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Thursday, 02/28/2013, 10:15 am

UFC Releases Official Statement On Matt Riddle’s Release | UFC NEWS

Matthew Riddle tested positive for marijuana metabolites following his bout at UFC on FUEL TV 7 in London, England on February 16, 2013. This is Riddle’s second failed drug test for marijuana within the past seven months. Riddle previously failed a post-fight drug test due to marijuana following his UFC 149 victory over Chris Clements.

As such, the UFC organization is exercising its right to terminate Riddle for breach of his obligations under his Promotional Agreement as well as the UFC Fighter Conduct Policy. The UFC organization has a strict, consistent policy against the use of any illegal and/or performance-enhancing drugs, stimulants or masking agents. The outcome of the bout against Che Mills was changed to a no contest and the results of the positive test will be reported to the official Association of Boxing Commissions MMA record-keeper.

To check out what Riddle told BJPENN.COM radio last night about his release click here.


105 Responses to “UFC Releases Official Statement On Matt Riddle’s Release | UFC NEWS”

  1. BringFitchBack says:

    The dude broke the rules, the UFC needs to cut down, why not cut him. He is not a big draw. He sounds a bit whinny with the medical shit. Like he gets nervous and stuff so he need to get high to calm down. Doesn’t that sound like a weak minded person to you? He needs to put down the pipe and pickup God and Jesus.

  2. weedisgood says:

    people that weed isnt a ped but it is. it allows your muscles to take in more oxygen. Therefore you can push yourself harder and longer.

    • HateMyShirt says:

      All weed does for me is make me really mad I chose the shirt I am wearing. It doesn’t matter what shirt, within seconds of hitting I am thinkin “Oh gawd damnmit not again!! I hate this shirt, hate hate hate hate it” Then after 2 hours or so, I sorta like it again.

    • Clay says:

      You’re a complete moron. If anything it speeds up heart rate. And DECREASES oxygen to the muscles because the smoke would replace the O2 in your lungs. You need to cite your sources when you state facts like that. You obviously made it up

  3. Calvin says:

    Consistent my ass Diaz got a title shot after being suspended for a year for the use of drugs. This is bitter sweet for me it’s good cuz i hate drugs and think they should be illegal but at the same time I like Matt Riddle and he can legally do it so i cant argue against that

  4. adam says:

    All Riddle would have to have done was submitted his prescription to the athletic commission or to the testing agency, then he would be covered. But he has to do that BEFORE testing positive. If he did, it was wrong to fire him. If he didn’t, they did the right thing. I doubt the athletic commission would report a failed test knowing he had a prescription- that is one of those things they just cannot get away with.

  5. K3vbot says:

    It is kinda f-ed. Mostly because the effects of marijuana last a few hours, and if riddle is telling the truth (he is a pretty vocal guy, and says controversial things about himself, so i don’t see why he’d lie) he stopped 3 weeks before the bout, and still tested positive. He could have stopped for good 3 weeks out and still would test for metabolites, they just need a better test for it.

  6. 757 says:

    Smoker = unemployed. Stop crying about TRT and everything else. The dude above said it allows more o2 into your muscles ? OMG what up fuck up. I hope nobody is buying that ha ha .

  7. Dddddddd says:

    I’ve got to smoke one and think about this

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