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Tuesday, 02/18/2014, 04:36 am

UFC signs Dutch light heavyweight

In an attempt to shore up the light heavyweight division, the UFC has added a veteran striker to the mix.

Dutch-born Hans Stringer was added to the roster and according to Combate, he will make his UFC debut against Francimar Barroso at UFC Fight Night Natal, on March 23.

Stringer is just 26 but stands at 21-5-3. Stringer is part of the Blackzillian training camp and just eight years into his fight career has faced many notable names, including: Attila Vegh, Krzystof Kulak, Dion Staring, and Igor Araujo. Apart from his recent draw at WSOF 6, Stringer has won his last four fights, all against European competition.

According to Bloody Elbow: “Watching Stringer fight, he’s something of a controlling grinder. He has decent, but not excellent boxing which largely serves as his avenue to get the fight in to the clinch. Once in the clinch his first instinct is to look for the takedown, usually dropping for the double or single leg, but mixing in body lock throws and trips if his initial attempts are stifled. Unfortunately for him, he’s not an especially adept takedown artist and mostly tries to out hulk his competition. He has some decent clinch knees and dirty boxing, but those tools are mostly applied to back opponents into the cage for grinding position. On the ground he’s solid. He has decent ground and pound and a solid knowledge of position and transitional grappling. He’s not electric, but he probably won’t be easily handled either, if the fight hits the mat.”


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  1. K3vbot says:

    “UFC signs boring fighter” would have sufficed

  2. The Guesterizer says:

    AKA UFC signs new punching bag/highlight reel sacrifice……

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