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Tuesday, 05/22/2012, 06:18 pm

"Strikeforce Barnett vs. Cormier" Salary Report | MMA NEWS

Here is the much deserved salary list for the fighters from last weeks Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand Prix.

The card featured the finale to the Heavyweight tournament as Daniel Cormier took on Josh Barnett in a bloody clash that left both men cut up and bruised.
In the co-main event, a lightweight title fight between champion Gilbert Melendez and Josh Thomson in a classic rubber match that will not soon be forgotten.

The top two on the pay day list were Josh Barnett at $200,000 and Gilbert Melendez at $175,000.

Josh Thomson walked away with a loss and $90,000 and Daniel Cormier came home with $100,000, including a $50,000 win bonus. Winning the Grand Prix was probably more valuable to Cormier anyway as he can now be considered a legitimate heavyweight who deserves respect from all.

Daniel Cormier: $100,000 (includes $50,000 win bonus)
def. Josh Barnett: $200,000

Gilbert Melendez: $175,000 (no win bonus)
def. Josh Thomson: $90,000

Rafael “Feijao” Cavalcante: $66,000 (includes $33,000 bonus)
def. Mike Kyle: $25,000

Chris Spang: $12,000 (includes $6,000 win bonus)
def. Nah-Shon Burrell: $7,000

Isaac Vallie-Flagg: $6,000 (includes $3,000) win bonus)
def. Gesias “JZ” Cavalcante: $18,000

Guto Inocente: $4,000 (includes $2,000 win bonus)
def. Virgil Zwicker: $3,000

Gian Villante: $24,000 (includes $12,000 win bonus)
def. Derrick Mehman: $3,000

Quinn Mulhern: $12,000 (includes $6,000 win bonus)
def. Yuri Villefort: $2,500

Bobby Green: $12,000 (includes $6,000 win bonus)
def. James Terry: $9,000


11 Responses to “"Strikeforce Barnett vs. Cormier" Salary Report | MMA NEWS”

  1. damn….
    Daniel Cormier: $100,000 (includes $50,000 win bonus)
    def. Josh Barnett: $200,000.

    How did Josh pull that off?

    • Dinglenuts Magee says:

      He negotiated well and has a long history of being at the top of the division.

      Shame there wan’t a prize for WINNING THE GP????

      though i guess the whole thing probably lost money anyway, what a fucking train wreck

  2. A.James says:

    DC’s next paycheck will be even better.

  3. Chance Saller says:

    Cormier should pull a Magalhães and sell the belt on ebay for some cash.

  4. Roberto says:

    Their winnings are less, once you deduct taxes… the net pay is absurd for these professional MMA fighters. I hope they received some sponsorship money.

  5. DC didn’t do so badly considering he was an alternate in the tournament. His stock has gone up now, though. Shame it cost him two broken hands along the way.

  6. JLS says:

    Thats absurd how josh lost and got paid 200g’s n Daniel won got 100g including 50g win bonus somebody didn’t do the math correct. All I can say is 1st time for everything damn.

  7. Jamaican1 says:

    I must agree, the danger to MMA fighters are far more evident that in any other sport…these guys should be better paid… At the same time I do realize that although MMA has been around for quite some time now it has just started getting the recognition bestowed upon similar sports. One would only hope as the sport continues to grow so will the PPV buys…

  8. Mike says:

    Fighters in MMA get chump change compared to boxing or other sports. That being said, Champs get more than up-and-comers.

  9. jones says:

    i think now zuffa took over they must get more money ….when nick was ww chamo every fight he only got 75 000 an he was longer and way more populer and dominent champ …WTF…

  10. wtf. says:

    ” Guto Inocente: $4,000 (includes $2,000 win bonus) def. Virgil Zwicker: $3,000 ”

    You wouldn’t get in the octagon for that shit.

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