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Saturday, 09/22/2012, 10:56 am

UFC President Snaps Back At Jones: "Jones Knew UFC 151 Would Get Canceled" | UFC NEWS

Yesterday during our UFC 152 pre-fight press conference coverage we shared a statement from UFC light-heavyweight champion, Jon Jones.

In the statement the champion stated clearly that the UFC brass did not notify him of the UFC 151 cancellation and while the champ admits, it may not have made a difference in his decision process, it was information that should have been passed on.

UFC president Dana White took note of Jones’ comments and took to FUEL TV to rebut.

“I’m actually glad that he did say that. I don’t think he would have said that if I was there. So today we’re going to be face-to-face and we’ll see what he says and he doesn’t say. The fact that he said he didn’t know the show would be canceled is false. I did tell him the show would be canceled.

“I think he takes this thing, or is acting like he’s taking it, lightly, which he shouldn’t be,” White continued. “The fact that the fight was canceled isn’t a joke. It’s not funny and a lot of people were affected by it. There was a lot of collateral damage that happened with the cancelling of the show. We’ll see how this goes.”

“I think he needs to take it a little more serious than he is,” said White. “I don’t know if he’s embarrassed. Obviously the fans have turned on him, but I think he needs to take this thing a little more serious than he did.”


39 Responses to “UFC President Snaps Back At Jones: "Jones Knew UFC 151 Would Get Canceled" | UFC NEWS”

  1. Brend0magic says:

    Man I wish Dana would of let Ariel take the camera into that conversation, I wonder what Jones woulda said then.

  2. Bob'O says:

    I hope Vitor knocks Bones out tonight just for him being a selfish brat. It’s a high hope, but anything can happen.

    Then Bones and Cam Newton can go bowling together and maybe start up a team.

    He owes everything that he has to The UFC, period. Rashad was right about this kid. He’s about to be knocked off his wave. ~Bob’O

    • Quinn says:

      For sure! Jon’s a great athlete – there’s no doubt about that but it’s how he carries himself that’s embarrassing to watch. He was carrying himself quite well before he became champ but then when he became champion and got signed by Nike, his ego became inflated big time! He now has this smugness about him that turns off a lot of his fans. He’s the only MMA fighter that went from being very popular MMA fighter to unpopular rather quickly in the UFC due to his decisions and actions! I think Jon thought he would be this fighter with the constant cheers and hurrahs but the boos he gets now has diminished his shine, hence the smug-smirk he’s forced to do as the result.

    • allmightysandman says:

      Hope you’re right Bob’O!!!

    • Nick says:

      i have to say i have noticed an extreme change in Jon Jones personality since he started in UFC. at first he was a very respectful fighter excited to be fighting in the UFC and now when he weighs in at fights he looks at everyone like he is a god

  3. Jon Fitch is a FAG says:

    he’s embarrassed ? no he is being dumb ass and ass hole
    he asked all his fans grown beard like the ugly of him , what a stupid kid .get a life

  4. Ddddddd says:

    Kick his A$$ John!

  5. The X File says:

    Seriously, I think the finger is being pointed the wrong way. If the success of the UFC can be thrown off that much by the decision of one fighter the problem is the UFC, period. I think Bones is a bit of a jerk, but I’m not putting this at his feet. Could be have saved it? Yes. Was it his responsibility to take one for the team? No. UFC needs to plan better. It has billed itself as a company above its stars. In one way or another Dana was wrong.

    • banks says:

      well i agree all the blame shouldnt be on jones. i love hendo but he coulda brought up his injury sooner apparently but still jon is the champ and he turned down cheal which is the reason the card was scrappede. i know i dont fight and its easy to say what he should do but really? was fully prepared for hendo but got scared of cheal? say what you want hes great he beat a long list of champs but wussed out on cheal imo because he didnt have a gameplan, and thats what bothers me. i wont support the gameplanners fuckin just scrap bro

      • Green belt says:

        Noone is scared of Chael. Point blank Chael doesn’t deserve a title shot. If this was your lively hood would you really be that selfless as to put everything on the line with nothing to gain? This is what they do when a fighter puts there own interest above the company. They are a bully organization that have monopolized the sport leaving fighters with no alternative. Dana white should apologize and shut the fick up for once.

    • StraightTalker says:

      Dana Whites Fault ALL DAY LONG!!! Stop putting together these weak ass fight cards that have to be canceled because one person can’t go!! Greedy Prick!!

  6. jared says:

    I think white needs to stop bad mouthing people who are making him a rich man. Jones trained to fight a fighter and is giving that fighter a fair shot to fight his fight. In the fighting world its all about the number one contender and who should be up at the shot for the belt. Nobody knows what really was said and who it was said to.

  7. david "sharkman" says:

    cmon vitor rip that skinny asses head OFF!

  8. Big Ole KlangerZ says:

    No fuc*ing way dude …… When you sell 1000’s of seats to see a Jon Jones Fight and The Contender for teh belt gets injured , the champ has to fight someone else.
    He is the fu*king CHAMPION and people are there to see a championship fight!!

    UFC was stuck in a bad situation and with costs of camp and bringing in other fighters its not east to keep fighters on deck unless they are paying them….

    A fighters record defines himslef. So only the people with nothing to lose step up (Bonnar and Vitor) The only one who deserves serious Credit is Anderson as he has a legacy to lose.

  9. Manny Garcia says:

    everyone was slobbin on jones’ knob and he does one thing and everyone wants to crucify him now. let it go already. it affects no future of ours and no matter what we will still see people fighting. id rather hear bout gsp rehab then this sh!t.

  10. Nunya says:

    Very well put “The X File”

  11. KIDD433 says:

    Jon Jones is à scared lying lil bitch…Hes a disgrace to the sport,and should be fighting at HW.Not against these much smaller fighters.Vitor is gonna over come that and send that punk to the ICU

  12. Monkey juice says:

    Fuck’n fags on here. Jones wannabes

  13. makaveli says:

    Just watching the fans boo jon “sissy bones” jones at the weigh in’s was awsome. It proves too me that the true mma fans lost all respect for that coward! I know there are people that still like him, and you know what I can respect that, but me personally I can’t stand that heartless chump. I still say he was scared 2 fight! His ego is out of control. And yes I know jones is a very talented fighter, but you gotta have heart and balls if u wanna b a true champion, he could learn a lot from vitor. Can’t wait 2 watch this go down!

  14. Leroy says:

    I hope Vitor knocks out Jones. I would also like to see somebody knock Dana White out too if possible.

  15. Filthy Rotten Rousey says:

    Is Jon jones arrogant? Yes. Is the cancellation of the entire card his fault? No ,100% Not his burden alone to carry. Ya If he fights sonnen the card goes along with an alternate plan however Dana white and his cronies also have to own up to there responsibility in all this. Fight cards should be deep enough that if the main event is scratched then the other fights should be interesting enough for people to want to pay for them. Jake ellenberger vs jay hieron as co main event is a slap in the fans face. No one is paying 60 bucks to watch that not even die hard UFC fans. Jon jones stop being so concerned with what everyone thinks of you, if you are an asshole then be that way naturally and if you are a good person then people will see that also. Dana white stop running your mouth so much or fighters will come together and form a union. Then you’ll have a reason to be pissed off all the time.

  16. Jon jones king of his division says:

    Jon Jones if i could just say knock all those mofos out. then while your at it knock the fuck out of kkk dana white.
    Your the champ who cares what the world says . they can all eat humble creampie

  17. triplehookKO says:

    Definitely is Dana Whites fault he didn’t have to cancel the event he could have taken a loss.

  18. cody says:

    anybody thats calling jones a bitch or w/e yal wouldnt step into the fuckin cage with him on 8 days notice. you wouldnt step in there with him with 5 months notice. shut your fuckin mouth ur not an mma fan if you think the gameplan for dan henderson and chael sonnen is the same. you obviously have no idea about the sport. just because the main fight was cancelled on the card, doesn’t mean that the fucking card couldnt have still gone on with just weaker fights, just like the normal shit cards dana puts on. stop hating on jones for being the champ, and wanting to stay the champ. there is no way chael deserves a shot at the light heavy champ when he just lost 2 times to the middle weight champ, he barely has a winning record and is coming off of 2 losses.

    • you sir,are a moron says:

      Obviously your not a very big mma fan or you would know that chael isnt coming off of 2 losses.he lost 1(silva) won his next 2 (stann/bisping) then another loss to silva…..moron

      • who cares says:

        Whoa ball of fire. Take it easy. So easy to insult ppl when you’re not facing them lol. Anyway, I’m sure he means 2losses in regards to his title runand imho…Chael lost to bisping. So he shouldn’t have even had that 2nd run.When they gave Chael that win that spelled the beginning of the end. Exit UFc, enter business and politics smh. As for the topic the fighter shares no burden in the cancellation of a show that the promoter should be setting up. What kinda asinine logic is that. The UFC hasn’t given him anything he hasn’t earned himself. Jj is bringing PPV sales, which is one of the reasons Dana is so butthurt about 151. Shame on Dana and those who buy into his bs

        • You sir,are a moron says:

          I havent typed anything i wouldnt say to someones face.i simply pointed out the mistakes in that guys comment about someone else.if you are going to criticize someone else,make sure you have your facts right.

  19. Radge says:

    Honestly if the UFC wants to continue to grow as an organisation then its about time Dana was stood down as the president. He is out of control every day its something else he spends way to much time bashing his fighters and is incredibly unprofessional he makes the UFC look like the WWE. Jon Jones did behave like a massive tool but the event being cancelled was just as much Dana’s fault for putting on another pathetic fight card. He acts like a bully and a spoilt brat he lectures his fighters about acting poorly and bringing down the image of the sport and then gives countless interviews where he abuses the hell out of half his fighters.

  20. 757 says:

    He is the president of a company. That’s business. If anyone thinks that any president of a billion dollar company is a warm cudly guy then you haven’t been anywhere in life that’s just facts. Jones is the champ and does have a greater threshold of responsibility…..he didn’t meet that. Allot of people lost money and the fans lost entertainment and money. This isn’t about jones it’s about the fans and the organization. Dana White built it from the floor up with his partners. He shouldn’t step down…are you crazy? He is the exact kind of guy that you should have there. He is a company business guy not everyone’s buddy….

    • Radge says:

      Being a nice guy has nothing to do with it, he is the front for the entire organisation which is trying to be taken seriously in both the entertainment and business world, how does having regular tantrums and swearing constantly on national TV help the company do this?
      He deserves a hell of a lot of credit for getting the UFC to where it is today but he really is not helping with the image of mma and the UFC. How many other company presidents behave like this in public?

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