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Wednesday, 02/22/2012, 07:52 am

UFC President | "Yes Floyd, You're Racist" (Video)

Yesterday we leaked a quote from Dana White calling boxing superstar Floyd Mayweather a racist and today we have the video we referenced in the quote. Check it out…


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31 Responses to “UFC President | "Yes Floyd, You're Racist" (Video)”

  1. Nate says:

    I’ve heard Chael say worse……

    • Jack Ross says:

      Exactly, Chael has said worse. Considering history (in my opinion) no white person in America has the right to call any black person a racist. If Manny or Filipinos feel that way, I understand but Dana white needs to shut his mouth along with all the other racist white keyboard warriors that disrespect black athletes every chance they get “online”.

      • Ryan M says:

        White people in America today had nothing to do with the historical injustices done to black people. Yes, there are still a lot of white racist that exist, but white people can comment on what they believe to be racist. Equality means that everyone can say things not just black people. You (Jack Ross) seem to be judging people based on their race as well. Just sayin’.

      • yeahok says:

        Your opinion sucks and people like you are the ones who create racism… you basically said its ok for a black person to be racist but not a white person… go fuck yourself u ass hole!

      • baldy says:

        considering history…any black person in america that says or does racist shit is a fucking hypocrite…this just shows how far black people have come, now they have to be as politically correct as they expect everyone else to be.
        FYI…saying white dont have the right to talk about racism or say someone is racist is racist you hypocrite! get off your highhorse…racism is wrong no matter what color you are.

      • Robo says:

        That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. White’s have every right to call racism wherever they see it as they’re the least racist race around. Who do you think fought to free the slaves dummy. Whose tolerance has allowed America to become the great melting pot? It’s the intelligence and beauty of the American system that allowed for all of this you ignorant puke. Newsflash, blacks are racist and their words betray them, Asians are racist and their words betray them, humans are racist and their words betray them. The best thing that can happen is for people to be called on it when they stick their foot in their mouths.

        • jack ross is stupid says:

          Woah the reason America was successful was because of flat land that is easy to farm, peaceful neighbors, and immigrants, and actually you cant say they are the least racist race and the melting pot made America successful because of immigrants. Who were the ones that enslaved people based on color? No race is completely less racist than others. What one has the other lacks.

      • Rich says:

        Seriously so it’s ok for Mayweather and other black keyboard warriors to be racist to whites when they get online. Make some sense Jack Ross. Slavery began in Africa with tribes taking over other tribes and selling the enemy tribes people as slaves. We didnt start the injustice, we just ended it and you can thank a white american Abraham Lincoln for your freedom.

        • phace says:

          You sound racist Rich. “We ended it?” Come on now man. You started off with a statement that had some kind of truth and ended with some ignorance. You skipped a lot of information from the inception through the aftermath plus more. I’m not here to have a discussion about racism or slavery and it’s history(especially since this an MMA blog) but if you’re going to write something on it(especially to check somebody for being racist) at least keep it sensible.

      • phace says:

        While everybody is jumping on Jack Ross for his comments I wonder why people aren’t mentioning Dana’s double standard. Didn’t Brock Lesnar say something similar to what Floyd said before fighting Cain Velasquez? “After I finish whooping his a– I’ll go get a Corona and burrito(ot taco) to celebrate his spanish heritage..How about that?” ..Is there much of a difference from the sushi comment Dana used as a racial example? On another note, based on the meaning of racist in the dictionary I think that is where Jack Ross is coming from. I don’t think it is right for any person to make racist comments at all. However, I see way more racist statements on these blogs from non-blacks(or who seem to not be black based on the content) than those who are black(or say on the blog that they are black). Some of your responses are even racist even in the midst of trying to show how wrong you think Jack is for his comment. Personally, I don’t think Floyd was trying to be racist in his comment about Lin. However, I do think the sushi comment was in poor taste. I’m not under the impression that he has something against asians(or what people tend to classify as asian) based on his comment. In addition I don’t think he is the only one to blame for that fight not happening. There are culprits in both fighters camps.

      • jack ross is stupid says:

        The current white people in America dont owe anything to black people. That was history they had no say in what happened. Dont think just because of history you have some special privilege. Also Chael was not racist he just didnt like alot of brazilian fighters. Floyd is a supremacist pushing against what his ancestors fought for. His ancestors fought for equality while Floyd fights for supremacy. You are a keyboard warrior yourself by the way. Floyd is uneducated and ignorant along with all the other dumb athletes that make racist comments like him when he knows nothing. He is an embarrassment to his dad and to his ancestors. If King was alive today he’d be saying the same thing to Floyd.

    • what? says:

      meh, phael is just a monkey in a suit working for the man using his mouth piece to pull in a commission (% of sales). his career is going to be over soon, but….
      dana has been around a long time, and he isn’t going anywhere, anytime soon. he collectively makes more than all of the fighters combined… with no retirement is sight. dude will work until he dies for the love of the sport.

  2. JamieRIOT says:

    Nicely said Dana.

    • phace says:

      It sounds to me like Dana has a personal problem with Floyd. Perhaps because Flyd doesn’t seem to pay him any mind or maybe because Floyd said something bad about the UFC in addition to not paying him mind…who knows? Sounds personal though… Either way I’ll say that I agree that the sushi comment had some racial undertones to it and that set the stage for one to call him racist for his latest comment. However, I don’t think he was trying to be racist in his latest comment. On another note, I want to see that fight too and they all(not just Floyd but all the boxing promoters and politicians responsible) need to stop BSing and make it happen already. This is why we love the UFC.

  3. Drew says:

    THANK YOU, Dana!!!

  4. guamy says:

    tell that mother fudger Dana. You fugin wit me you fudgin wit da best.

  5. guamy says:

    pac man would stomp his ass to the ground thats why he wont fight him

  6. Xaninho says:

    Tell that to Sonnen Dana! Such a hypocrite! He is right about Mayweather, but why didn’t he say anything about Sonnen’s racists comments about Brazil and the Brazilians?

    • marcus says:

      because Sonnen will fight anyone he talks about, he talks but when they say lets fight he does

    • ni hao says:

      Not sure why Dana or Mayweather’s comments actually merit a story as each seems telling of their respective mid-sets. Haters are going to hate because it is an attempt to buoy their own self-esteem.

      “Brazilian” is not a race.The Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE), that conducts censuses in Brazil , racially classifies the Brazilian population in five categories. Chaels comments are disparaging to Brazilians but not racist.

      Jack Ross,
      Why should a person of color be allowed to discriminate based on race? or make disparaging comments re: other races?

  7. deepcountrykauai says:

    yeah!!! shut up and make the fight happen floyd!

  8. cody says:

    he is a racist and chael isnt hes all talk i dont like him but 98 percent of stuff comes outta his mouth is just talk floyd comes off as a true racist person

  9. jason says:

    100% agree with Dana.
    Floyd is a scared little racist bitch!

  10. Trevor says:

    Whether or not Chael says worse, Dana is 100 percent correct on mayweather.

  11. stephen says:

    I agree that Floyd talks when he should keep his mouth shut. But I don’t think what he said was racist any more than Manny saying that Floyd should go make some jerk chicken and he’s not Jamaican. As far as Dana having a response he should keep his mouth shut and like Floyd said pay his fighters…

    • phace says:

      Manny told him to go make some Jerk Chicken? 😀 Even if he was Jamaican that would be more funny than insulting. I’d say “I think I’ll do that after whooping your a– in the ring!” 😀 … Now if he said fried chicken all hell would have broken loose!

  12. Nick says:

    He’s right about Mayweather. I’m glad he called him out like that. We know Pacquiao is way to humble to say anything bad about Floyd.

  13. haha says:

    all you people saying dana was out of line or shouldn’t talk or whatever… you’re LINsane.

    dana is completely right in this, his words PAC a big punch!

  14. staten-n.y. says:

    just go to jail floyd fagweather and maybe some cockmeat sandwich will shut your fucking mouth

  15. Haha says:

    Who cares we’re all from different planets anyway

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