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Monday, 08/20/2012, 10:23 am

UFC President Details Problems With Growing On Network Television | UFC NEWS

“What we’re dealing with now is figuring out…the hardest thing we’re dealing with now is figuring out production. How many fights can you schedule with the commercial load that you’ve got and all the other things that you have to do.

We’ve done a pretty good job of getting this dialed in after that first fight going 60 seconds and now figuring out…as this thing evolves, it’s going to be more about fighting.

Fox has a system that they’re used to with sports where you come into the big desk and “here we go! We’re gonna do this and that!” What people are used to with the UFC is Goldie and Rogan on camera for two seconds “Here’s what’s happening tonight and blahblahblah” we’re ready to fight. Then you end up getting forty fights in in an hour.”


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  1. drew says:

    ya man part of the buisness…everything will be fine…..there was nobody in the world who actually was serious when the words came out of the mouth of “i think jds is gonna ko cain in less then 60 seconds” i mean come on shit happens but the one night when they through on like 4 or 5 heavyweights was a very good move
    go ufc all day but i still hate fox for sponsoring people like o reilly and hannity

  2. jdubx says:

    i personally hate the music used for the UFC on fox (they need their own) and the whole desk *** is also dumb. people watch fights to see fights, not a bunch of guys speculating about certain scenarios that could happen in fights. leave that to the various other shows that cover the same ****.

    • Straight up…it feels like I’m watching the Monday night Football

      • bjpenndotcom says:

        not saying your in violation but just wanted to get this out there.

        PASS IT ON!!

        Moving forward

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        3 simple rules to clean up this forum.

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        Thank you

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        • MMACRAVER says:

          hmm… this place has been the wild west for a while.

          I wonder who finally decided things needed to be cleaned up..

          Question though.. We cant swear at all? Why is that? In fact if your site is going to be reporting on Dana interviews and what not… you’re gonna need to say the word fuck a lot…

        • bjpenndotcom says:

          Just ask GET RID OF FITCH (forever) cuz he just changed his name to GET RID OF FITCH (forever unable to post on this forum)

        • bjpenndotcom says:

          The F word in every other sentence is considered EXTREME

        • bjpenndotcom says:

          The F word in every single sentence or every other sentence is considered as EXTREME profanity. violators will be dealt with accordingly

        • Bob says:

          Its about time you guys brought out the ban hammer. Get Rid of Fitch was a really big hassle. Anyways thanks for cleaning up the website.. Now people will be forced to have a knowledgeable debate instead of senseless name calling. Also people have been using my name and doing name calling. Now that you plan on banning their IP address I dont have to worry about people trolling with my name. Great idea!

  3. scott says:

    I want to make a comment that has nothing to do with this…..It’s about what they are NOW saying about Ronda Rousey(who i still thin she hasnt proved anything but a good arm bar)…When UFC started the put together fights of ALL SIZES……IDK WHATS HAPPENED SINCE THE GOOD OL DAYS BUT a Champion is 1 who faces ALL comers,SIZE AND WEIGHT….Look at the fights when they first started…Royce Grace took ANY and ALL comers head on….shamrock,severn,coleman..all took any1 and every1 head on regardless of size and weight…THEY are true champions….Now we have the likes of poster Girl Ronda Rousey…saying Come down to her weight class and fight…blah blah blah…..She is not a TRUE Champion until she takes on any and all

    • stevo the great says:

      Ummm serious? Dude maybe if you ran a fight organization you could make lame rules like that. But no other organization with a positive reputation would make people fight like gladiators again. I agree it is amusing to watch the older UFC’s where people fought bare knuckle, 4 times in one night, huge guys small guys any guys. but fact is this is a professional sport now. It’s not just a bunch of brutes and roid heads banging each other stupid. Rousey has every right to fight in her division considering she is champ. Why should she have to fluctuate her weight to accommodate someone who is coming off a suspension for using STEROIDS….which was and is obvious she abuses? Please tell me… impress you? Come on dude… sound like some hard headed jock doofus……this is a professional sport…..just like boxing Manny Pacquiao shouldn’t have to fight James Toney to prove he is a champ….or put on a bunch of weight to fight in an un-natural weight class to prove he is somebody. See how IGNORANT your statement was? Bafoon…….

      • Justin Swan says:

        Well Pride use to have fighters fight people that were much heavier that 1-5 lbs off. Fighters could fight anyone in any weightclass. They also had guys fight 4+times a night in their tournaments. My favorite was watching the Bushido tournaments because it was a bunch of the lower weight guys (which would include 3 UFC weightclasses or more) and they would fight over and over again until by the final round both guys walked into the ring beat up and tired with noting in the tank but heart. Those were some good fights. So while this guy could have articulated himself better his point is still valid. And Pride was professional, and was not lame at all. Mirco, Rampage, Nogueira, Gomi, the list goes on. It would be very interesting if the UFC (since they bought out Pride and uses the name in video games) would bring out that style of tournament and fighting again. Not to mention that the first round was 10 minutes making things extra interesting. And to be honest i always thought the refs there were a bit better with he stand ups. Oh, and finally the judging system was completely different. If you slacked off at the end you could lose even if you won 90% of the fight. All around i miss Pride.

        • stevo the great says:

          How was PRIDE professional? They allowed fighters to use steroids. Did you ever hear of that? It was very gladiator like and fighters were not tested for banned substances by an athletic commission. Now tell me once again how it is professional to let 2 fighters on PED’s get in the ring and beat the tar out of each other? And be a weight class or 2 higher than the person you are beating up. Please explain……

  4. Justen says:

    I usually dvr them n fast forward from fight to fight. lol. My only problem is not having fuel tv n missing them ones, but I’m happy with the fx n fox ones.

  5. MMACRAVER says:

    Cut out all the stupid fluff and stick to what makes the UFC great… Fights… I can understand a little bit of analysis and discussion but. At times it seems like they are straining to fill the time by just flapping their gums.

    Cut the crap please…

    Does anyone else roll their eyes when Ving Rhames calls an unknown fighter a “knockout artist” in that beginning narration? I’m not blindingly hating on the existence of the little opening itself, But can’t we just make the effort not to overhype shit needlessly? Keep it real..

  6. jbeamazing says:

    whats happening is he is trying to attract new fans I don’t care what music they play or who talks I love mma and will watch regardless to the lame complaining fans it’s free high level mma who cares

  7. Rampage Riddim says:

    F**k off Dana. Your fights have got boring and predictable (3 round snore fests) because fighters are too scared to take risks. Brian Stann being the biggest arsehole of them all. Faking an injury to not risk getting knocked out by Hector Lombard, yet hes cool with fighting Bisping because the fight blatantly has more going for it. Lombard has a punch and if connected would put Stann to sleep. He realises this and realises that fighting Lombard wouldn’t propel him up the rankings. So, fake an injury, fight called off, out comes Bisping, Stann hypes it and he’s fit to fight again…..GREAT! I was quite surprised Faber didn’t pull it against Barao, because when Dana announced it on TUF Faber face was f**king hilarious. But I’ll give Faber his due, he fought and survived to a decision. I don’t know about anyone else’s opinion but UFC has gone down hill since the introduction to Fox, I think since fighters realise that their fights could be shown in homes that 3yrs ago wouldn’t of even heard of it. They aren’t prepared to risk their level of popularity with risky fights.

  8. Dick Diaz says:

    i think the reason the ratings haven’t been as stellar as they’d like is because most people just don’t have an interest in MMA; even though that potential is there. there will always be a major group of ppl that aren’t interested.

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