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Saturday, 03/10/2012, 05:27 pm

UFC Responds To Tyson Griffin's Positive Marijuana Testing

“The Michigan Commission found traces of a banned substance in Mr Griffin’s post-fight urine analysis following his bout at UFC 123. The Commission fined and suspended Mr Griffin, but did not make this information public.

“As always the UFC followed the directive of the sanctioning Commission. Mr Griffin did not compete in the UFC again until after his suspension had ended.”

Yesterday we ran the story about Tyson Griffin’s failed UFC 123 drug testing that seemingly got overlooked by the entire world.

Today the same source who uncovered this original story ( received a response from UFC executive director of regulatory affairs, Marc Ratner explaining the situation.

While no one knew of the failed screening it does appear as if Griffin did get suspended and was in fact fined as well, but one can now assume that due to Michigan state law this information was left confidential.


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14 Responses to “UFC Responds To Tyson Griffin's Positive Marijuana Testing”

  1. Jack Lewin says:

    Who cares if he had THC in his blood.

    • GET RID OF FITCH says:

      Why is it so many people act like a little pot is worse than all the ROIDERS like CHEAT Sonnen. its worse to test positive for Pot than STEROIDS. IDIOTS all of you

  2. Jason says:

    He served suspension and paid the fine. Done. The only story here is that the story wasn’t leaked when it happened.

  3. the original steve says:

    my question is why did tyson get a 100 day suspension while nick gets a year?

    • Jon says:

      Second offence for Diaz, probably the first for Griffin.

      • the original steve says:

        i was thinking it was because diaz was in nevada they are really hard on drugs there. while Michigan not as much. still it isn’t right. but even if there wasn’t a suspension it doesn’t seem like nick is gonna come back any time soon or at all it wouldn’t even surprise me if he didn’t go to the athletic hearing.

        • Jon says:

          It wouldn’t surprise me if he turned up to the hearing high as a kite lol. But no, it’s simply because it was a second offence. It’s the same with pretty much everything, the second punishment is always harsher than the first. Admittedly, you are right that they seem to give longer sentences (his first suspension was also in Nevada, for 6 months, roughly twice the length of Griffin’s), but they were always going to hit him harder the second time around.

          As far as MMA goes, not sure he’ll come back, or if he intends to. I could maybe see him going to dream, but who knows. I don’t know half of what goes on in his head lol.

  4. DMac says:

    Cmon people. Marijuana has no effect to give a fighter an advantage. Some drugs do but pot isnt one. Hell i go as far as to say if these guys want the risk let them take whatever they want. After all we fans pay the way to see the best fights among the strongest athletes.

  5. E says:

    keep on tokin tyson!

  6. Katey says:

    Nobody cares.

  7. Dick Diaz says:

    lol imagine on one entire card, every fighter tests for THC in protest for this stupid rule.

  8. #1 Haole says:

    But yet you can have hormone replacement therapy. What a crock

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