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Tuesday, 02/11/2014, 06:29 am

UFC Shuts Down Another Illegal Streaming Site, Says Viewers Are Next

The battle to combat on-line piracy is still being wagered between the UFC and random fly-by-night illegal pay-per-view providers.

In a press release the UFC announced that they have shut down for piracy and will be going after the people who viewed the website for free and illegally downloaded UFC content.

Check the press release:

As part of the on-going initiative against online piracy, Zuffa, LLC, owner of the Ultimate Fighting Championship® (UFC®) organization, successfully took down and seized the records of, a website that illegally streamed two UFC pay-per-view events.

UFC has obtained details of the streaming site’s userbase, including email addresses, IP addresses, user names and information pertaining to individuals who watched pirated UFC events including UFC 169. Also recovered were chat transcripts from the website. Using this data, UFC will work with Lonstein Law Office to prosecute identified infringers.

Lonstein Law Office has successfully prosecuted hundreds of claims for the UFC organization for sites illegally streaming content and individual users since 2007. UFC’s status as the industry leader in pay-per-view television has helped it become a leader in cracking down on companies and individuals watching and facilitating the watching of pay-per-view events online, without paying.

(Pictured: UFC CEO Lorenzo Fertitta)


0 Responses to “UFC Shuts Down Another Illegal Streaming Site, Says Viewers Are Next”

  1. Editor says:

    Battles are “waged,” not “wagered.”

  2. mostapha says:

    “individuals who who watched pirated UFC” ahahaha, good luck! I hope you have a few trillion dollars set aside to do that.

  3. SteveoCanada says:

    or you could, you know, lower the price so we could all order it, just a thought!

    • KyleZombie says:

      Price isn’t the issue. They could charge one penny and people would still stream it illegally rather than paying.

      • thinknoonchi says:

        Once we didn’t need to spend $20.00 on an entire album just to get the 2 or 3 songs we wanted anymore, the music industry recovered quite nicely, didn’t it?

        • Ryan StJohn says:

          elaborate, please. bands aren’t making NEAR the money that there was to be made 15 years ago. i bring this up seeing as how every ignorant fuck on these websites thinks a 1-4 fighter should be bringing in mayweather money. the money that was once there isn’t any longer, sales as a whole are down, touring is getting more and more expensive with musicians receiving less and less money to fund them.
          those who were at the top before it crashed have stayed at the top since they are now the only reliable sources of revenue for the labels, and any band below them – let alone trying to break through the mainstream – is comparatively getting shit for money. blame the labels all you want, but these other musicians are getting what the market is giving to them. so i’m VERY curious in how you’re measuring this “recovery” of the music industry.

          BTW, who the FUCK ever charged $20 for an album? if it wasn’t a double LP and didn’t come with special packaging then it was $14.99 or lower on day of release. and i question who you’re listening to if they only have 2 or 3 songs that you like…

  4. zack says:

    dana and the ferrittas mustve had to use $50’s as toilet paper this week instead of $100’s.

  5. FleeceJohnson says:

    doesn’t the disclaimer say it is illegal to distribute UFC content, not watch it? good luck with that

  6. StopRobbingUsThen says:

    Don’t like the stream sites? Stop RAPING your fans then. Your PPV prices are highway robbery. It’s not ’98 anymore. Price your shit fairly and people like me will actually BUY your events. But no way in hell am I giving you $120+ of my hard earned money each month.

  7. mike custer says:

    never even heard of cage watcher

  8. Phil Asophical says:

    I feel paying a stream site is no different than going to a friends house and 5 or 10 of use put up 10 bucks each to watch the fight, are they going to try and stop that also?

  9. bearjew says:

    People aren’t willing to pay the PPV fee, and then complain about fighter pay being too low. Ignorance! !

  10. flascrnwrtr says:

    They need to follow the WWE formula (i.e. WWE Network) and charge a monthly fee for all the content that they have and include the Pay-Per-Views. That is the best way to increase revenue and keep viewers.

  11. idgaf ill watch them for free until i will die ! people that say we steal .. are stupid fucks .. period.

  12. Bluesdealer says:

    I’d expect nothing different from a crooked mafia family like the Fertittas. Crime is only ok if they’re the ones getting away with it, right?

    Anyone else still think a monopoly is good for the sport?

  13. Hugo Stiglitz says:

    Glad they didn’t get the site I use

  14. nico says:

    it will be hard to prove damages as ppv are NOT available in europe…the ufc is pulling a metallica vs napster here: alienating their fans because they are going about this the wrong way and it will cost them more than it gains them….if it were not for piracy nobody in europe would even know the ufc

  15. DonaldCerrone4Prez says:

    50 bucks almost every month is fucken rediculous to pay to watch 3 hrs of fights..and if you dont get the show you wanted to see it was for nothing shit I wait til the day after to stream and watch the fights. the ufc is getting just as bad as boxing with their 100 dollar pay per views and the price is slowly going up obviously piracy is fucked up but make the fights 25 to 30 dollars and that would be fucken reasonable..shit you cant even go see a ufc on fox live for less than 200 bucks for the worst seats and its not even on pay per view. I love mma and the ufc but they can suck my dick for the prices they want danas being a a little bitch with all this makin us people spend all this money for this shit.

  16. SlipSlap says:

    The UFC thinks its up with the times with regards to the distribution of its PPV fights when in reality it’s lagging behind. If they stopped trying to rip off US viewers in particular (I single out US viewers as an example because in places like Australia and New Zealand they only pay $25, not sure what they charge in Europe), offer the PPV at a more reasonable price and the viewing numbers grow. Economies of scale are far more important than the current ‘get rich quick’ business model. Basic business, basic facts – all you need to do is look at the current/revitalised business models of the music industry and the likes of Netflix.

  17. Brandon Canterbury says:

    I would love to pay for every event that I wanted to see and simply see what happens on the others, but when you price it so high it is difficult so most will go to streaming. Why don’t you make it 30 and more people will buy, I certainly would. My problem is the event I was going to pay my hard earned money on you RAISED the price, and why? Oh yeah “Cuz”.

  18. joe says:

    i just think if the ufc wants to charge $54.99 for the PPV, they should just show every fight on the card from start to finish… stop the free under card fights on regular tv… show the whole card for the $54.99 or drop the price to $34.99 and keep it as is, only showing 5 fights… one of which is always a fight from the under card that was free on tv.. just my opinion…

  19. James Whitehead says:

    Gambling is not legal in a lot of places, and trust me, it’s a gamble if you are going to get your moneys worth on a event or not. That being said, I have paid for my fare share of PPV’s, but if I want to watch for free, I just go to a bar and pay a small cover and watch the event.

  20. ☢ Andrew ∆ James ☢ says:

    Streaming domestic PPV’s is one thing… Streaming content that is FREE in foreign markets seems to be another. I understand why the UFC doesn’t focus on that distinction… but I know it irks some domestic fans to know that they’re expected to shell out $50+ for something that is free (or at least part of the cable TV package) in dozens of foreign countries. In the era where the UFC had a handful of stacked cards per year, the $50/show seemed reasonable… and many of us ponied up the cash, routinely, to see them. Today, in the globalized, “3rd World “USA, it seems like a joke to ask folks to spend that much $ monthly, on cards often loaded with no-name lightweights… $50 might be someone’s food budget for a couple of weeks, if not the entire month, these days. If you want to gaffe your wealthy fans, get them at the ticket box office… If you want to maintain your domestic fan base, while increasing your ratings on Fox and FS1… you might want to re-think the persecution of some of your most devoted (but increasingly poor) fans.

  21. a hoy hoy says:

    its fair to get the people that shared the fights but as getting the people that watched it just by going to the site I don’t think that’s right. it was posted on the web anyone could have stumbled on to it and watched. the sharers of the fight are the ones who broke the copy right laws not the people watching

  22. granpoobah says:

    If you guys notice, that’s an .eu addy meaning europe, and i hate to inform the UFC but internet piracy laws are much more different in other countries, namely europe. Last time i checked, the laws the UFC go by are United States laws, well europe is not a state within the United states, so that simply will not apply there, and going after users – i say go for it, you’ll end up eating more money up doing that than any of the UFC PPV events combined because it’ll be never ending. Sometimes people just don’t think far enough ahead..

  23. roki says:

    UFC is just greedy money machine, nothing else and events are getting more and more crappy with just few good wars once in a while.

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