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Tuesday, 02/21/2012, 05:45 pm

UFC President Fires Off At Floyd Mayweather For Being A “Racist”

“First of all, what [he] said, I think, was racist. He’s made a couple of racist comments. And yes, you’re racist with the stuff you’ve said. … You dummy. Don’t worry about what all these other guys are doing, and shooting your big mouth off on Twitter. … And I know I speak for millions and millions of other people. Shut up …”

UFC president Dana White fires off while filming UFC tonight about the racist remarks boxing great, Floyd Mayweather continues to spew off.

Here is an example of some inappropriate racial remarks made by the boxer.

“As soon as we come off vacation, we’re going to cook that little chump,” said Mayweather, 33, the winner of nine world boxing championships in five different weight classes. “Once I stomp that midget, I’ll make that motherf—-r make me some sushi roll and cook me some rice.”

“Jeremy Lin is a good player but all the hype is because he’s Asian. Black players do what he does every night and don’t get the same praise.”

Apparently Dana White has had enough of his fellow Las Vegas resident and called it like he saw it.

Good Job Dana!

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62 Responses to “UFC President Fires Off At Floyd Mayweather For Being A “Racist””

  1. Nate says:

    Floyd’s out of order for the first comment, the second one wasn’t that bad tbh

    • lol says:

      except floyd thinks JLin is getting hype ONLY because hes asian.. which is bullshit.. also.. black players get tons of exposure.. the hype machine behind lebron james when he was in fucking high school was fucking insane.. espn gave lebron tons of air time when he went to miami..

      so floyd can go fuck himself.. hes a racist and has no respect

    • Steve says:

      Floyd was dumb to say the second one. That’s like saying Eminem(the rapper) got all that hype because he’s white or saying Michael Vick is a good player but all the hype is because he’s Black. White players do what he does every week and don’t get the same praise.” All the black folks would go Jesse Jackson on that person’s ass.

    • Sweet game plan says:

      Floyd could will be racist all he wants cause he has nothing to lose, no fans to lose cause he has none. You know your a freaking annoying prick when your 42-0 and fighters from other country’s come to your home town to fight you and your ass is getting boo’d to shit and the other fighter cheers through out the arena..THAT’S LAIME !!!!!!

  2. DewYouKnow8 says:

    Floyd is a penis face

  3. the original steve says:

    “not everyone can say this but hey floyd i wooop ur ass”

    • baldy says:

      @ steve ^^probably not^^

      mayweathers a doosh…imagine all the bitchin if pacquaio said he was gonna make mayweather cook up some fried chicken and collard greens. (didnt some old golfer, chi chi rodrigez i think, get ragged on for talkin about fried chicken in reference to tiger woods after he won the masters golf tournament?)

      • baldy says:

        correction…it wasnt chi chi rodrigez…it was fuzzy zoeller and he said “tell him to enjoy it and dont serve fried chicken next year.” and people flipped out about it…

  4. Adam Cooper says:

    Well said dana about time someone gives a bit back to that mouth peice he wants to be best in the world well shut up and fight and not just wannabe boxers pacquaio prove yourself

  5. Mike McMack says:

    Floyd’s known for going around with his armed body guards starting stuff. Floyd is one of the greatest boxers of all time but he’s one of the worst people to ever grace the sport. I hope someone ruins that perfect record of Floyd’s before he retires, but I seriously doubt it cause the dudes got mad skills in the ring.

  6. banks says:

    This is why i respect dana cuz at the end of the day hes a good dude and usually does the right thing… biggups to the cueball thanks for reviving the ufc.. now bring pride back yo even if its only the occasional tournement..fuckin do it

  7. Miguel Alfaro says:

    Here’s the irony – Dana White brought back a fighter who was making remarks about raping a chick (as a joke – Miguel Torres, was it?) and as a promoter he has allowed alot of his fighters to tight tope the line on sketchy words. Can’t have it both ways – ex. letting Chael talk about Anderson’s wife and then bash Floyd for his remarks. It’s all really just fighters trying to drum up interest for their fights so they can make more $$. The more controversial, the more potential at PPV buys…

  8. Chris says:

    Dana white needs to get his shit right. What undefeated mayweathef said was no more racist that what brock lesnar said bout Cain Velasquez. If hes forgotten brock said after i kick his (cain) ass i gonna have a burrito and a corona on his family. But i didnt hear dana say anything on that. Maybe cuz dana was to busy riding brocks jock. What a fucking douche dana.

    • Dee says:

      thats a good point.. i forgot about that

      • Hendo>machida says:

        Lmao, we’re talking about Floyd being racist, nothing more. Lmao @ everyone bringing up old shit. We might as well stay on the topic forever, considering the past racist remarks, and the ones that will inevitably be said in the future.

    • cole knight says:

      cain deserved that comment for his dumbass brown pride tatoood on his chest if i had that on my chest and it said white pride ide be marked as the biggest racist ever for everyone on here think what you want every person on the planet is racist and it doesnt only have to do with ur skin color mayweather is a bitch im racist against little bitches sorry

      • Steve says:

        Naw you wouldn’t be labeled as a racist if you had “White Pride” written on your chest. You’d be labeled as a racist if you had “White Power” written across your chest.

      • baldy says:

        also there aint a bunch of nazi mexicans running around in bed sheets ruining it for the rest of them. and its obvious he’s not coming from an ignorant place with his tat.

      • Mike S says:

        You sound like a little bitch. Brown Pride is different from White Power. Only inbred KKK retards would argue this. Cain is not a Nazi on a violent rage. He is just proud of his culture which is associated with the Actez Indians who happened to be Brown but are of a Mongolian race. Brown Pride is more a label of cultural than race unlike “WHITE POWER”. which is a label of supremacy and hate.

        • Chris says:

          Regardless of whether or not “WHITE PRIDE” would be racist, he said the double standard would apply to “white pride” which is certainly different. That being said, yeah he and Mayweather are both pretty racist.

  9. Dee says:

    After Amir Khan (British boxer) recently lost, mayweathers father, mayweather snr tweeted something along the lines of “Allah didnt save you” and “money team is better than the Allah team”.. Mayweather and Mayweather snr are both racist.

    • Miguel Alfaro says:

      Not as much racist as just straight ignorance in that family. Controversy sells and keeps people relevant. They say shit so people will keep looking at them and paying attention to ’em….

  10. Nigel says:

    The statement that Mayweather made about Jeremy Lin isn’t racist. Look at last night’s game against the Nets, Deron Williams rain down 3s with the wrath of a thousand Sun gods…all he got was 10 seconds on Sports Center FOR ONE DAY.

    The thing Mayweather said about PAC WAS RIDICULOUSLY RACIST! I hope he gets knockout out!

    • baldy says:

      the bullshit he said about lin was nothing new…they said the same thing about larry bird…and probably every other non-black player to come through the nba in the last 30 years…

  11. Gil says:

    Floyd Mayweatehr can’t stop a double legged take down

  12. Gil says:

    Floyd Weatherman can’t stop a double legged take down

  13. i just found out there is a white guy from England on the Harlem Globetrotters!

  14. that black white guy says:

    there shouldnt be a place for racism in sport, especially boxing. put him in the cage with cain valasquez…… ask him to make u a taco

  15. slacker says:

    Floyed Mayweather needs to get his ass kicked a million times more than Jon Jones. Unfortunately, I think he will beat Pacquiao when they fight ’cause he is smart and waited until Manny showed some decline. You can tell from his last fight with Marquez that Pacquiao is ready to lose.

  16. stephen koehne says:

    itʻs true…black players do do all that stuff all day long…itʻs probably cuz Lin is Asian thatʻs heʻs got the hype..

  17. Mick says:

    how about bash floyd for the shit he talked about the sport of MMA a few years ago? when he said the fighters cant fight and its just for skinheads and beer drinkers…fucking retarded boxers man, nothing is worse than an ignorant boxer trying to put down full contact fighting…i loved when nick diaz said in an interview “hey man ill fight floyd mayweather and beat his ass man, i aint losing to no white belt”

  18. Smit says:

    Dana is one to talk he called Hong Man Choi “Long Duck Dong”

  19. Jeremy Bates says:

    I aint scared of you. I fight and couls woup you butt anytime. I almost kicked Holyfields butt.

  20. Patrick C says:

    Floyd is a very talented and dedicated athlete though he sometimes don’t make that impression at least from what I have seen him on the camera. With that being said the camera is causing the impression of Floyd and he does that so, he can hype a fight. The only reason I as a fan am disappointed is because he needs to get in the ring with Pacquiao before both of them are past their primes. hopefully they can scrap.

  21. david says:

    fuck floyd mayweather hes a fucken coward for dodging pacquiao for so long and hes a shit talking piece of trash, a fucken diva, and a stupid asshole poor excuse for a human being, hopefully he gets in a car accident and burns to death, thats what he deserves

  22. yo says:

    There is a Mexican gang called Brown Pride… Cain should have done his research before getting that tattoo.

  23. BobO says:

    I know for a fact that no white fighter would ever get away with saying that. I guess it’s the same with Caine’s Brown Pride tattoo. Course, I don’t hear Cain running his mouth. Everybody should be allowed to love their own race anyway. Attacking others though, is not a good idea. ~BobO

  24. Xaninho says:

    Why didn’t he say Sonnen was a racist motherfucker for all the shit he said about Brazilians?

    And mayweather is a good boxer but he’s so stupid he tried to drown a fish before eating it.

  25. jaiden says:

    i dont think floyd was being racist about the whole jeremy lin thing he was just speakin his mind, plus didnt espn call him a chink the other day? so whos really racist

    • Mao says:

      It wasn’t ESPN, an employee of ESPN wrote a headline regarding Jeremy Lin “A chink in the armor”., and rightly fired after the honchos as ESPN found out about it.
      Mayweather is a loud-mouthed bigot and a chicken. I laugh every time he gets interviewed and gets pissed off whenever the interviewer asks why he doesn’t wanna fight Pac.

    • baldy says:

      @jaiden….what he said was pretty ignorant and yes…it was pretty racist. if the shoe was on the other foot black folks would definately have a problem with it.
      but like i said in an earlier comment, its nothing new…black folks said the same thing about larry bird and probably every other non-black player that got a little pub in the last 30 or 40 years…

  26. Popp24 says:

    I hate Mayweather so much. He fails as a human being.

  27. Jack Ross says:

    It amazes me every time a white person calls a black person a racist. Considering history, whites have not earned the right to say that. If Manny or Filipinos complain, then fine, but whites literally should plead the 5th. That’s my opinion. True, Charles Sonnen says what he wants and Dana says nothing. Double standard.

    • baldy says:

      @jack…thats funny. we dont have the right!? thats pretty fuckin racist right there. but you are entitled to your opinion…
      considering history…blacks that say and do racist shit are incredible hypocrites…i dont think dr. king dreamed of a world where everyone but black folks should chose their words and actions carefully…bottum line …racism is wrong no matter what color you are. being black doesnt make it ok.

    • baldy says:

      also…sonnen is an idiot. he has said some ignorant shit about silva and brazilians in general and dana white has done nothing… pretty hypocritical. sonnen’s big mouth is rivaled only by mayweather’s…they’re both idiots.

  28. guamy says:

    A large number of mostly white people fought and died for all races to have equal rights in america.

  29. guamy says:

    jack ross your a MORON go read a history book retard.

  30. Cowboy says:

    Wether or not Maywether is racist or not does not negate the fact UFC fighters are grossly under paid. Athletes like hockey players,football,baseball player all make way more then a fighter oh I almost forgot boxers I love to see a sloppy mms fighter step into a boxing ring hahah

    • Mayor of Deviance says:

      You got it all wrong. Just because UFC fighters are underpaid doesn’t mean Mayweather isn’t a racist insecure baby. Also boxing gets put on in way more countries than MMA, and other sports have a bigger fanbase. Expect less pay.


    I dont even know if this will post but…

    Iv been reading and posting comments on this site from my mobile EVERY DAY FOR ABOUT A YEAR, and now i can do nothing except read articals with no video. When i click on ‘responses’ it does nothing at all, WTF.

    Someone PLEASE tell me there is something being done about this. O yeah, u cant cause I CANT READ ANY OF THE RESPONSES…

  32. Tyson-Cotto says:

    The remarks Mayweather said towards Pacquiao are racially insensitive if not all out racism. But what he said about Lin isn’t racist at all. Just his opinion of thinking that Lin’s getting all of the hype because he’s asian. I don’t see a racist comment there. Unless he said more I didn’t see. Just like it wasn’t racist what Rush Limbaugh said in 2003 on ESPN, he was just stating his point how the lib media was trying to promote McNabb.

  33. nick says:

    why do boxing champs have to become dickheads? UFC 4 life

  34. bobby lua says:

    All in all all racial slur aside, and just straight to the point , not all black people are racist. Bottom line Mayfeather just has a large fucking mouth , he’s disrepected his own father and kicked his own father out of his gym , if he can show his own family with such complete lack of respect and also the judges in the ring is it surprising that he doesn’t have anything nice to say ? C’mon lighten up , it ain’t about race , it ain’t about nothing, its just Mayfeather being Mayfeather( an arrogant boxer who does his best to belittle anyone he meets because of his boxing record and money) News flash , and also he’s 50 cents close buddy. He’s just a disrespectful being , so I’m not surprised that he’s talking shit about the Pacman or Jeremy Lin, who’s playing in a team full of blacks and a few whites , they don’t seem to have a problem with him being Asian, so why the f**k would a boxer out of the blues would all of a sudden come out of the wood works and start to wave his fucking racial flag.(Bullshit)

  35. Edgar says:

    Why didn’t Dana fired off at Brock for saying to Cain that ” when I beat you I’m going to eat a Burrito and drink a corona” ?!?!?

  36. Are you Serious says:

    First off..I agree Floyd should fight Manny and be done with it all. I’d rather see him go out as the true legend then to have this particular fight be the one skeleton in the closet. However for Dana White to accuse someone of being racist is outrageous! You have to ask the question; did he pull the race card to get a response or is he himself a closet bigot? Lin is getting credit for being Asian as well as being a great player “now”! But every sports analyst has pointed out the fact that he’s Asian since the spot light was shined on this kid. The spotlight is on this kid because he’s Asian and holding his own in the NBA not because he’s just another player. If this kid were Black or White all you’d hear was that he had a good game, but because he’s Asian and this country holds dear to its stereotypes we have hoopla and everyone has bought into it! To Mr. Dana White I’d have to say you’re a real CLOWN today! Let us be men!

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