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Monday, 10/01/2012, 07:57 am

UFC President Thinks Bisping vs. Silva For Middleweight Title In The U.K. Is An Awesome Idea | UFC NEWS

“It would be awesome to bring Bisping over here if Bisping gets a shot at the title. We’ll see what happens. I know you guys want it. Anything is possible, it absolutely could happen.”

UFC president, Dana White, told the media at the UFC on FUEL TV 5 post-fight press conference that he is all for a Bisping vs. Silva title fight in England!

Is this the bosses attempt to please the English media in attendance or is he sincere with his support of Bisping as the UFC’s number one middleweight contender?


29 Responses to “UFC President Thinks Bisping vs. Silva For Middleweight Title In The U.K. Is An Awesome Idea | UFC NEWS”

  1. Scotty says:

    Why should Silva have to go to the UK to defend HIS belt? Bisping is the challenger he should have to go to Silva or meet in a Neutral spot.. I mean it doesnt really matter where the fight takes place cause Bisping isnt going to win anyway.. But in my opinion the challenger shouldn’t get his shot in their hometown..

    • magoo says:

      Dont like Silva and dislike Bisping even more, I’ll wait for Weidman or Belcher to fight one of these two guys for the title! In the mean time I’ll root for Silva for the first time ever to KTFO this Brit in front of his home crowd.

    • Sully says:

      It’s about raising interest in the UK. You’re not going to do that with UFC on Fuel cards – you’re going to do it with the world’s best fighter defending his title against Britains best.

  2. I know what your saying.But its about money.Silva vs Bisping in the Uk would do huge ppv numbers in the Uk.I think Silva would beat Bisping and Hardy at the same

    • kopite says:

      only thing its not on ppv in england its on espn cable channel

      • Unarmed spectator says:

        So there is no such thing as PayPerView in UK? I know the last Fights were free on Fuel TV (If you have Cable), but if a Championship match between Silva and Bispi g were put together I doubt it’ll be free. Unless it was on Fox, and whatever network that the UK covers it on…

        • TheSqueeze says:

          ESPN covers the UFC in the UK where it costs £10 a month to have or free depending on the sort of cable package you get. There’s no PPV, ESPN covers every UFC event free. Although there’s been rumblings that Sky Sports might be buying the rights which may change things.

      • @ Kopite well being from England i’m pretty sure i know how it works.You don’t just get E.s.p.n with your standard sky package(or cable) as you guys like to call it.Its an additional channel that you have to order.So people who don’t already have it may get it just to watch the fight.Ok Mr picky.Either way its about money.

  3. Mike b says:

    I think bisbing should fight Weidman.then the winner of that fight fights silva.

  4. Lights out says:

    Techno striker, that’s the reason why your not a promoter or president of UFC. It’s all about business, money, money, money!!!!

  5. 123 says:

    hate it how people just dismiss the throught of michael bisping winning, anderson silva is a human & is getting old. michael bisping has a good chance of winning in MY opinion… if he fights clever & tires him out, he deserves to fight the best in the world.

  6. GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

    Anyone else in UFC other than Spitbing would not even be mentioned for a title shot with a one fight win streak. I would however love to see A Silva tear him apart but it will never happen. UFC will wait tell after Silva retires and give Bisping a favorable matchup for the title or pay off judges liek they did in Hamill fight. Bisping is nowhere near top 5 and barely top 10

  7. TowerPower says:

    I think if Tim Botsch puts weidman to bed early and doesnt go to decision he should have a shot at Silva.

  8. ya herd says:

    Bisping has won 5 of his last 6 fights, and one of those fights was against number 2 in the world and he nearly beat him more than 50% of people think bisping won that fight.. there is know reason he shouldnt fight for the title fuck weidman bisping has been helping the ufc for 6 years building it up in the uk and so on, hes been at light heavy weight also and done well alot of peopel think he beat rashad!! hes the true number 1 contender

  9. Nando says:

    How bout he fights Weidman for #1 contender first.

  10. Jb says:

    Please give bispillow hands this fight so he can get his ass kicked and the bis nut huggers shut up.

  11. The Monkey Cult says:

    To be honest,no one deserves a title shot right now.I think Bisping is the closest one though,being only 1 win away in my book.Weidman has beaten Mark Munoz in devastating fashion,but he’s not a top 5 contender .The same with Boetsch , plus,he would be a very booring matchup……………….

  12. Condit beat diaz (get over it) says:

    To the sky fags, u can get espn free with xl package. Plus bisping deserves a shot at silva, he lost 1 fight to hendo, he beat rashad,wanderlei and chael, which all were close ass decisions, he deserves his shot, i do believe silva will beat him fairly easily tho, silva jus too good

  13. Dave Martin says:

    Why cant UFC fans from UK get a good line up for a change after all bisping fights all over and UFC is hallways in USA it would be nice to break the mold

  14. magoo says:

    Belchers on a four fight win streak finishing all four. He will finish Bisping too when they fight!

  15. 123 says:

    you haters said… jorge rivera would knock him out, mayhem miller would submit him, chael sonnen would dominate him & brian stann would knock him out… in MY opinion he won all them fights… & still he gets no respect… you all just want to see him lose, just like you wanna see jon jones lose you wankers.

  16. Clay says:

    I like bisping/silva more than bonnar/silva

  17. dave bitch says:

    styles make fights…bisbing vs anderson would be terribly would be liike silva vs maia..cuz bisbitch runs around on his bike well oponent runs after him until they get tired..and andrson is too smart to run around all night after bisbitch…it would be slow boring 5 round win for anderson…tat is the worst fight…i thnk allen belcher has what it takes to be champ and can beat any top 185er

  18. tommd says:

    bisping vs silva would sell out wembley

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