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Friday, 09/14/2012, 01:55 pm

UFC President On Roy Nelson | 'Everything That Comes Out Of This Guys Mouth Is Just Asinine' | UFC NEWS

“Everything that comes out of this guy’s mouth is just asinine. I’m worried that at the end of the season, people are going to want to see me fight Roy Nelson and instead of Shane Carwin… Shane hates him so bad… Shane said at the end of the coaches challenge ‘I’ve never wanted to kick somebody’s ass as much as I want to kick Roy Nelson’s… I don’t hate Roy, I don’t hate him. He’s just annoying. Everything he says makes no sense. He’s like a conspiracy theorist. He’s the ultimate underacheiver. Come in and sit in my office and bitch, ‘I want more sponsors.’ Really? You’ve got a mullet down to the middle of your back. You got a santa claus beard that comes down to here. And what pops out from under the beard is this massive roll. What company wants to throw their logo on that? You know what I mean? Cut the beard. Cut the mullet. It’s 2012 by the way. Cut the mullet, and take your career a little seriously.”


36 Responses to “UFC President On Roy Nelson | 'Everything That Comes Out Of This Guys Mouth Is Just Asinine' | UFC NEWS”

  1. oak cliff tx says:

    hahahaaa lmao “cut the mullet”

    • Bob says:

      lmao hahahahaha carwin is funny as shit for that

    • Christian says:

      lol people give dana a lot of shit but hes fuckin smart and would die for this company. I think the people that hate him so much haven’t been fans long enough to realize what hes done for the UFC.

      • no he wouldnt says:

        Fu***n Dana White was about to give up on his brand you say he would so wilingly die for before the TUF success.He first had to be convinced to even give it a shot so he all but gave up on the UFC so dont sit there and spit that s***t about him dying for the company Dana is a an effin douche with rich friends sticking his chest out lik he did something.I guaranty you that mma wouldve grown with or without him becuase simply…its mma period.May have took longer but it was invevitable and Im sure that they werent the only phukers that had the idea of getting fights sanctioned.They are phuking busniess men just like he says Greg Jackson is.and when it comes down to it dont give 2 s***s about the fightrers.Tlkas about fighting Roy i wish someone would challenge that pussy just once so he can stop walking around like ehs a fightrer himself and get his ass whoopin on film.Post that s***t on youtube God that would make my day.Although I do agree about Roy he needs o get serious.

        • Clay says:

          Dana is wrong. They need to throw labels all over that dude. He’s big business. He’s legit. People remember a guy like big country. He’s one of a kind.

        • Mike42 says:

          Dana did… Remember, when Tito Ortiz put it in his contract that Dana had to have a boxing match… I Dana trained got licensed by and called in the tv cameras…. Ortiz put never showed

    • magoo says:

      Asinine you say you bald headed chicken fukcer!!!! Have you heard yourself talk lately??You spew more shit from your gums then anyone else you red faced hypocrite!! Who cares if he’s got a mullet? Who cares that hes got a ponch? Big country brings it and leaves everything in the cage… And is that not what it’s all about Dana the douche!!!!

  2. Roy after seeing how pissed Dana is says:


  3. Kingsforge says:

    It does raise a serious question as to how good this guy could have been if he’d actually put the work in. Can you imagine a Roy Nelson with crazy muscle? I mean, that’s some scary shit.

  4. i mean says:

    dana has a point. hes trying to help roy but getting him to cut all that shit out and start acting and looking professional

  5. TheWholeTruth says:

    Mullets and personally have nothing to do with being a fighter. When is Dana gonna stop bashing his fighters?

  6. Ryan Prieur says:

    the mullet and the beard have nothin to do with anything in my opinion, but he should try his best to get into a prime fighting shape. i don’t mean six pack and so on, just good shape, he should be a 205er, and he would destroy everyone with his skill set.

  7. Jiggaman3000 says:

    I agree with Dana if he got in shape and dropped to 205 he would be an absolute killer

  8. Brend0magic says:

    Sounds like Roy won the coaches challenge. And Dana seems super butt-hurt that Roy isn’t taking his advice on his appearance.

  9. Bob'O says:

    Some men you just can’t reach. ~Bob’O

  10. Mike Beltran is The Sh@$iest ref ever says:

    If you look @ the Nelson vs jds fight, there was a huge size difference. Nelson vs Mir, same thing. Muscle is more dense than fat, so when he’s fighting guys that are 250lb, and 15% or less body fat, he’s at a disadvantage right off the bat. With his skill set, and real serious training, he would be unstoppable at 205. I love BC, but I would like to see him take training serious. He could stay the comedian he is, and shut up a lot of people if he would do this. Even if he stayed in heavyweight an trained serious… He’s top 5, not just barely scraping by…

  11. 123 says:

    wow its 2012, every1 should look perfect & shave everyday, wanker.

  12. 333 says:

    Whow, everyone who says that Roy should loose the stomach has got zero idea about wrestling or any kind of groundgame what so ever. Roy has that belly for the purpose, it allows him to maintain minimum possible distance between him and his opponent. Remember his fight with kimbo? and how much Rampage was worried about his belly. Remember how stuck Kimbo was under Roy? that stomach does not allow guys underneath him to slip in the knee or wrist, puts more pressure on the guy’s pasture and pretty much limits a lot of his ground options. Remember his fight with Frank Mir, Roy’s ground game seemed more legit, although Mir is considered as one of the deadliest submission artists of all times. It may sound kinda funny but that belly is Roy’s ultimate weapon 😀 😀 😀

  13. camraan43 says:

    this rant was amazing, sounds like it was written by Sonnen

  14. Okay I’m interested in the ultimate fighter now. Wasn’t until this post but now I am

  15. Nick Stutey says:

    Dana White saying that, “Everything that comes out of this guy’s mouth is just asinine.” Is the best example I’ve ever heard of the pot calling the kettle black. LOL

  16. 757 says:

    Dana is right. Roy is fat and unprofessional. It might be unfair but appearance does count for something too. When you rep a company you can’t be a fat sloppy pig

  17. Mike b says:

    Look Roy’s a good fighter and can take a fucking beating.But I always thought that he was annoying and not funny,which he tries to be all the time.I don’t know what it is but every time he talks I just say to myself shut the hell up u slob.He is annoying to me also.But at the end of the day I like to see him fight it might not sound like I dont but I do.and this is not about who has the best personality ether,it’s about who brings it in a fight and Roy delivers.if I never watched all the UFC behind the scenes on DVD or watched tuf 10,I would probably luv the fucking guy.

  18. stephen riddle says:

    Maybe if dana dropped to 205 he would be a beast!

  19. Dan Jenkins says:

    As soon as Carwin gasses in the fIrst or second round it’s all down hill from there you can’t build muscle on your chin and Carwin likes his short straight punches Roy likes to snipe from outside with the big right hand. You can have the best chin in the world soon as you gas your either going out or your becoming a heavy bag. I think Roy wins this one because I don’t think Carwin can knock him out before he gasses and Roy is pretty much better technically anywhere this fight goes

    • Ironfist says:

      I’m tired about hearing carwin gassing out.shut the fuck up. The only fight that happened was with Brock cause he was throwing 100 fuckin punches trying to finish him.he got beat up but he lasted 3 hard rds with JDS.shut the hell up already.

      • Dan Jenkins says:

        Your tired of hearing something geez mate don’t get a job or anything its too much as for Carwins cardio it’s trash he was LUCKY Mir went when he did cos he blew his wad in that one too. Carwin himself says this is a part time thing for him he has a job aswell hats off to him but he was outclassed by jds because of his limited skill set to go with his LESS THAN AVERAGE cardio so instead of being a tough guy behind your computer try and use your brain to come up with a decent response

  20. Ddddddd says:

    Man I’ve wondered how bad Roy’s appearance gets under Dana’s skin,
    Considering Dana was an aerobics
    instructor before his UFC gig. I can’t
    help thinking Dana is little jealous of
    Roys thick head of hair though.
    You know my old man taught me a
    long time ago “you only fight people
    on your level” I’m just sayin

  21. cocojojo says:

    Dana is 100% RIGHT, SON!

  22. uxg says:

    I respect what white has done for the UFC, but the last year all i’ve heard coming out his mouth is bullshit. Frank Shamrock is right, he’s an idiot and a bully, he does what he wants and doesn’t give a shit about the fighters he personally doesn’t like. The fight’s have been completetly bazaar. I mean, frankie drops to featherweight and immidiatly a title fight ? Sonnen goes up to LHW and white wants him to get a title fight instantly ? And then he bullies Jones for not accepting the fight ? He drops Machida from the #1 contender spot for not accepting what may be his last chance at the title on short notice ? This is bullshit, White is over and done and he should go !!!

  23. A.James says:

    Roy’s going for the ratings!

  24. Jujitsu Player says:

    I remember Roy as a contestant on TUF and Dana hated him then. I’m a big fan of Roy but I think his stubborness is his downfall. For years he coached himself and had reasonably good success so he’s too set in his ways, always thinks he’s right and doesn’t take the advice of coaches seriously. If you could sit the guy down and convince him to just listen you could trim him down to LHW and you’d have a pretty unstoppable force. You’re never going to see this guy shredded and full of muscles (unless he juiced/HGH like crazy) but he could be in much better shape and look a little more like a professional athlete.

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