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Friday, 01/10/2014, 09:10 am

PHOTO | UFC Ring Girl Brittney Palmer Without Makeup

We all have an admiration for the beautiful young ring girls in the Octagon, but even outside the Octagon their beauty is something to behold!
Above is a photo of one of UFC’s ring girls, Brittney Palmer, sporting her natural beauty for the world!

You can also check her out in this “Slow & Hot with Brittney Palmer” video, or see more of her gorgeous pictures via her Instagram.


0 Responses to “PHOTO | UFC Ring Girl Brittney Palmer Without Makeup”

  1. Kerry Norton says:

    OMG she looks like a dog! oh wait, which one is she? The brunette?

  2. Jonte Ponte says:

    Bitch is fine!

  3. mikemcsizzle says:

    Yea….natural beauty my ass…. with all that work she’s had done…I miss the old “real” natural britney…I don’t understand how a girl as beautiful as she is thought she needed plastic surgery…it’s a real shame…

    • MR5150 says:

      Dude you’d probably be the first person bragging about how you met her of you actually did have the privilege of doing so, work done or not she looks great and not one person on here saying otherwise would say anything else to her in person, you’d all be to starstruck or tongue tied.

  4. Aigum says:

    one round with her pleases

  5. gannon says:

    wow you guys are a bunch of fuck heads to dis her like really she is beautiful.have nothing nice to say about the picture then don’t speak up.just because you can’t get a girl that nice or don’t look as nice as her doesn’t mean you should talk negative of her.

  6. Stacy Berger says:

    She totally has makeup on. If you don’t believe me look at her eyeliner. lol. She is beautiful though, but she does have makeup on. I’m just sayin. :)

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