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Friday, 02/07/2014, 01:22 pm

UFC releases Thiago Silva; Dana White says “He’ll never fight in the UFC again!”

Things just keep going from bad to worse for Thiago Silva.

Following today’s court hearing, which was a result of yesterday’s gun wielding at a BJJ school and stand-off with police, UFC officials have decided that now is the time to part ways with the Brazilian Slugger and have thus terminated his contract.

UFC officals released a statement confirming the decision:

“The Ultimate Fighting Championship has terminated the contract of Thiago Silva, effective immediately.”

UFC President Dana White also touched on the subject with TMZ Sports, stating the following:

“This guy will never fight in the UFC again!”

The now former UFC fighter, Thiago Silva, is being charged with multiple counts (2) of aggravated assault with a firearm. Additionally, the judge labelled Thiago as a potential risk to the health and safety of the community, namely his wife and Pablo Popovitch, who were named as victims in Silva’s arrest.

The chance of bond was ultimately withheld by the court, and Silva was instructed to surrender his passport.

Talk about having a bad day. Well, 24 hours anyway.

Want more on Thiago Silva’s legal issues, including what sent him over the edge? Click Here.

By Chris Taylor




126 Responses to “UFC releases Thiago Silva; Dana White says “He’ll never fight in the UFC again!””

  1. Holt says:

    Of course Dana White had a comment. The dude has a comment about everyone and everything. The Fertida bros. need a new mouthpiece. But then again, their from Boston, what should we expect?

  2. dominik says:

    poor guy. I really feel bad for Thiago. I know his actions were fucked up, but who knows what truly went down. The UFC never sticks by their fighters. Some shit happens and they are first to run away instead of helping them out. Talk about a shitty company to work for..

  3. Mattox says:

    Poor guy?? We should feel sorry for him for screwing up often??? Regardless if he had a tough upbringing, or we don’t know what truly went down, he screwed up big time and put his career in jeopardy. He has to live with the consequences.

  4. T.Daddy says:

    All you girls do is complain about dana and how much you hate him yet you still watch the UFC.. He tells it like it is 99 percent of the time and you girls get your feelings hurt… Lol

    • Bluesdealer says:

      Dana rarely “tells it like it is” but he’s good at making fans who don’t know better believe that he does.

      Also, a lot of boxing fans hated Don King, and for good reason. It’s ok to like combat sports and watch a promotion because the fighters, but dislike the slimeballs in the promotion industry.

      Also, I’m an MMA fan, not a UFC fan. The UFC bought WEC, Strikeforce, and most importantly, Pride, and outlived the Affliction experiment, so they now have the best fighters. That doesn’t mean that I won’t switch in a heartbeat when someone else comes along offering top fighters big money.

    • magoo says:

      Dude Dana’s a douche, he could bang your boyfriend and you’d still think he was the end all be all…

    • Michael Johnston says:

      Dana tells it like it is, that’s the funniest thing I’ve hear all day.

  5. prince says:

    @douglas hoyt shut the fuck up

  6. Dana's Mom says:

    Dana wouldn’t care about his wife. His marriage is a sham and he cheats on her all the time. His own mother said so.

  7. Xaninho says:

    Sonnen was convicted for fraud and he’s still in there.

  8. john gibson says:

    i have to agree with UFC on this decision. If he is givin his job back he should have to work for it. if he is just let back in its showing as people we are accepting this kind of behavior. he may have lost it, but he should have to prove that he is not that type of person. these actions should never be promoted in a good way. giving him his job back is like were accepting this in society as if it were ok.

  9. George says:

    before you judge this guy think about what he’s been through and the odds he’s beaten in his life, this is from his background on wikipedia: ‘Silva is from São Paulo, Brazil and had a difficult upbringing. He grew up in a very poor area and witnessed murders at a young age. To help support himself, he got his first job when he was only nine years old cleaning automobile parts. Silva was athletic, playing football, and basketball, and attended school, but ran away from home at age 13 due to his abusive father, never to see his mother or younger brother again. He then lived on his own in the favelas or slums of São Paulo, moving into his friends’ homes who would allow him to stay. While working during the day, he would attend school at night, and ended up graduating high school. The Brazilian favelas are notorious for being drug trafficking hot spots, and many of the neighborhoods are ruled by drug lords, some of whom would seek out Silva to help them and their children train. At age 18, Silva began to train in mixed martial arts and due to his poverty often had to choose between eating and training although his coach let him train for free in exchange for cleaning the facility’

    • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

      I get where you are coming from, BUT none of that excuses his actions when he lost it. It’s obvious he grew up in a tough environment and made the best of it. It’s also obvious that violence is still very real in his life then and today. No doubt the abuse he lived through has become part of his character, because he is now the abuser. What he did has no excuse. BTW: don’t always believe wikipedia, there is alot of fiction in some of those bios.

      • Michael Johnston says:

        Yea, I’m sure you had the same experiences Gargoyle. Maybe there are no excuses for anyone’s actions whether sane or otherwise. I guess it all depends on who the judges are. Silva didn’t shoot the motherfucker or his wife or himself, so that should account for something.

  10. mike says:

    Thiago deserves to be cut, and your a damn moron if you think he shouldnt after whqt he did.

  11. cody says:

    i feel for this guy , this happen over a two time slut

  12. Jamie says:

    “He’ll never fight in the UFC again!” Sounds familiar Dana, you said the same shit about BJ, Nate Marquardt and Josh Barnett (plus others) but it’s just ironic that all 3 I named are employed by Zuffa. GTFO

    • seminalcacti says:

      but none of these guys you named were hemmed up on felony charges with the law. I think there’s quite a difference here.

      • Jamie says:

        Jeremy Stephens made a plea bargain on his felony assault and burglary charges and was allowed to continue his career with UFC. He served 15 days in jail and was forced to pay a fine. Now he’s a top 10 featherweight. Just sayin

        • seminalcacti says:

          Jeremy was neither arrested nor taken into custody on the evening of the incident. and all charges were dropped against Jeremy. I think he only plead guilty to disorderly conduct. Disorderly conduct and aggravated assault with a firearm is a stretch to compare. If you have some other info cite them.

        • Michael Johnston says:

          Who wants to bet I can find some criminals that are fighting in the UFC right now? Or the NFL or NBA? Surely, the UFC shouldn’t be held to a higher standard. Look at the president of the UFC and his bosses. Floyd Mayweather has done jail time for domestic abuse, you don’t see Vegas turning him away.

        • seminalcacti says:

          Maybe you should have “found” some criminals before replying….
          are you seriously comparing domestic dispute and aggravated assault with a firearm?

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