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Saturday, 06/02/2012, 01:37 pm

Thiago Silva Forced Out Of UFC 149 Bout Against “Shogun” | UFC NEWS

A Brazilian vs. Brazilian bout scheduled for UFC 149 is now officially off the table.

Top 205’ers Mauricio “Shogun” Rua and Thiago Silva were set to square off in the co-main event of UFC 149; however an injury has forced Silva out of the bout and has left “Shogun” without an opponent.

The UFC announced the news yesterday but have to indicate who or if a replacement will be sought after for Shogun’s return to the cage.

UFC 149 is set to take place at the Scotiabank Saddledome in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The UFC’s debut event in the province features a featherweight title clash between champion Jose Aldo and challenger Erik Koch.

No time table for Silva’s return has been given.


17 Responses to “Thiago Silva Forced Out Of UFC 149 Bout Against “Shogun” | UFC NEWS”

  1. kobrah says:

    this guy always gets hurt wtf dude

  2. Robert Jenkins says:

    I think it should go to rashad or gustaffason

  3. The Ass Murderer says:

    Seriously he does get hurt all the time he was supposed to fight Forrest griffin, rampage, Brandon Vera, etc it’s ridonkulous

    • UFC : Ultimate Fighter Corporation says:

      wasnt Brandon Vera the one who got “hurt” before their 2nd fight was supposed to happen? I guess Vera didnt want to get bitch slapped again. But as for the other fighters, he does seem to get hurt often. wonder if he is gonna apply for a TRT exemption which seems to be all the “rage”(pun intended) these days.

  4. Jake says:

    These damn UFC fighters always getting injured. Never in boxing and if it does happens it the fight still happens but it gets pushed back a month or two.

    • JayDee says:

      Boxing and MMA are two different sports. In boxing the only thing you can hurt are your arms and it’s kinda hard to do so.

      In mma every single articulation is pushed to its limit. totally different.

  5. Mike cannon jr says:

    Shogun woulda chewed this guy up…. His injury was to his pride… Cuz he new it..

  6. Leo From New Jersey says:

    Rua Vs gustaffson is best bet even though i do indeed like the texiera match ! Whats up with Rashad ?

  7. B-rad says:

    thiago silva wasnt qualified to make shogun a sandwich neither is texiera

    • Stiffler says:

      His losses are to rashad, machida “both ex champs” and Gus. How do u figure he isn’t qualified to fight shogun? This fight would have been sick

  8. Dick Diaz says:

    what the hell… this was a fight i was looking forward too…

  9. B-rad says:

    because shogun is an ex champ and still at the top of the weight class..silva has lost to every top fighter hes faced and woulda lost again most likely..rashad shogun is a lot better fight

  10. Clay says:

    Damn these fuckin injuries. Killin me. By the way, shogun would demolish Gus. I hope they fight just to proove a point to you guys that he’s WAY too hyped.

  11. Mike McMack says:

    Fighters with striking bases tend to get hurt more during their camps and Thiago is one of those guys who gets hurt a ton. Hope he gets well soon and comes back, he’s a very good fighter who I enjoy watching.

  12. Mike McMack says:

    While I agree with the Shogun v Gustaffason or Rashad matchup I don’t think the UFC will do it on this card because both of those fights are main event caliber (especially Shogun and Rashad). However, the UFC has a tendency to stack cards where the lighter divisions headline so maybe we’ll get to see Shogun fight one of those two.

  13. elvi silva says:

    He ahould just leave the ufc already. To much crap going on with him.

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