC? He’s been at the peak of his division for quite some time and he had the belt. The only thing left is to make more money and unfortunately money doesn’t bring out the best in him.

  10. leafy says:

    rampage and phil davies? no way phil davies will hump him for 3 rounds lol rampage should do what the fuck he wants due to the fact he is rampage lol let him fight a no one who is willing to stand with him just so we can see him knock some one out again before he leaves! Gotta love rampage even if he was in bad shape for the last fight, remember he has never missed weight in past, he fucked his knee and to a fat cunt like rampage thats disaster lol if he gets into the shape he was in against jon jones he will giv anyone a fight in the division

  11. alan says:

    time for rampage to leave …… well past his best days ….. when was the last time he was involved in a good fight ? probably the last silva fight – 4 years ago …. love you rampage , but its time to go

  12. Mmacraverisafag says:

    Mma craven u are the definition of a squid.. Also known as a keyboard warrior.. Now go suck your so called wifes dick and shut up

  13. Eric El Beast says:

    Rampage just got handle by Bader. What difference Shogun make if he beat it once already?

  14. jonsey says:

    i hope he is fired…he says joe silva iss bad,….the ufc tryd so hard to promote rampage and to gve hime highlight real ko fights…they gave him pussy glaas jaw kieth jardine then matt haamil almost bak2bak,,those are 2 guys who can easily get ko from any top 10 puncher…and both rampage failed and went decision….he is just sad his career is over..100 percent if ufc let him go u will never see him fight again,,mhe has nothing left

    • ucantbeserious says:

      WOW..he fought jardine in 09 and hamill in 2011 how is that back2back?…really do any of u know wtf ur talking about? ur crazy as hell to think he would never fight again!

  15. ucantbeserious says:

    no one knows whats happening behind closed u all really think we are getting the whole story thru the media? the answer is hell no! know what ur talking about before u give a opinion..none of us are in the ufc ..none of us knows dana white or rampage..some of the highest grossing ppv had rampage on the card..all the haters get ur homework before u start flapping ur has turned into wrestling and submissions..u rarely see true banging anymore and if u are a banger then ur 1 deminsional….gtfoh with the stupid ass comments..rampage is 33 yrs old how is that past his prime?oh and rampage would smash shogun..lets be real about it!!!!

  16. Magoo says:

    With all the whinin and belly achin page has been doing,I hope the UFC gives him Gump for his last fight,even at that I think he’d lose!!

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