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Thursday, 02/09/2012, 04:15 pm

UFC Primetime Producer Says All Nick Diaz Does Is Train And Smoke Weed | Should The UFC Be Held Liable?

“I think that he’s a guy that got into it before this whole thing blew up. He was 16 and dropped out [of school] and that was 12 years ago. The UFC wasn’t what the UFC is now; MMA wasn’t what MMA is now. He didn’t get into this thing at all for the attention, he didn’t bargain for this side of it.

There is certainly the argument that you have to take the good with the bad and you have to show up to press conferences and all that but I think Nick maybe more than any guy that I’ve covered is truly just a fighter. That’s what he does, that’s what he lives.

He does nothing else, besides a little bit of herbal extra-curricular activity, he does nothing else but train, nothing.

If you go into his house it’s a bunch of fighters that live there. It’s a nice house… There’s Jiu Jitsu mats where the dining room is… There’s like a chandelier hanging over these Jiu Jitsu mats in what should be a dining room but he has no use for that, so there are mats in the room there’s mats all over the place, there’s workout equipment everywhere you look and that’s all he does and that’s not fake.”

This interview caught my attention in the week before the UFC 143 event. Obviously the statement of Nick’s recreational marijuana use was the item that stood out the most to me.

Reason being is because I was shocked that the UFC’s producer, who starts to film the series just three weeks out from fight night, admits that prior to the taping he had never met Nick and then proceeds to divulge knowledge of him smoking marijuana.

I took it as if, since he has knowledge of such a fact without any prior interactions with Diaz, that Nick must be using banned substances while training for his fight with Carlos Condit and in doing so would need to clean his system out before an eventual commission test in order to pass the drug screenings done by Nevada.

It now becomes almost troubling knowing that an employee of the UFC had knowledge of this fact and now, with the recent news that Diaz tested positive for marijuana, kind of brings to light what kind of responsibility should lie on the promotion.

They let the fight continue when it was essentially illegal for Nick Diaz to fight. Forget that fact that a UFC employee had this knowledge, and replace the producer with a representative from the Athletic commission, with this kind of first-hand knowledge the fight would have been cancelled.

Nick will do what he does, and I am not saying there is anything wrong with smoking marijuana, but if the UFC had knowledge of this should they take part in the blame?

And what about the interviewer, he laughed off the notion and did no further investigating into the fact that a man who had spent the last two solid weeks with Diaz stated he was using.

I guess you could spin this a million different ways and point the finger in just as many directions, but with the recent news of Diaz failing his test, I thought I would share this quote and put it up for discussion.

I’ve shared my thoughts… What are yours?

Note: If you want to see this interview with the producer of UFC Primetime, Jason Hehir, just click anywhere on this line. The quote featured starts around the 27 minute mark.

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0 Responses to “UFC Primetime Producer Says All Nick Diaz Does Is Train And Smoke Weed | Should The UFC Be Held Liable?”

  1. E says:

    Lol that sounds familiar ….did u every train…??? On weed??????

    • Byron says:

      All things considdered, I could really care less if Nick tested positive for weed or not. Really, so what. He still lost. BUT, on the other hand, rules are rules; as the saying goes, you want to do the crime, you have to do the time, I would have loved to see the Diaz GSP fight, but he made the decision himself, possibly subconsioulsy because he didn’t really ever want to fight GSP? No one will know, but I stand behind the UFC in whatever judgement they send down.

      • GRT 3000 says:

        I think you said it man. He’s the one dodging the fight, GSP has an injured ACL, that’s his reason. Diaz climbs out of windows and smokes weed knowing full well he’s going to get caught. so who’s the chicken shit?

  2. the original steve says:

    i could’ve told you that all he did was train and smoke weed. and ive never met the guy

  3. Marco says:

    So a dude with insane cardio smokes weed…

    Can we actually get rid of public stigma that weed is bad for you in anyway? Its just a fucking plant.

    • Frekklz says:

      Just a fucking plant… you are just an ignorant fucking man.

      • Marco says:

        Actually its a fucking amazing plant. The seeds are the most nutritionally
        complete food source in the world.

        Please dont listen to your mom and do some research

        • Frekklz says:

          I know ‘the plant’ has good qualities in society. Hemp, medical reasons like glaucoma etc. But smoking it does do harm you cannot deny that.

        • Marco says:

          But he could of been eating it and still been suspended

        • amber trichome says:

          no one has died from smoking weed – that’s a fact.
          it can be used post work-out for recovery – ask Arnold Schwarzenegger.
          our (recent) presidents have smoked it. our founding fathers and (first) presidents grew it.
          you also don’t have to smoke it. and if you do, it’s only 1-3 tokes… maybe a bowl… it’s not like a pack of cigarettes. you need to do more research before you make a bigger fool of yourself.

      • baldy says:

        smoking anything is bad (hopefully he eats it or uses a vaporizer)…hopefully there is no implications or repercussions for nate. you know the nsac is gonna be deep in his ass now.

  4. Kevin says:

    It isnt a performance enhancing drug so I dont see why any fight would be stopped due to a fighter having weed in their system.

    • Charles D. says:

      Agreed. If its not performance enhancing, why should the UFC care?

    • Phil says:

      I’m sorry, it is a performance enhancing drug. It blocks a receptor in the brain that allows you to feel pain. Allowing you to train harder with less associated pain.
      This drug is a banned substance and if you want to fight you must up hold all the rules and regulations.
      If anything just quit a month b4 the fight and its out of your system.

  5. Nick says:

    Well I guess he didn’t do the whole 10 day out thing. They must of took a sample from his hair.

  6. Charles D. says:

    Im not fan of Diaz, but damn, let him smoke some weed. He obviously is still good enough to excel at what he does. I think people are making way too big a deal out of this.

  7. Ryan says:

    So disappointed in Nick Diaz…* shakes head

  8. Jb says:

    I’m not a nick Diaz but hugger but it’s weed people. Not a drug, if roses did the same thing they would be illegal. It’s not a product that has to go through presses vials or beakers. Lol god bless him if he can smoke and do marathons. Again I get why he popped positive but who cares. It would have really sucked if he won. Then he would be really screwed. Weed is not dangerous people who can’t control themselves are

  9. Thatguy says:

    Let him smoke. This is nothing new! Maybe new to you!!! But there are plenty of vidoes on youtube that are plenty old that feature the fact that he smokes. Hell Joe Rogan has a video where he’s laughing, telling the story of how Nick got extremely high right before the Gomi fight in Pride and then went in the ring and DESTROYED Gomi!! Also weed should not be banned in professional sports for Athletes that live in a state where they can get a prescription!!!!!

  10. Tommy says:

    Marijuana isn’t a PED I think it’s pretty stupid that it’s banned. It’s about as much of a PED as alcohol and tobacco.

  11. Wow says:

    Nick failed his drug test. He should have waited till after the post fight testing to start smoking again. It should be legal anyways, but it isn’t; and that’s something he’s going to have to deal with.End of story.

  12. Jared says:

    How about Nick needs to stop being a little boy and take responsibility for his actions. It’s no one’s responsibility but his own. And it’s articles like these that enable him to be a whiny little victim of the world. It’s his body, his mind, his choices. GROW THE FUCK UP.

  13. joel says:

    Breaking news: this just in……. Nick Diaz smokes WEED!!!

    C’mon, Man! You ever hear the dude do an interview? He rambles on and on from topic to topic.

    BTW, whats wrong with smoking weed when fighting? You got dudes doing PED’s Steroids and all kinds of other shit! A little weed aint gonna hurt! I bet he gets a lot longer of a ban and a bigger fine than known steroids users! SMH!

  14. nhdjoseywales says:

    I think the bigger question is who really gives a shit about any of this?

  15. Dan says:

    Nothing wrong here. He has a medical card for it. Such bullshit how you be drunk as a skunk before the fight, but god forbid you smoke a joint. America the lame

  16. Wow says:

    Nick is unbelievable lol… How can anyone hate the guy??? “the people’s champion” Nick motherfuckin Diaz

  17. chardt says:

    weed isn’t a performance frankly, who cares. It doesn’t give him an edge in a fight.. so it shouldn’t matter. In my opinion.

  18. KBoucher says:

    I agree with Steve, this isn’t really breaking news…He has been able to flush it out in time for all of his other fights but one… Nick Diaz has never hidden the fact that he smokes pot…blaming everyone that may or may not have known about it is ridiculous

  19. Lmpwao says:

    I don’t get why everyone keeps saying let him smoke…..there isn’t anything stating that a fighter can’t smoke or…just that it’s illegal and against the rules for getting caught….the dumbass should’ve been smart enough to not get caught…point blank.

  20. BiG MiLT says:

    OK, OK, OK, hold up i get punched and kicked for a living , with rigorous training just so i dont get knocked out in the first 30 seconds . & you mean to tell me on my off-time i can’t roll a BLUNT ?? boooooo

    • B says:

      Weed is harmless, Diaz won the fight and they should have given him the belt so all of this bullshit would actually matter lol. Just sayin’…Diaz lost because he’s the “bad guy” who people seem to dislike.

      He’s a drug addict now!! OMGOMGOMG Weed is terrible! – People piss me off. Don’t have the slightest clue about a damn thing but think they have the right to talk about someone else’s actions or decisions. Stop being stuck up bitches who pretend to never break the law.

      This shit is a joke. NSAC should review their bullshit call over the drug test results.. What a joke

  21. david says:

    pedro fuck you for even implying the ufc has any guilt in this matter, nick diaz is a fucken grown man and is capable of making his own decisions, he knows he gets tested he knows thc will show up, hes paid to fight, thats all the ufc controls, is the ufc supposed to send someone to follow all the fighters around and tell them what they can and cannot do? dont be a fucking moron

    • Thurgood Jenkins says:

      I also thought the headline was very misleading. It basically implied the producer said that he just trains and smokes weed all day, everyday; that the whole time they were filming he was just blazing. But the quote actually said he just smokes a little bit on the side and dedicates the majority of his time to training. And like you said David, what the hell does the UFC have to do with that?

  22. Philippe says:

    Rules are rules people. If he can’t follow them in a professional sport than he shouldn’t be in it. Plus how hard is it to wait until after the fight to have a victory blunt. And I don’t know much about the weed topic but if he needs it everyday to help him train than it much be doing something for him right? And if someone could correct me, I thought weed helps with pain as far as i heard.

  23. FRANK says:

    LOL…I know first hand that BJ smokes weed too…and the point is? I don’t know first hand, but rumor is that Chuck did cocaine…just saying. Good reading I guess but sounds like a personal vendetta; trying to ‘weed’ out Diaz for something other ppl also do in MMA.

    I’ve shared my thoughts…now what’s your reaction?

    • Philippe says:

      I wouldn’t be surprised if more than half the roster did weed. Its true BJ smokes weed and knows how to get it out of his system in time. I don’t think the issue is that he smokes weed, its the fact that he didn’t take enough precautionary time to get it out of his system and because of that its a complete sign of disrespect to the fans and especially the fighters. They all train their asses off, make weight, and PASS the drug test. If he thinks he is too special because he is NICK DIAZ than he should just go fight in Amsterdamn where there won’t be any issue with weed.

  24. Bill Decker says:

    Give the kid a break!! He obviously has social anxiety issues and if the weed keeps him at an even keel, so what!!?? Plus, it could be medical marijuana, as he lives in northern =Cali and there are plenty of dispensaries up there!! Now if he can’t clean out by the time the testing comes around…then, rules ARE rules, and he needs to abide!

  25. James Troy says:

    ok smoking weed before u get into a fight does nothing to give you an edge. if anythign it handicaps you. maybe thats why he “lost.” maybe he smokes weed cause he knows hes too good and needs to dumb himself down to challenge himself.

    and notice lost is in quotations. maybe the ufc did have knowledge of this and thats why they gave the decision to condit. cause if diaz had won, hed have tested positive and be stripped. making the whole thing a waste.

    whatever the case may be who cares. its us when its a performance enhancer not performance reducer.

  26. earvingotti says:

    so what would happen if say… an olympian got caught? oh wait…..

  27. Bien says:


  28. James Davies says:

    weed actually opens your lungs. nicotine obviously is very bad for your lungs. i personally have tried weed and hated it from an early age. this however has never stopped me from having friends who smoke it. it is a plant that grows in the ground. in my view its not a PED and is harmless aside from inducement of lethargy. its used medically and therefore kinda makes sense to assume that it has holistic benefits. its non (physically) addictive and does not make you train better or boost energy. its just an alternative remedy for fighters respite. im not entirely sure that weed is classified as a PED but either way it is illegal so diaz should play the game and find a way round the issue. i like the guy and sympathize with him a great deal.

  29. seriously people, its not like he’s slamming steroids or using a controlled substance, ITS WEED! all natural not manmade. there are a number of professional athletes that smoke weed all the time, why dont you go after them too.

  30. zach says:

    I dont get why they had to make a huge deal out of this, cheal sonnen got suspended for less time for taking roids, now us fans have to suffer while we cant watch Diaz put on great fights because of alittle pot? That’s bullshit get the fighting commission outta here, they ruin everything, including mma judging. So many bunk decision calls lately especially sonnen and bisping

    • Dynamic Pinoy says:

      Your right

      • I don’t like the dude much, but they should just drop it…no big deal. To me nick needs the stuff to stay calm….let him

        • zach says:

          Hell yea he obviously has a reason he smokes and he has a card to do it legally anyways so I dont get why the big deal is the commission is fucked up mainly on there judging bis vs sonnen was an outrage

    • Mr.Rusk says:

      Looks like you know just as little about weed as you do TRT

    • maritza says:

      true that!!!!!!

    • Goo-Gobbler says:

      You’re ignorant. Chael takes a steroid for testosterone replacement therapy, you’re an idiot. The big selling point marijuana enthusiasts use to try and get it legalized is for medical use. Because marijuana is a pain reliever, you’re an idiot. So Diaz is going in with marijuana in his system for a fight so that pain isn’t being processed in his body. Therefore he can continue taking shots that should cause a painful reaction, maybe even stop him. That’s incredibly unfair in a fight, and you’re an ignorant moron.

      • darren says:

        your retarded if you think hes high on fight night

      • zach says:

        If you think this is a big deal your the ignorant one, and weed only works as a painkiller if your high at the time of the fight ha you just made you self look like such a big fool. Also you called me ignorant like 5 time buddy I think I get the poin no need to keep reiterating yourself. Your argument is so flawed I feel more retarded after I read it, try getting your facts strait before you try to put someone on blast the knows more then you do

      • Spud says:

        This article is retarded… Diaz smokes weed LEGALLY in his home state, so as long as he flushes all the weed out of his system before a fight (which he usually does 10 days before a fight) there’s no need for ‘investigation’. Unfortunately this time it seems not all of it was flushed out.

      • gyoro says:

        Go smoke some weed and let me punch you in the face, and tell me you wont feel pain! your stupid if you think weed does that to you “NUMB NUTS” ! Any one who smokes weed, wont want to get in a fight if there stoned, thats the last thing they want to do, im sure he didnt go into that fight stoned, it takes at least a month to naturally flush out of your system ! He probably smokes weed to calm him self down from slapping fools like you around ! REAL fighters like BJ , Diaz , Silva dont need more testosterone to fight ! TRT is just a pussy ass excuse to get into fight mode !

        • Sean says:

          Thank you, so sick of hearing this low T level excuse…its for middle aged men, not ppl in their prime. If he was really low the replacement therapy would make him look normal, not ridiculously ripped. Remember the pic of marquardt..tellin me thats normal. That was above average, or cheating if you will.

      • overgrow00 says:

        you are an idiot. the cannabinoids can be detected in your system up to 2 plus months after use. just because he tested positive doesn’t not mean he was high during the fight.

        on a side note… pouring water all over your fighter, like gsp and condit, is also a performance enhancer that unfairly henders their opponents… not cool.

      • zoeldog27 says:

        this guy Goo-Gobler obviously has no experiance smoking pot, if anything if he was “stoned” during the fight the hits would hurt more not be dulled and it takes quite a lot longer than 2 months to come out of your system it can stay in your hair/fat cells for up to 6 months in Diazs case he doesnt have a lot of bodyfat, either way he has a medical permit but the state of Nevada doesnt recognise this, there is a simple solution to this problem Diaz cant fight in states that dont recognise medicinal marajuana so no more fights in Las Vegas for Diaz thats about the only way to get around it but for anyone to say its performance enhacing is a fool, his levels were massive during the Gomi fight so high that he must of been stoned when he fought and he still smashed him this is a non issue really its pot for fucks sake, alcohol is more dangerous drug than pot are we doing Micheal Phelps all over again??

      • Michael says:

        No you are an uninformed moron which isnt a big surprise. Weed isnt even on the level as nicotine and as far as pain its public knowledge to anyone with the intelligence of a rock that weed doesnt work that way. Its used for chronic pain which if you did a simple search you would know doesnt work the same as physical pain. You can take muscle relaxers dumbass and you are still going to feel blunt trauma. D!ckhead.

    • jacob lee says:

      they werent roids idiot, u know nothing about mma

    • chaelftw420 says:

      lol watch the fight again, chael defiantly won rounds 1 and 3.

  31. Why is this news? Wasn’t this already discussed after the Takanori Gomi vs Nick Diaz fight. I swear some uneducated producers over at Zuffa.

  32. mike says:

    no i dont think the ufc should be held liable. he is a grown ass man and doesnt need to be tattled on. nick knows he cant burn. and the producer is just that …a producer.
    the real question to me is why is reefer illegal to begin with?
    burn on boys…burn on

  33. lex walker says:

    Get off his nuts and quit crying about it y’all are acting like it was steroids or something n its legal out there any way

  34. Knuckles malone says:

    Give it a rest.. he could be doing alot worse. I dont smoke the stuff myself but it certainly is not cocaine. it’s a little smokie smoke smoke.. he trains hard and fights hard who cares if he smokes weed.. get a life.

  35. James Davies says:

    oh and by the way, did everyone NOT know that he smoked weed? echoing earlier comments, not only is it public knowledge he is a pot smoker, its bloody obvious!

  36. David says:

    I don’t fault a fighter for smoking weed in his down time. But when you’re training for a fight, you gotta be smart about it. Especially when the fight is the biggest fight of your career. Do it when you’re not training for a fight. At least have that small shred of discipline.

  37. maritza says:

    shit.. everyone smokes weed..i know lawyer, cops, judges, teachers, politicians me, my friends, brad pitt, u name it people smoke,, as long as he aint shooting heroin or snorting coke like it was candy,,who gives a f*%k>>>>??

  38. Shaundi says:

    i don’t like Nick Diaz but its just some weed. its not really a big deal as long as its not a PED. on the upside, there will be no talks of a rematch, which was really bullshit.

  39. Chris says:

    He has a medical card and obvious pyschological reasons to need it.

    lay the fuck off, he didn’t do anything wrong besides miss judge his clean up period.

    it doesn’t effect how he fights , the guys using testosterone replacement are the ones who gain true advantages.

    • Chris says:

      especially considering that they found metabolites, not active thc in his system. the half life is a little less than 48 hours for active with this substance, he was probably ” clean ” before and during his fight and just had some of the bi products stored in his cells from previous usage.

  40. ian tonatiuh says:

    was a robbery. had to win nick diaz

  41. JPeech says:

    Chael Sonnen took roids? So that’s what TRT is….. Retard

  42. jpmma says:

    it obviously didn’t enhance his performance…and his diet the way it is…i wouldn’t be surprised if carlos condits urinalysis had way more crazy shit in it than >500Ng/Ml thc

    • Chris says:

      there is no way it could be labelled as a performance enhancing drug,

      or something that could ” mask ” pain.

      it makes you more in touch with your body and physicality, essentially it would amplify your physical feelings of pain as well as your level of physical self consciousness

  43. jpmma says:

    I am a fan of both guys and pot…so yea

  44. dijon says:

    He failed the drug test end of story….what a waste such talent!!

    • zoeldog27 says:

      Michael phelps got done too so should he be banned from the olympics? grow a brain or go smoke some weed maybe it will open up your mind u narrow minded prick

  45. Matt says:

    @JRE…why on earth would you even believe a single word that joe rogan says? he’s been on every drug you’ve ever heard of plus more.

    There isn’t a chance it “enhances” performance but it isn’t a secret that elite athletes smoke after workouts. When you train like nick diaz, micheal phelps, etc you need a way to calm yourself after the most intense workouts on the planet.

    I have no problem hearing that and honestly I could’ve guessed him and his brother smoked a long time ago. I think this article is really late.

  46. Shit, no wonder Dana tried making the rematch quick, he already knew nick was gonna fail the test.

  47. He failed himself says:

    more than ufc and a rematch…he needs rehab…no matter wat u all say he is a chronic pothead n cant function w/o it… take awaaay weed from him and he will most likely will kill himself cuz he is so dependent on it.. he needs to figure shit out in his life or it will just happen again n again

  48. He should stand accountable for his actions, and the UFC should reconsider penalizing fighters with green cards….even if its out of state, nothing like some grade A tender after a long hard day of work…

  49. There’s nothing wrong with smokin the weed it doesn’t enhance your fighting capabilities in eney way shape or form if Diaz wants to chill out and smoke weed good for him it’s his life and nobody should question his own personal decisions !!!!! DIAZ brothers rule !!!!!!

  50. David says:

    What you people who support Nick Diaz smoking weed fail to understand is this. The SECOND he signed his name on the dotted line to fight Condit, he was agreeing to follow the rules and regulations of the Navada State Athletic Commission and the UFC. Even though Nick Diaz has a medical weed card issued by the state of California, it is NOT LEGAL OR VALID ANYWHERE ELSE. So what is Nick Diaz smokes weed for his social-anxiety disorder. There are other LEGAL treatments available to him such as Zolaf and Paxil or even seeing a therapist. Nick Diaz violated the rules of the NSAC, and should be punished. I don’t blame Dana White if he decides to cut Nick, because he went to bat for Nick, and Nick fucked him. I doubt any promoter will be willing to take a chance on Nick following this, because Nick has shown that he cannot control himself

    • overgrow00 says:

      What you FAIL to realize is that whenever their is a unjust law it is patriotic to disobey that law.

      anyone who believes it is healthy to take zolaf or paxil is a complete moron. sorry, but nick is a vegan. nick would never put bullshit into his body.


      • David says:

        Nick Diaz is a moron. The fact that he couldn’t keep his weed in check while he trained for a fight is proof of that. When you agree to work for someone, you agree to play by their rules. If you can’t do that, then don’t put your name on that dotted line, don’t shake the hand, don’t even show up. Just tell the boss “Hey, I appreciate the opportunity, but I can’t work like this”. Don’t waste everyone’s time.

      • David says:

        Nick Diaz is a moron. The fact that he couldn’t keep his weed in check while he trained for a fight is proof of that. When you agree to work for someone, you agree to play by their rules. If you can’t do that, then don’t put your name on that dotted line, don’t shake the hand, don’t even show up. Just tell the boss “Hey, I appreciate the opportunity, but I can’t work like this”. Don’t waste everyone’s time.

        I wonder if you’re the type of person that shows up to work drunk or high because you think it’s an unjust law/rule then wonders why they got fired and blames the company for having such rules.

        • zoeldog27 says:

          Dude your the moran a very narrow minded one at that!
          There is no substance to your argument you obviously have no experiance with pot so shutup, if the best you can come up with is “he didnt follow the rules” your just another desk jockey pen pusher who probably works for the government and you have no idea what your saying look how many people get fucked up on alcohol and hurt there familys and society I dont see how Diaz smoking pot is anyones buisness as long as he wasnt “stoned” during the fight its a non issue because in California he allowed to smoke it so as long as doesnt smoke it in another state there should be no problem

    • e says:

      did you not know that some of the adverse side effects of anxiety pills can make you feel fucked up entirely more so than smoking marijuana?

      • David says:

        I do, but they’re completely legal. As is going to a shrink. The fact that Nick doesn’t care enough about his own future and career to not only fuck the people who put faith in him is telling. It’s also off putting to any other promoters who may look at him and go “I don’t know if I wanna risk putting this guy on my card. I don’t know if he can stay clean”. So it fucks him going forward. The only place I can see him getting work, is in DREAM, and in Sengoku since drug testing in Japan is at the discretion of the promotion since there is no governing body for combat sports in Japan. He’ll be relegated to obscurity since the state of MMA in Japan is in the shitter, and treated as more of a sideshow entertainment deal than a legit athletic competition.

        • e says:

          yeah those prescribed pills are legal but tell me, how can you function while on those meds? i doubt you can train/perform properly while medicated on anxiety pills.

          a shrink wont “get rid” of his anxiety. they’ll tell you what kind of exercises and what kind of meds you can do to prevent or lower the potential risks of anxiety attacks.

          the weed works for him.

          i dont think he deserves a GRIM punishment for self medicating. suspend his nsac license and what not. he doesnt need to be suspended indefinitely from the ufc.

          the real problem is what the article mentions about a person of the ufc staff who had knowledge of nick using marijuana during the pre-fight hype taping. he could’ve informed the appropriate personnel regarding the situation at hand, and this fight would’ve been cancelled– we wouldn’t be reading or listening to this bullshit right now.

          somebody within ufc should be held accountable as well–not just nick himself–for not taking appropriate action.

    • zoeldog27 says:

      um its Zoloft dickhead you have no idea what ur talking about, opinions are like arseholes everyone has one

    • zach says:

      What do you mean by “you people”

  51. BX81 says:

    Diaz is just doing what most people would do if they didn’t fear losing a job. The plus is he doesn’t give a fuck about losing his job. I don’t blame him. If I still wanted to smoke I would and wouldn’t care who found out. I don’t think weed is a big deal but in the end it’s still not legal so I can understand the suspension.

    • e says:

      i agree with what you said.

      weed is only a big deal when people make it out to be a big deal, and when people make it a big fkn deal they’re the same bitch asses that gotta have a say about everything thinking they’re fuckin official or some shit like that.

    • David says:

      The issue for me is not the weed use itself. If he wants to smoke in his down time, that’s fine with me. But be smart about it. Don’t smoke when you’re training for a fight. He may not fear losing his job, but when he finds himself out of options to do the only thing he’s qualified to do that doesn’t involve a hair net and flipping burgers since he dropped out of High School at 16, he may want to reconsider his position. If enough promoters just refuse to sign him to a meaningful fight worth meaningful money because they feel he is a risk, maybe then he’ll smarten up. But then again, he dropped out of HS at the age of 16, so the odds of him smartening up are not in his favor.

      • e says:

        no doubt. i agree its one thing to be smart about it, but you can’t say that nick shouldn’t be able to self medicate during a training camp, while at the same time undergoing numerous media events that he is obligated to do. im not saying he did the smart thing. im saying he shouldn’t be knocked upon or heavily judged for his legit condition.

        • zach says:

          Very well put

        • K2 says:

          You keep saying “self medicate”. He has a green card. So it’s not exactly self medication. And I have anxiety and don’t live in a med Mary state and have to deal with shady folks. And yes I use to take anxiety pills but they made me waaaaay to moody and I didn’t like them. MJ works for me.

  52. DevonAK86 says:

    HAHAAH some people are stupid! Nick is a huge pot head just like me! I start thinking of nick during the day and i roll a joint, smoke it and start trying to sub my friends! he will be back and still just as high baby!

  53. exit 8 says:

    All you ufc fans. Hello it is a banned substance. Who cares that it is not a ped. Rules are in place to follow. He for caught with a banned substance in his system. Not once but twice.

  54. rastamon says:

    “He does nothing else, besides a little bit of herbal extra-curricular activity, he does nothing else but train, nothing”.

    I don’t see the word – Marijuana – anywhere there.

  55. Jessed2011 says:

    Nick is a fucking joke!!!! Everyone knows that he has little to no respect for other fighters, but this just proves that he also has no respect for himself. He talks about wanting to be the best and blah blah blah, but doesnt make the necessary sacrifices in oroder to attain that goal. Do I think weed is bad? Hell no!!! But I dont do it anymore. I had priorities in my life, and in order to have a great job I had to make a choice…..Smoke weed or have a good job. I couldnt do both, and obviously he cant either. And for those who dont think weed is a PED… Please, you must be high. Weed numbs the shit out of your body. I broke my femur skiing while I was high as fuck, and didnt even realize it until about 2 hours later when the weed wore off and the pain intensified. It numbs your body and your wits. No wonder he thought Condit was running all night! Poor fucker was so high he couldnt react like he wanted to!!

    • zoeldog27 says:

      I bet if you saw Diaz in the street youd run up like oohh can i have your autograph and take a picture so i can show all my girlfreinds and dude your full of it you reackon u broke your femer and didnt know for 2 hours you must be on crack dude or your some kinda superman my sisters a nurse and she sitting next to me and i showed what u said and she laughed her head off a medical professional says your full of it theres no way you could have broken it and not known unless you were mega high on heroin or something like that even then its a bullshit story if your that tough and mentally strong why arnt you fighting in the UFCcause your a keyboard warrior you obviously know nothing about pot thats obvious from your comment grow a brain!

      • Jessed2011 says:

        Actually fuck head, if your sister was thinking straight she would have thought about that fact that I was high, and the weather was cold……Both of which numbed both the body and the senses, and slowed the onset of shock!!! Just cause you like your sister to dress like a nurse when she goes down on you, does not make her an actual nurse. And just cause she fucks the doctor to get a prescription to feed her painkiller addiction doesnt make her a “medical professional” and more than Colnel Mustard is an actual colnel. And if I did ask for his autograph are you sure your beloved Nick Diaz could even spell his own name??

        • zach says:

          You didnt state any facts at all just blasted on zoel and rambled for a long paragraph lol make your side of the argument invalid

  56. Natural says:

    I don’t understand y the mma or the UFC would have a problem with it if it’s not an illegal drug he has a licence for it and it is known not to enhance anything about u. But wen fighters train all day they shld be able to puff a Lil to help go to sleep u have any idea how hard it Is to sleep after training

    • zoeldog27 says:

      no thats the problem this guy has never seen the inside of an MMA gym or trained its obvious i makes me laugh the amount of people on here who make out like they know something when its obvious they kknow nothing like superman David who broke his femur and didnt know for 2 hours cause he was so high he must been smoking crac, you can tell by the way he said it its a fuckin lie and bullshit story so he can look likehe knows what hes talkin about anyone whos ever smoked pot knows he;s full of himself what a dick

  57. CHUCK says:

    incredible how ignorant a lot of you are. weed is a PED that blocks pain? LOL wow. it heightens sensitivity. you’re not a professional athlete, smoke weed some time and form an opinion not based out of ignorance.fighters are juicing, using HGH which is very difficult to detect, and weed grants a half year suspension. nick diaz is a great fighter, sad to see him sabotage himself, hope he can get it together. half these fighters are alcoholic man children (see the ultimate fighter show), an athlete smoking weed does not bother me in the slightest. sadly weed still carries a negtaive stigma, and is still illegal most places including the NSAC. to act like diaz has some kind of super chin and ability to take shots because of weed, is one of the dumbest things i’ve ever read. he’s just really tough. he really loves his weed. smoke a fat one nick, you’ll have some time to plan after you get this all behind you. michael phelps smokes weed. grow up, get real, fighters are doing drugs that make you bigger, stronger, faster. worry about that. gotta plan better but nick is still one of the most entertaining fighters out there, hate to see him out.

  58. Jon Watkins says:

    ▶ You have GOT to be fuсking kidding me‼

    Over POT⁈


    Looks like Nick has a case of “Disability Discrimination” here.

    I honestly do NOT smoke pot. I have never even had the urge to WANT to smoke it. But I have been around plenty of people that do. If anything, smoking pot would give him a HUGE disadvantage in a fight. It will make him slower, dehydrated and his thought process will be slower.

    His opponents should be THANKING GOD ALMIGHTY that he DID smoke it‼

    To me, this all sounds like a bunch of jealous people, who don’t like Nick, trying to find any way they can, to ruin him. Probably, because they KNOW they cannot beat him. Dana does it, because if Nick beat GSP, he would lose one of his cash cow “golden boys”. Dana has ALWAYS operated like this. I bet it was Dana that ASKED them to do a “random” test on Nick the night of the fights. He DOES have dinner with these people, either the night before a fight or the night OF the fight, depending on where it is.

    This is ALL just insane and absurd.
    Dana just keeps on turning this sport into a bad copy of the “WWE”.

    Honestly, they are about to lose a customer from the sport.

    With the judges & refs, ruining fights,..
    With dishonorable behavior of fighters(ala, Condit & his running), DURING fights getting REWARDED,…
    The discriminatory behavior(You are either one of his “golden boys” or you are disposable.) of the UFC “President”, Dana White,..
    And the influx of fad follows that are just ruining the experience for me,..

    It just isn’t worth spending my money or time on it anymore.

    I have a feeling that a lot of “Old School” MMA fans are feeling the same way right now.

    I really am just about over it.

    • tim says:

      Its not that I wont want to see fights anymore.. but I dont want to spend another $ on PPV… Its time to go to the local bars off the chart and just watch it for free from now on

    • BAD INTENTIONS says:

      Why do you have a problem with Dana White? It’s the commissions call. By bringing in testing procedures, Dana helped legitimize MMA. Without it the sport would still be banned in most of the country. I get drug tested where I work and i’m making a fraction of what Diaz makes. If he has a medical reason why he is smoking pot then he should be upfront with the commission just like all the fighters taking testosterone supplimentations are. If not then he should drop the bong and grow the fuck up.

      • Jon Watkins says:

        Because Dana is the one that probably TOLD them to test him.

        That way, if Diaz won the fight, he still wouldn’t be able to fight GSP and Dana wouldn’t lose one of his golden boys!

        Dana KNEW Nick was smoking pot. Nick has a license to do it, and a prescription from a doctor!

        Think man!

        • Ryan says:

          lol dana told them to test them lol? Man learn ur shit. EVERYONE WHO FIGHTS FOR THE UFC IS REQUIRED TO TAKE A POST FIGHT DRUG TEST BY THE COMMISSION. And dana was prolly madder than anyone that diaz lost cuz gsp/diaz would have been a huge payday. Hate to break ur heart but diaz has no chance against gsp. If diaz couldnt beat condit wat makes u think he could beat gsp?

      • tim larner says:

        come on mate, how much straight forward can he be, he is advertised on the high times magazine, listen to Joe Rogan who says that Diaz is chonging on a bong during a conference call, the matter is it is prescribed, it is not a ped and to be honest he wont get any benefit from smoking it, and it isnt affecting any one else, Weed whatever is probably the most common used drug i really dont see the issue

    • James Wolfe says:

      Good post.

    • DC says:

      In Nevada, the competitors in the main event always get tested. You can take off your tinfoil conspiracy hat now

    • Roland Solano says:

      Two pit pulls! in the ring. One shows up to fight, while the other one runs! this why boxing lost its edge. Any true warrior knows when it time to fight…it’s show time! If UFC is going to except this kind of B/s in the ring. Why pay? My advice to the Diaz camp..bite the bullet we know as a fighter who won and who ran. Regroup train yourself to cut off these runners! cause that’s what they are going to do when they are up against a lion! It’s sad in my opinion that UFC has allowed this to happen. Politics brother! Diaz without a doubt you are a BMF. Condit no comment, you have to live with it not me. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure it out. Roland Solano Babe!!

    • Chris Chang says:

      it doesn’t matter if he has his ‘pot card’. the pot is legal in california, but not legal in nevada, where the fight was being held. also, using a substance that is banned by the sport before a fight or using it to train is not the message that a professional fighter should be sending to the fans and to the many people who watch the sport. this guy is a menace and should not be given as much as he has been given already. he takes everything for granted and should follow the rules or gtfo!

    • Roland Solano says:

      After reading people’s opinions, what is real! What got UFC, MMA, Pride Fighting ect, the reputation that it has concurred? That’s the questions that is being left out… Just like boxing, what made boxing so popular? It was BMF man that took each fight every round to the fullness making it real! Which in turn got our attention and made a lot of money. We as people strive for ass kicking in the ring! Not a show dance! Imagine Joyce Gracie and Ken Shamrock running around the ring for a name and title. It would have been very boring just like boxing is today. A boring 12 rounds hoping for something crazy to happen and after 12 rounds wait for a decision. That’s not for me! I’d rather watch WWE wrestling and drink a cup of coffee with cookies. My point is, we strive for two warriors to battle in the cage or the ring it’s a rush! Like an addiction you just can’t get enough. Once we have a taste you want more. So now cause Nick Diaz is only human and honest about his weed just like many others even Joe Rogan, Diaz gets criticized, please!!! Is this the best b/s UFC can come up with. To destroy a man that is making a difference and a name for himself and MMA. Give the kid a break! We all have glitches, I know I do, so what!! I pay my bills and after a stressful day at work a little relaxation why not? I ask myself is UFC going to chance it’s name now? It should to entertainment cause that’s where it’s headed. As for me and many others that strive on real live toe to toe fighting, may the best man win! Maybe it’s time to watch some other MMA sport. Nick Diaz in my book you are a bad dude! So… you smoke a little weed so what! Heck I have my own issues but I love watching you kick ass and being yourself. Maybe it’s time for a reality show of your own screw UFC they don’t appreciate a good warrior they would rather give the title to a runner. Now this is real! Roland Solano Babe!

    • Roland Solano says:

      Why was Nick Diaz tested to begin with? I feel anyone that has anything to do with UFC should get tested. Are we for sure that the judges themselves didn’t smoke one too. Heck Joe Rogan admits he does so why isn’t it an issue. Which leads me to believe that maybe Dana White and many others do as well. Nevada of all states has broken every rule in the book why do you think it’s called sin city? Bottom line it’s all about political. Nick Diaz has moved the sport for many fans like myself in the right direction. So now should every fighter that gets in the ring run from each other? Where is the excitement in it? Nick Diaz could’ve easily ran and made it a very boring fight. It doesn’t matter what sport we play in at one time or another even today someone takes a little extra. It’s a tuff sport in any division the body can only take so much punishment and weed is nothing but a downer makes you relax, a stress reliever. There is no one can who can or will stop people from doing some sort of drug in any sport. If we think of the hall of famers they know what I’m talking about did some sort of drug they may not admit it but they know it’s true. It’s about keeping the sport alive! Take a look at the WWE man. These guys were big dudes! Today the sport struggles it’s not as exciting. I’m not saying drugs are ok, what I’m saying is why is a kid like Diaz getting raped by people that are not perfect themselves? Ok, give Condit the fight, does it fill the holes? Not in my book, Nick will be back smarter and cut these runners! Anyhow, he’ll cut them off and be victorious! I’m not blaming any one I’m just saying it like it is. We are not perfect by any shape or form and speaking of role models those days are gone. Today it’s about who has the biggest nuts! It’s all over T.V. My point, give the Kid a break. Diaz will be back! Keep MMA alive! It’s what caught everyone’s attention. Roland Solano Babe!

  59. enzo says:

    they should drop it already, oh my lord, seriously, it’s fucking pot nothing else! They’re gonna deprive us from getting to watch Nick fight just because of some stupid weed? The athletic commission is a joke.

  60. Jessed2011 says:

    I find it funny that any of fucking retards claim to know anything about anyone on this site!! So apparently you tough guy are blazin pounds and throwing kimuras all day? Doesnt that get in the way of recess?

    • e says:

      like you have a clue yourself?

    • Ryan M says:

      who are you talking about. Nobody said they smoke it retard.

    • GET RID OF FITCH says:

      Dana White would rather his fighters did steroids and just not get caught. Smoking pot is a disadvantage for a high level athlete. who friggen cares. If anything the atheltic commiosn shoudl give Nick Diaz a gold medal for being one of only a hand ful of fighters in MMA who is not using HGH and othert banned steroids. 95% of all MMA fighters are JUICING including GSP so who gives a ratts ass about a little pot.

      • DUNCAN says:

        I agree, hats off to Nick for being able to do all the training he does while smoking pot. When I smoke it I can’t be bothered to get out of bed in the morning let alone train.

        Smoking weed is hardly an athletic advantage, I think if Nick stopped smoking it he would be an even better fighter.

        It shouldn’t be on the banned substance list in a combat sport as it in no way helps with aggression. And if Nick has a doctors prescription to use it surely they cannot argue with that.

        I read the other day that Chael Sonnen has a doctors prescription to use testosterone, I know which one I’d rather have for fighting!

    • J WOODS says:

      “So apparently you tough guy are blazin pounds and throwing kimuras all day” LOL CLASSIC

  61. Cab says:

    People are starting to catch on. Is it the UFC/Zuffa themselves behind all of this?

    The whole UFC 143 had and continues to have a huge stink about it, that wont go away!

    Starting about 1 month prior to the fight they announced the judges and ref. Almost everyone took pause and realized 2 of the worst MMA judges and arguably one of the worst refs were slated for the card.

    We watched a fight with a guy who promised a dogfight but literally ran backwards most of the time. He even admitted at the post fight presser, that had he stood toe to toe with Diaz he wouldn’t sitting there with the belt.

    Now let’s look at few things. Nick is a Strikeforce champ. GSP is the Zuffa PPV king ( their words) what would happen if a guy like Diaz , who openly talks negative about Dana and the UFC and has issues that they don’t feel are of their liking ( brawls in hospitals, cages after fights, speaking out with abandon) defeats GSP? For an Org that is known for their tight control, that would open the door for so stressful problems.

    Now lets look further at the power structure that goes on behind the scenes. You have Dana who has on more than 1 occasion bragged about owing Las Vegas. Obviously, it’s known to everyone the cloat/standing the UFC has in Vegas. Then we have Marc Ratner the current VP of Reg. affairs who was the past HEAD of the NSAC. Now we have Lorenzo Fertitta himself who was a member of the NSAC. Finally we have Kieth Kizer who is the replacement of Ratner.

    For anyone knowing how corrupt boxing was from the 0s thru the 80 and 90s, have judges in the pocket is old news but what about if certain people wanted Nick out of the way ( at last for championship)? EVERYONE is aware of Nick’s use of weed. Many know how Nick goes about cleansing it out of his system. Now what if someone with an agenda decided to just say Nick failed a test? Immediately everyone would put the blame on Nick and think nothing of it. what if he passed and the powers that be rigged the game? Look at the players here we are talking about. they control EVERYTHING!

    Also, look at Condit himself. I guy who not only conned people in to buying tickets for the event by stressing it would be a dog fight but mentioning in the Primetime episode that had it not been for fighting who could of ended up on drugs or in prison. Condit’s father is very well connected man and was the Chief of Staff for Gov. Richardson of New Mexico. Chief’s of Staff of small states with unknown Govenors deal with Washington DC. on regular basis. Richardson is a BIGWIG in Washington with close ties with the Clintons and all the other top brass. Condit is no street kid. Condit by definition is a poser.

    In short this entire things stinks to high hell. Anyone who followed boxing in the 70s 80s and 90s have seen this all before.

    The FIX was in!

    • e says:

      you mustve been high as fuck taking the time to write all that shit.

    • just a fan says:

      What would have happened if Diaz finished the fight? He would have been the interm champ and had it taken away because of this. I agree with a lot that you’re saying and there’s probably A LOT of corruption going on that we don’t see. I was a huge boxing fan as well, but in MMA you don’t have to KO you’re opponent to win. I heard it time and time again don’t leave it in the hands of the judges. You got 15-25 mins to finish you’re opponent before you deal with judges. NSAC, Dana, or anyone else have no control what happens in that time frame…

      • Cab says:

        If Nick finished him that would be just the way things go and they move on from there.

        No different from when the corruption in boxing was ( and still is) going on. There were/are time when the fight was/is rigged but a KO does happen.

        They can’t always control ever outcome but they sure as hell try.

      • DUNCAN says:

        of course they do, if they have the judges in their pocket. 2 out of the 3 judges are all over the internet for controversial decisions. How can they say that a person who ran away through the fight and landed less head/body punches can win a fight?

        Nick should have taken him down from the beginning and taken away his ability to run away, had the last round been a minute longer Nick would have finished him with an armbar or choke anyway.

    • Matt says:

      I can see what you’re saying Cab. I always have had a weird feeling about the UFC and how they control everything. If all or some of that is true, I would not really be shocked.

    • bbjr says:

      Dude go put on your tinfoil hat

    • Jon Watkins says:

      I know people are going to talk trash about what I am going to type, but I don’t really care, truth is truth.

      What you wrote is dead on accurate. I live here in Las Vegas and I read the news and things that go on locally about it.

      It’s EXACTLY what Dana did with the Fedor vs Henderson fight.

      That fight was the last fight on Fedor’s contract where the option clause was still active. Meaning, had Fedor won that fight, Zuffa would have HAD to pay him the other half(Millions) of the contract and could NOT fire him until the contract would have expired. However, if Fedor lost, he could be fired and the money would not be owed.

      Now, do you know how to tell this fight was rigged?

      Herb Dean, a ref KNOWN for letting fights go on FAR too long, stopped the fight as FAST as possible, when he saw that Dan had landed a decent shot on Fedor.

      You could almost tell right away, that Dana had told Herb Dean,.. “Hey man, if Fedor is EVER in ANY kind of trouble, stop the fight as fast as possible.”

      The fact that Fedor had just been beating the crap out of Dan, at least 3 to 4 times worse than what Dan did to him,..

      As well as the fact that the blows that made Herb Dean STOP the fight, were all DIRECTLY to the back of the head, plain as day!!

      No warning no nothing.

      As a matter of fact, when I was watching that fight, I thought they stopped it from those blows and was going to warn Dan about it. I about passed out when they announced Dan as the winner. It was unbelievable.

      Also take into account that if you watch the footage, when the first blows was landed on Fedor, Herb claims that’s when he was going to stop the fight,.. Look at his shadow in the footage. He is not even close to being in a position to even see that blow land.

      That fight was about as corrupt as it gets in MMA.

      Now you take the Diaz Condit fight and Dana knew, had Diaz won the fight, he would have just stripped him of the title and handed it to Condit, due to the “failed Drug Test”.

      Dana KNEW Diaz would fail that test. He has his little spies around and asks them to look for certain things and then they tell him what they see.

      So he knew that no matter how the night ended, that Diaz was NOT going to be facing GSP.

      What Dana did NOT count on, is GSP DEMANDING to fight Diaz.

      Of course, Dana reads this stuff, then he dismisses it by saying, “These are just crazy people that believe in conspiracies”.

      And that type of behavior, right there, is EXACTLY the reason he ended up getting “hacked”.

      I am dead seriously, just about over this “sport”.

      It has gotten to big to live.

      It is morbidly obese and on it’s way to a fatal heart attack.

      • Xaninho says:

        LOL! Fedor went face down on the canvas dude! I hated seeing him lose, but he was out cold!

      • Murderface says:

        good for you, no one really gives a fuck if you stop watchin ufc or not, your rediculous, if you knew anything about the athletic commission here in nevada, you would know that they test every fighter, and that the main event fighters get screend multiple times, the drug tests help legitimize the sport

    • Xaninho says:

      Yeah and DW goes out of his way to get Diaz on board of the UFC, give him a big contract. Gives him a titleshot right away (which Diaz flushed down the drain all by him self by not showing up and go MIA). Then they keep him around and give him another chance for the title, but in reality they don’t want him in UFC?

      In short if what you’re saying would make sense, they would have just let him doing his thing @ Strikeforce, without all the bother…

      • riga says:

        you fucking wright xaninho! People like that need stfu. if your a real fan of mma you would understand that when they are in the octagon it al depends on the fighters. no1 could change that. don’t let ot go to the judges. But on the otherhand if you got 2 real good fighters it’s hard to knockout or submit the opponent. But this event wasn’t rigged. Thats just bullshit. People just didn’t like the outcome. get real this is MMA anything could happen!

      • Cab says:

        No, you are wrong. They now have Diaz under their control. He is locked under contract. It’s typical power/control that Zuffa uses to reign in fighters.

        try searching some of the other forum for pro fighters who come out openly in the forums pleading with Zuffa to fight them or end their contract. Zuffa controls EVERYTHING!

        In regards to Nick’s title shot, remember that is was taken away by DANA because of the supposed missed press conferences. If Nick was such a high rank talent with no fan base or draw, who would give a shit right? So dana sets up a fight he wanted all along with BJ hoping Nick could be shown up are at best defeated. We all know the opposite happened.

        Enter the Condit fight. Go back and research Dana’s open opinion ( approx Nov. of 2010) about Greg Jackson and how he takes exciting fighters and turns them into boring ” play it safe fighters”. Now look at what dana said after the cowardly boring way Condit fought 143. Dana said after the fight that Condit “stuck to his game plan and won”. LOL, that is the COMPLETE opposite of what he always wants from his fighters and his own past words!

        Fact is, Condit and his manager did NOT want a rematch with Nick. It was only after word was getting out behind the scenes that they said they would take the fight. Knowing full well Nick was going to be popped for weed. Dana twittered to the world that Condit was stepping up ( trying to give Condit credibility so as to hype his fight with GSP) once again knowing Nick was going to be popped. PURE rigged game!

        PPV numbers are rolling in now for UFC 143 and it’s estimated to have had well over 400,000 buys. Based on the many last PPV totals this number is HUGE! Already the media who are nothing more than Dana’s mouth piece have taken the draw credit away from Nick and said it was due to ” UFC promotion” of the fight. LOL

        AS Zuffa tries to increase their reach in the sport the last thing they need is a Champion in their Org. who is a disrespectful ( to Zuffa themselves) loose cannon who doesn’t play their game and can not be controlled! They would love nothing other though in keeping Nick for his draw power on under cards! They do NOT want him to be the face however!

        Wake up, it’s really that simple!

    • mrburnz84 says:

      why bring nick in in the first place if thats how they felt he could have easily help build strikeforce in there eyes so what u r saying is basically off point and carlos the natural born runner well what can i say its not nick who ought to be afraid of him its usain bolt i get the feeling he knows that gameplan exposed him for what he really is a top 4 ww not yet cut out to claim and defend the belt with any conviction i fear the old carlos has gt scared homie just as he was solidifying himself as an out n out striker he goes n runs 15 mile i bet he broke that record in the process aswell longest distance covered running by a “fighter”WHILST IN A FIGHT lol

  62. just a fan says:

    FYI- Marijuana is not recognized as a legal drug in the federal court of law. Some state laws, yes. I don’t understand how people fail to acknowledge the fact that a rule is a rule! We’re talking a professional athlete who’s looked up to by children inspiring to become them. The image of an industry (UFC) falls on these top rated fighters as well. Jessed2011 said it best, “smoke weed or have a good job?” Diaz should have taken the same route Ricky Williams did. Smoke weed in a village in Cali, then come back and play by the rules!

    • follow the herd says:

      you’re a simple sheep. go follow the flock off a cliff. rules / laws are in place so the idiots don’t mess up the place. prohibition of marijuana is the crime. go back to school. grow a brain. evolve. don’t be like sheep
      oh, and that douche bag you quoted is worse than you

    • Jeff says:

      ——–> “smoke weed or have a good job?”

      Who said you can’t do both?

      I know some very very successful folks who partake in the funky skunky smelly green ish.

      Some people run their own businesses, enjoy life on their terms and have the best of both worlds while maintaining the ability to choose what they put in their own bodies. Not everyone falls into this category, but you choose what you do, you choose how you life turns out, and you CAN choose to drink/smoke/etc AND do whatever is necessary to be successful in life.

      Nick smokes a lil bud… bug fuckin deal. He still has some of the best cardio in MMA, runs triathlons and is a top 5 ranked fighter.

      Not everything is black and white, what should be examined is the law that says you can use a plant that grows naturally on earth, not the retarded punishments being placed on people who do a widely accepted and decriminalized activity.

    • Jon Watkins says:

      And Steroids are outlawed and states DON’T have laws that allow them, Yet Chael is fighting Anderson, now isn’t he?

      Also, the federal government actually DOES allow “pot” use. They actually prepare it and send it out for FREE to people across the nation!!

      I guess we need to beat down their door and arrest them right? I mean come on, they are obviously SO DANGEROUS!! Or should we be arresting the federal government for sending it to them?

      So you tell me what is worse,..

      A drug that enhances your strength and healing times, that is COMPLETELY ILLEGAL,


      A drug that IS legal in his state, where he actually has a LEGAL RIGHT TO USE IT, a drug that actually has NEGATIVE EFFECTS on a fighter and makes him perform WORSE?

      Lets see you answer that one.

      • DUNCAN says:

        well said. It’s just discrimination

        If an athlete has a prescription from a doctor and declares it to the commission they can give him permission to fight, they will even do it for testosterone!

        The problem is marijuana stays in the system for 3 months, there is no urine test for HGH and modern testosterones can be in and out of an athlete in 24hrs to say the sport is drug free is a lie and always will be. HGH abuse is rife, look for the bloated belly!

  63. Cab says:

    one other thing.

    Condit and his manager were adamant that they were NOT going to take a rematch but all at once that changed. Next thing we hear is announcement by Dana White that Condit will show up on a Friday to sign. Well we know now that its was starting to get around behind the scenes that Diaz failed his test.

    Now we have White showing involvement with Condits camp in bringing out a false scenario that a rematch was going to happen.

    Cesar Gracie tried to let fans know thru twitter that it wasn’t going to happen but Dana ran with it. All of these people knew damn well what was about to happen. So now everything has been thrown at Nick.

    Pretty crafty sick stuff, isn’t it?

    • tim says:

      Watch the match when GSP beats Hughes. Just pay close attention to all the details.. and things being said.

    • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

      Dude, you need to get out more. Dana promotes fights that will make him money. How many PPV buys do you think he would get for GSP vs Diaz? How hard was he promoting Cain Valasquez before he got KO’ed by JDS? Why did Brock Lesnar lose to Cain and Overeem when he has not only made the highest PPVs in their history and made the organization the most mainstream its ever been. You can thank Brock Lesnar for the sweet deal they got with Fox.

      Aliens and Big Foot have better conspiracies. Nick Diaz was suspended because he has interesting habits and that habit is only legal in CA where you have to have a medical Mary Jane card. It is illegal in sports and everywhere else in the United States of America.

  64. Terry says:

    Marijuana is illegal! He should be suspended, and if the UFC has a recovery policy, he should be required to follow it if he wants to compete in the future……

  65. Jim Peters says:

    That really doesn’t prove anything. It’s pretty much common knowledge that Nick Diaz smokes weed, so for the producer to say that all he does is train and smoke is just regurgitating old news. For all anybody knows, it’s his only “hobby” (that isn’t exercise-related), which is her point. Her comment doesn’t necessarily mean that she saw him smoking. In fact, it comes off as simply an attempt at humor. Finally, the casual observations of a lowly producer on a one-off TV show is a lot different than Dana White knowing what was going on.

  66. Mike says:

    I cant stand the guy what so ever and i was happy to hear him retire but then i was happy that there was going to be a rematch because i wouldnt mind to see them fight again but then this.

    I officially feel bad for Diaz do to the fact that he is getting suspended for something so fucking stupid and annoying. Weed does nothing good for you at all except makes you feel good. 12 months for that is stupid and i think people should stand against this.

    But then again we all have to pass drug test to get a job these days and this is his job so maybe he should be treated like any of us.

    • DUNCAN says:

      don’t say that or we wont have Joe Rogan anymore

    • riga says:

      In Holland they don’t drug test you. Thats just bulshit. It’s the fucking corparations implemented those drugtest to make money. And now the U.S.A is stuck whit it. It should be your own business what you do on your own time. If your working you should not do it but when your not do whatever the fuck you want. People are trying to control everything. You can’t smoke but you can drink alcohol. Fuck the silly laws. smoking weed never hurt anybody.
      If you train every fuckin day smoking weed won’t make you lazy it’s al in your head and what the people want you to believe.

  67. GreenTeaBagger says:

    I guess Gracie can unlock his backdoor now since Diaz found yet another way to duck GSP.

  68. dez says:

    such a total bunch of shit! NVAC let’s all these guys use trt if they have consent from a doctor. So why should it be different for pot! trt helps your physical preformance. Weed’s not doing a damn thing to help you fight!

    • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

      TRT levels the playing field raising your testosterone to normal levels when not abused. He really shouldn’t be suspended for a yr because of Pot but he is a repeat offender and a pro athlete. This isn’t random, there is probably a list of banned substances the athletic commission doesn’t allow.

      • Jon Watkins says:

        Dude, you really are DAFT aren’t you?

        TRT is CHEATING.

        That’s the same thing as, lets say,.. the worst fighter in the UFC, gets in a car accident and loses both his arms.

        So now, he gets bionic “Terminator” arms installed on himself.

        Hey, lets let him fight now!! Those arms just level the playing field,.. right?!

        What an absurd thing to say.

        This sport is about who the best fighter is.
        It is NOT about who the best AUGMENTED fighter is.

        If your Testosterone levels drop, you had better hope you can compensate naturally, because if you can’t, you should leave the sport, you are no longer able to compete with the best and it is time to move on.

        Next, we are going to see Spud Webb on stilts, playing basketball. You know, “it levels the playing field.”

        I just can’t believe the stupid shit people actually say.

        • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

          No you idiot it would only be a level playing ground if the double amputee were given human arms instead of robot arms!

          Jeez you are so stupid. Why did your parents give you the password to the family computer? Was that really a valid argument against TRT? It just gets dumber and dumber especially the part about the stilts!

          If you think having the same levels of testosterone
          (avg levels) as your opponent is cheating then you really are stupid. Fighter’s who use it responsibly are not cheating. I guess we should stop taking vitamins too because we are being augmented! This isn’t a Scfi novel, you can come back down to earth you and Cab should get your heads out of your asses. TRT and Steroids are not the same!

          You complain about stupid shit people say but your whole rant ironically is the dumbest thing on this site. YOU ARE THE DUMBEST PERSON ON BJPENN.COM YOU TROLL!

    • DUNCAN says:

      i agree, discrimination!

  69. Horotus says:

    What makes this huge shitstorm very sad is the fact that the fight in itself is not worth the drama.. I mean in the end it sucked ass. Big time.

    Not saying one way or another about who won and who didn’t, but it was quite clear that neither man had any real weapons against each others. Their styles/gameplans canceled each others out and what we saw was 5 rounds of lets hope someone gets knocked the f out.

    I would’ve loved to see GSP kick the living sh*t out of Nick Diaz, but then again I can’t wait to see Condit put out his best for GSP and hopefully win.

    What happened in that fight and after it, happened. Its done, and crying, whinging and having a huge drama over it ain’t going to change it.

  70. Thom says:

    lol look at all these comments.. war diazzz

  71. Don Dangerously says:

    I’m sure Nick has a prescription for cannabis in Cali, but I wonder if he has one in Nevada? That could be the loophole. He may need a prescription issued by the state he’s fighting in.

  72. Xaninho says:

    12 months for a bit of weed, which is not a PED. And Sonnen with abnormally high testosterone levels gets off with only 6 months?

    Where is the logic in that?

  73. Deany Boy says:

    Heres how it went down.
    Diaz lost the fight.
    He retired.
    He went backstage and smoked up and then did his post fight drug testing.
    He didn’t care about being busted because he retired and a suspension doesn’t mean anything to him because he retired.
    I’m not sure he anticipated a rematch with Condit.
    True Story :-)

  74. Deany Boy says:

    During the fight Diaz tried selling weed to Condit and when Condit refused to buy is when Diaz bitch slapped him.
    Diaz is going to be suspended for trying to sell drugs during a fight not using drugs.
    True story!

  75. I really don’t see how nick would beat gsp I don’t think he can cope with gsp point fighting and his wrestling

  76. CanILive says:

    Dana White ” I’m disappointed, I never had a clue he was smoking marijuana” hahaha

    marijuana should not even be considered to be tested for, just like alcohol, has nothing to do with MMA WHATSOEVER

  77. Ronnnin says:

    All the drama for some weed… fuck all, the only one who loses here is the UFC. Diaz was a great fighter

  78. Fight Fan says:

    Wow! Nick Diaz smokes weed? What a shocking revelation. Now I would never question the journalistic integrity of, but WHO GIVES A FUCK!?!?! Type in “Nike Diaz” into YouTube and all you get are fight clips, and “Nick Diaz Smoking Weed” clips.

  79. guamy says:

    they are just trying to save their golden cash cow that is GSP. true they would make alot of money off Diaz vs GSP but not after GSP loses his title to Diaz then their cash cow is done.

  80. dub says:

    Im about to quit comin to this site because of how much the writers and editors are all over Diaz’s nuts. He fucked up and failed the test, he lost the fight. Because Im such a big fan of BJ I will always come on this site but get off off Diaz’s nuts.

  81. Alissabeth la says:

    Come on people! Let’s not try to say oh someone that works for the UFC had first hand knowledge but didn’t say anything! Really it has never been a secret dude has always been open about smoking! Dana white knew Diaz smoked, he prob burns with him! Hell Joe Rogan is open about his smoking weed and he works for the UFC!

  82. Steve says:

    Condit stole the game plan from Frankie Edgar, who stole it from Machida.

    Run away, jump in quick and do some light damage, run away….

    It’s the best plan against any heavy hitter so they can’t plant their feet and get their power shots off.

    But what a boring ass fight style. Anyone that turns and runs from an opponent should be ashamed. If they ever have a rematch, make the cage half the size…

  83. Domo says:

    If it’s just pot then it’s just pot. Everyone wants to undervalue the use of Marijuana in competition. If it’s illegal, then don’t do it, regardless of whether or not it has a negative impact. I like Nick Diaz’s incredible talent and dedication to martial arts, I like that he doesn’t care about the publicity and his attitude towards that. But he’s gotta get some professional help. Diaz is a complicated individual, he’s not the typical bad ass who doesn’t want to grow up, his camp really needs to step in and help him with his social anxiety issues. Weed is not the only solution.

  84. Jason says:

    anyone who has truly ventured out into the world realizes that weed should not be illegal. its stupid. That’s what makes this so controversial… its the “should be legals” vs. the boxed up “shouldn’t be legal” folks…obviously you see what side Diaz is on and like everything else..he really don’t give a f**k what anyone thinks or says.

    • jimb says:

      I’m with the conspiracy folks. The second Condit stopped running and started standing up for himself in the 4th round, Rogan and Goldberg IMMEDIATELY started talking like he was winning the fight. And why does anyone think he won the fifth. Every other fight I’ve seen in the UFC, if it’s even close on the feet and then a fighter takes a guy down and makes him defend submissions for 2 mins straight, he gets the round every time. Anyway, BS. And yes, Nick is being singled out b/c he refuses to points fight, refuses to clean up his image, and is a potential threat to the UFC mainstream bottom line b/c of that.

      I’m done w/ UFC too. Go be boxing. And sick of the “fight fans” saying Nick should adopt the UFC corporate bs…

  85. Cab says:

    Ok, many of you are just so naive to the way politics and big business works.

    Here’s another example of how the UFC is working the system and “playing the game”. BTW, when you “play the game” you are basically showing the world you are a coward. You are willing to bend/break your own personal boundaries and moral code for the sake of someone else or to line your pockets. It almost always comes at the expense of others!


    Now, moving. Do you all remember the big dust up when the UFC was supposedly being investigated for monopoly violations? It was reported everywhere and ESPN did a full piece on the investigation as well as fighter pay. The UFC had put out statements and rebuttal videos as a counter. This so called investigation was NEVER confirmed publicly by the FTC. They are body in charge of such investigation.

    Fast forward a lil bit now to the so called SOPA bill ( btw, SOPA is not dead. it is being rewritten and packaged to get it through to law. it is now revamped under “OPEN”). SOPA is/was the bill that would have destroyed the internet by allowing the government to shut down ANY site it deemed violated copyrights laws. It was a hatchet for surgery approach but that is EXACTLY what it was meant to be. It was a backdoor way of taking control of the internet ( like they control all media).

    The UFC as a company who openly talks about the pirating of their fights has been out front on the issue and staunchly backed SOPA while other major companies backed off after first agreeing with it. Shortly there after, the UFC was hacked a few times by “Anon”. Dana White came out stronger than ever labeling them ” terrorists” and prodding them to continue doing. He said in interview he gets info most of people do not get( or at least he thinks so. many of us are well aware of the crap that is being done to our nation at the top). He was also stating in those same interviews that ” you don’t mess with the government”.

    Well, wouldn’t you know it. less than 1 week after this SOPA dust up and Dana and ZUFFA taking a stronger stance on SOPA, the FTC releases an official statement saying the UFC is no longer being investigated. So putting it in further context, the FTC released and official statement on a subject that was never officially announced to begin with. All of this mind you just went completely over everyone’s head.

    Do you see what took place here? This was positive pay back by those in charge in government for Zuffa “playing the game” with them. One can further make the assumption that the whole investigation thing and the use of the media was from those in charge, warning Zuffa to start playing the game or those same people in charge could easily make their dreams of growing the UFC dead on arrival.

    You see kids, this is the way REAL politics works!

    Nick Diaz is/was the victim of the UFC’s politics!


  86. David says:

    Logic 1 – Idiocy 0. Thanks for proving my point Chris.

  87. zoeldog27 says:

    @David Dude there is no logic to your argument! fuck off and stop wasting our time with your bullshit uneducated opinion!
    Your a very narrow minded person life isnt all black n white and not everyones perfect like you if your so good why arent you in the UFC seeing how you seem to know so much about it?

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