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Thursday, 01/09/2014, 08:28 pm

UFC Releases Statement On Matt Brown’s Controversial Comments

Top UFC welterweight, Matt Brown put his foot in his mouth recently while debuting as a podcast host on his new show called Real Man Shit.

And it got “real” all right, boy did it ever.

While on the show Matt Brown stated that he didn’t really care for the UFC’s female division. The Ohio resident also stated that the athletes that make up those ranks should fight topless if he’s going to pay a cool $60 bucks to watch a pay-per-view.


Make no mistake about it, that’s not Kosher with 99% of us and the UFC came out with the following statement.

“Matt Brown has apologized for the comments made on his podcast, and we have addressed the matter with him. His comments don’t reflect the views of the UFC. There’s no place for discrimination within our organization at any level. The UFC is built on principles of respect, and any statements to the contrary are not acceptable.”


21 Responses to “UFC Releases Statement On Matt Brown’s Controversial Comments”

  1. b-rad says:

    This is the ufc, they now have another “heel” to match up against their “faces”. Chael said worse things about Brazilians and Dana practically jizzed every time he got in front of a camera, Matt Brown just set himself up to get that big paycheck…relatively speaking of course.

    • Bj Buttars says:

      Good point about Chael. Dana is nothing if inconsistent. Still Matt Brown needs to stfu. The dude started a podcast?? To talk about what?! He is about as interesting as a tense game of solitaire.

  2. Guest says:

    If that is what The Matt Brown thinks then that is what I now think.

  3. lee says:

    I’d watch it… just sayin

  4. Keith says:

    Freedom of speech is a myth. So he made a joke, so what?? People are too fucken sensitive. Fuck everyone that took that seriously

    • Joseph Ryner says:

      You obviously don’t understand freedom of speech. It is the right to say whatever you want, but it is not freedom from all the consequences of what you said. Matt Brown had the right to say whatever he wanted, which he did. The UFC, as his employer, has the specific right to discipline him for it, and to distance themselves from any possible damage he has done to their brand. And fans of the women’s division (of which I am one) have the right to exercise our freedom of speech, and say that Matt Brown is a misogynistic twit who shouldn’t be taken seriously.

      • Bj Buttars says:

        Well Said

      • Frank Swietlik says:

        Exactly…why take him seriously?…..why all the hoopla?…..why the name calling?….

      • Nathan says:

        ^ I’m tired of this unsound argument. Imagine the roles were reversed and the UFC was against women’s fighting and disallowed it (the stance they held not long ago). Now imagine Matt Brown had spoken in favor of women’s fighting and said the UFC was short sighted for ignoring women fighters. Would you still be in favor of the UFC practicing it’s apparent right to discipline Matt Brown for speaking his mind? Part of free speech is the freedom of reprisal for comments that cause no real harm. We must let the ignorant speak openly, as well as the educated, or we’ll all find ourselves silenced.

        • Kenneth Cotton says:

          Freedom of speech only applies to the GOVERNMENT any private business can and will punish you for saying things they dont like please learn the difference between the GOVERNMENT and PRIVATE BUSINESS moron

    • Daniel Lostinmymind Kimble says:

      Its written into the code of conduct in the contract he signed. And it was not really a joke, it was a slam against women, and I did not find it funny in the least. And fuck you for making light of discrimination against women.

  5. Frank West says:

    The lack of education on my fellow men in this thread is embarrassing. Women’s fights are here to stay. So far, they’ve proven themselves to be competitive, entertaining, and obviously they’re not going to fight topless. This isn’t mud wrestling or foxy boxing. In case you’ve never heard of an athletic commission, they have them to put rules and regulations in place, some of them based on what would be acceptable to viewers, as well as the fact that these women would probably feel uncomfortable fighting topless cause of people like you who make disparaging and weird remarks.

  6. Jonte Ponte says:

    I hope the ones thats crying over this have ur tissues ready because alot more fighters will practice their freedome of speech. And if the UFC does something then thats up to them, but noone here have the right to silence another mans oppinions u communists

    • Kenneth Cotton says:

      freedom of speech only applies to the GOVERNMENT MORON or are you stupid enough to think the ufc A PRIVATE BUSINESS is the GOVERNMENT?????

      • Jonte Ponte says:

        If the UFC fires him then thats their decision. But he still have the right to express himself, dont he? If ur answere is no then you can always move to North Korea, China, Russia, Middle East or any other communist country. Its up to u

        • Kenneth Cotton says:

          No ones saying he doesn’t have the right to express himself but what morons like you don’t get is that when it comes to private businesses that right comes with consiqences if you call your boss a dick to his face how long do you thing your going to last???

        • Chris Reed says:

          THANK YOU Kenneth Cotton. For once somebody fuckin gets it.
          YES…. as Americans we all have a basic freedom of speech. We are
          Entitled to speak as we please. HOWEVER, just because you have the
          Freedom to do something doesn’t mean you should always exercise
          that freedom. And for everybody rising up in his defense and your
          only argument is freedom of speech… LEARN THE FUCKING GUIDELINES
          Oh… and before some mental giant comes at me with ‘Im exercising
          my freedom of speech”…. this isnt a public forum. Its a privately-owned forum
          with public access. MEANING….if the admins of this site dont like what i say
          they can delete my comments and ban me from commenting in the future.
          Thats whats called implied consent. You dont have to read the Terms of Service,
          just using the forum implies your consent to the rules.

        • b-rad says:

          Wow, you wrote all that despite years of Dana saying the opposite. Haha.
          Most hypocritical company ever. Did rampage ever get disciplined for motorboat incident? If chael said it would Dana be acting the same way or would he be applauded for being the Ali if mma some more?

          Matt Brown doesn’t like wmma? Off with his head!

          Chael thinks Brazilians are all dumb and poor? Wow, what a great character he’s building!

        • danasjewish says:

          it was good for Chael to say that because he had an upcoming fight with Silva. The comment was intentionally meant to get people riled up about nationalism, so that they’d pay $60 to see their hero defeat evil.

          That’s very different than claiming MMA is worthless and that PPV buyers are getting ripped off.

          But that’s effectively what Brown said.

          Get the difference?

  7. Ddddddd says:

    I don’t give a sh!t about freedom of speech. I want to know who I’m supporting and how their beliefs and opinions effect them. If you want to blindly support a coward that hates you and what you believe,do it. I find it interesting to know what a fighter I’m going to follow and analyze is made of and how that style fits currently in the sport. The UFC has no choice but to now make the most universal decisions but that starts with me and other fans. If you don’t like the UFCs filters that are being forced on the fighters, don’t watch. For instance, watch Browns fights support him and defend him with your purchases. If a hyper sensitive woman overreacts don’t watch or support her.
    Do I think the same as Brown about woman fighters? No,but over sensitive people in such a competitive sport just distract from talent. The men of the sport have absorbed a lot of insults and incorrect assumptions on a whole different level and their just fine. It just draws the fans in that much deeper. Speak to the UFC with your money,that’s all they can hear.

  8. zombiehampster says:

    I wish all the fighters would wear underoos, male and female.

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