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Monday, 05/07/2012, 08:05 am

The Ultimate Fighter Brazil Episode 7 Recap | UFC News

By Jamie McAllister
On last weeks episode of TUF Brazil the Featherweights took center stage with Hugo ‘Wolverine’ of Team Belfort defeating Vina of Team Wanderlei to give team Belfort a 5-0 lead in the competition.

This week Gasparzinho took on his friend Rony Jason.

This weeks episode opened with Belfort discussing both Gasparzinho & Rony Jason, Belfort comments that Gasparzinho needs to believe in himself more and has all the tools and Rony Jason is very talented and respectful.

Next we move on to both men discussing their past and how they got involved in MMA. Gasparzinho discusses family issues and a troubled past and how he tried various martial arts before finding Jiu Jitsu and is now on the correct path in his life. Rony Jason talks about leaving a potential career in law to become a fighter.

Both teams talk about Belfort’s decision to put the two friends against each other and think about the reasoning behind the selection.

Next the weigh-ins where both fighters make the weight.

After the weigh-ins we go to the gym where Werdum helps Wanderlei vandalize a picture of Belfort, however when he sees it Belfort has no interest or concern the team however are more worked up.

Belfort in a ploy to motivate his team tells them Dana White has given him the opportunity to replace members of his team who are not pulling their weight, this is a very clever move from Belfort and the team train harder than ever before.

Fight Time : Gasparzinho (15-7) vs. Rony Jason (10-3)


Both fighters measure and circle no one is engaging, Gasparzinho misses with a big overhand right. Jason begins to control the centre of the octagon and lands numerous combinations on Gasparzinho most notably a nice knee from clinch. The fight goes back to circling and Gasparzinho attempts a flying knee which Jason blocks and then falls to the mat, Gasparzinho follows him to the ground and Jason gets his guard and controls Gaspar’s posture, Jason creates an angle and locks up the armbar. Gasparzinho is not tapping and tries to lift his opponent only making the submission tighter before he is forced to tap.

Winner Rony Jason via Armbar

Immediately after the fight Wanderlei and Belfort argue about Belfort making Gasparzinho & Rony Jason fight. Wanderlei is saying it should have not happened and the argument becomes very heated with coaches from both teams in the octagon, Belfort says its just sport and they are still friends where as Wanderlei continues to push the fact that Belfort made two friends fight. Wanderlei tells Belfort to go to hell before walking out of the octagon.

Team Wanderlei now have their first victory and control of the next fight pick with the score currently (5-1) in favour of Team Belfort.

Wanderlei tells Rony Jason to try and celebrate despite injuring his friend. Gasparzinho has no issues and is happy for Rony Jason, Morale is still high in Team Belfort despite the loss and they chant Team Vitor in the changing rooms.


9 Responses to “The Ultimate Fighter Brazil Episode 7 Recap | UFC News”

  1. danielrchargers says:

    Vitors a Chump. So much for being a better man, we could all see the deceit in you’re face after you made those to friends fight. all throughout that fiasco between Wanderlei and Vitor, you could tell Vitor was wrong and was to “Aye Tough Guy” to admit it.

  2. Gould says:

    lol people need to get over this whole Friends/teammates fighting thing. its a sport your not going to play some basketball with your buddies and lose a friend over it why would you have to about MMA. when was the last time you heard a pitcher say he didnt wanna strike a guy out because they’re friends lol. As a friend i would expect you to respect me as an athlete and my skills as a fighter and fight me to the best of your abilities.

    • danielrchargers says:

      believe me i understand that, but JUST in the TUF situation you know? like Vitor 100% could have changed up the bouts, and like Wand said. it would be better if it was at least for the Championship Finals you know? … just for the TUF situation.
      and aside from the fact you could tell Vitor was lying back and forth! haha it was good tv drama is all im saying.

    • danielrchargers says:

      But do you want to Knock out your friend?
      i get what you mean by Basketball and baseball… but those are “ball” sports. This is raw fighting.

    • Xaninho says:

      So your saying scoring more points against a friend in some ballgame is the same as breaking one of your friend’s limbs or elbowing him in the face until it’s a bloody mess?

  3. Jb says:

    It’s a business. Not love camp. If your gonna get your feelings hurt then fighting probably isn’t for you. Fighting your friend is part of the business and almost a good thing. Yes they will pound you out for the win, but doubtful looking to injur him

  4. Hjortur Halldorsson says:

    I would not be surprised if Dana asked Vitor to make this fight happen just to create an entertaining tv with a lot of controversy.
    Dana is all about guys fighting who ever, friends, enemies, team-mates it doesn’t matter to Dana.

    Wanderlei also just used this opportunity to make Vitor look bad and man was he successful. I hope Vitor finishes Wanderlei in their upcoming fight.

  5. Xaninho says:

    Vitor is a sneaky, sneaky guy. There’s no denying he is a very intelligent dude too, but I am disappointed. Thought he had a better personality, but his true face is showing now.

    I hope Wandy knocks him out.

  6. Xaninho says:

    Oh and the shameless, awkwardly display of product placement is hilarious! That shit cracks me up everytime!

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