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Monday, 02/03/2014, 08:18 am

UFC signs top Japanese prospect

A top 135-pound prospect has joined the ranks of the UFC.

According to Bloody Elbow, Japan’s Michinori Tanaka (9-0) is the latest addition to the bantamweight division.

Tanaka has been on the radar for awhile since he was the Shooto Rookie Champion in 2011, and he continued his unbeaten streak while dominating the PXC bantamweight division with victories over Crisanto Pitpitunge and Russell Doane.

Tanaka’s manager told Bloody Elbow that both Tanaka and fellow prospect Yuta Sasaki planned “to get even better first” before the UFC, but it looks like matters changed in weeks.

His management announced that Tanaka has joined the UFC, with the fighter also talking about the signing on twitter. Here’s a rough translation of this thoughts:

“I have signed a contract with the world’s best Mixed Martial Arts promotion, the UFC, which I have aimed for since I was an amateur.”

“Naturally, I am aiming for the belt, but I also understand that I still have some inadequacies now. However, I am confident that I will be stronger simply because I understand that I am also weak.”

By Brett Auten | Twitter


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  1. Cole says:

    Hopefully this one doesn’t end as another Kid Yamamoto…

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