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Saturday, 02/04/2012, 10:51 pm

UFC President Dana White Talks Diaz Retirement | Thinks Condit Won

“I scored the fight three rounds to two for Condit… It’s one of those things where if you don’t like the outcome you can’t let it go to the judges. It was a tough fight to score; it reminded me of Haggler and Leonard. A very technical fight and tough to score but I had it two to three for Condit… I didn’t expect it to be this kind of fight, I didn’t expect it to be as technical as it was, I didn’t expect Condit to play on the outside and pick him apart, I didn’t expect stuff like that. I expected more of a war. I expected Condit to get inside and take it to him.

You never know with Nick, Who knows, he might, he might not [retire], I think he is a little emotional right now, this was a big fight for him and I know he wanted that Georges St Pierre fight too. I think [Cesar and team] are the guys to talk him off the ledge or however you want to call it, but I’m not that guy.”

Dana Thinks  Carlos Condit beat Nick Diaz, but who do you think won? My scores have it for Condit but speak on it BJPENN.COM

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101 Responses to “UFC President Dana White Talks Diaz Retirement | Thinks Condit Won”

  1. IknowMMA says:

    Ofcouse he did!

  2. Bob Dole says:

    Dana White thinks Carlos won because he fucking did. I really don’t see where all this controversy is stemming from…

    • Mike says:

      The controversy lies in the fact that people believe Condit was “running away.” He fought an extremely smart fight. I didn’t know not letting your face get beat in while you’re locked against the cage constitutes someone running away. I just think people wanted to see Diaz-GSP so bad that they are blind to the truth of what really happened.

      • Rich the Fan says:

        Avoiding damage is different than running away. If you look at Diaz’s face versus Condit’s face, maybe Diaz should have avoided a little more damage himself. Just because you don’t stand and brawl doesn’t mean you’re avoiding a fight…it means you’re fighting on your terms.

      • C Hill says:

        Not blind ..just aware of how the UFC scoring system works. Octagon control, take downs, and submission attempts are all valued highly. I’m a fan of Condit and Diaz alike, but I only saw one fighter engaging. From one person’s perspective, you have to TAKE the belt, not stumble backwards into it while avoiding conflict.

        It’ll be awhile now before the 170lb division has a title fight of any relevance. That’s a bummer.

        • Mike says:

          There was one takedown that entire fight and it was the last minute or so of the fifth round. Other than that, Diaz didn’t have much octagon control because Condit kept getting out of the way. Just because you’re moving forward doesn’t mean you’re controlling the cage. Condit may have been backing up, but he was still landing shots.More shots than Diaz did while he was engaging. Don’t get me wrong, I love both fighters, but I do believe that Diaz should gracefully accept this loss.

    • C Hill says:

      Take a moment to review the official scorecards, then please share how it could be that 2 of 3 judges give the fifth round to Condit. As stated in the post-fight presser, Condit himself gave the fifth to Diaz. One can also make an argument that Diaz won both 1 and 2, as Dana White did. How could this NOT be controversial?

      Further, those of you who believe Condit ‘fought a great game plan’ absolutely deserve the GSP vs Condit fight later this year. It should be epic all the wrong ways. Count me and my $45 PPV out of that one. I believe fans are interested in a DEFINITIVE champion, not a DEFAULT champion. Doing ‘just enough’ to win is called complacency and that doesn’t win you too many fans in this MMA community.

  3. stone cold says:

    carlos def won that fight 3-2. he is still a bitch for running, but he did what he had to do to win.

    • haze says:

      he didnt run he ovioded being pushed and closed off against the cage shows how much u know about mma and or fighting its technique strategy only a idiot will stand toe to toe and trade hits noone in the sport who is a champ or successful does that

      • stone cold says:

        i know mma u idiot.. he did run as many would agree with me.. natural born runner.. i know more than u would ever know.. dumb f g

        • david says:

          hahah you know mma? your a fag buddy stfu and dont open your faggy mouth with stupid ass comments like this

        • stone cold says:

          stfu david and david’s boyfriend mike u faggots. he did run. hit and run all day. your comment sucks dick like your mother

        • Mike says:

          Gay jokes, I miss middle school :)

        • Mike says:

          Yeah, it’s not like he landed more punches and did more damage or anything. If that was the case it’d be called sticking and moving. An extremely useful technique that has been used in all forms fighting for years.

          Nope, Diaz is a real man for running into punches and kicks instead of adapting and attempting to cut off Condit like any good fighter.

          You know your mma sir :)

        • bob says:

          condit did land more punches check your stats before hating a well executed gameplan

      • unregistered says:

        Sure, Condit won on points and by running backwards the majority of the fight. Bottom line is this was a boring fight due to Condit’s lack of fight.

        Btw, learn how to spell, “yoo jeanius” lol.

    • slacker says:

      Carlos prefers to trade punches in the center, which he did most of the time it went there. There is nothing wrong with that. If Diaz wanted to fight him up against the fence, then he should have made it happen. But, he wasn’t able to. Carlos had superior footwork, head movement, and made him fight where he wanted. That’s the problem with basically being a guy who throws almost all straights. Your opponent has to be right in front you. Condit said in the weeks coming up to the fight that his strength is that he throws strikes from different angles. He was right. Several times he struck Diaz on an angle, AS he was moving off the fence. Diaz couldn’t adapt and as a result he lost the fight.

  4. Uhnomuhlee says:

    Condit unearned his nickname. Natural born killer my ass!! He shucked and jived for four rounds looking scared. Did he win? Yeah, on points, he takes 3 rounds… But he didn’t come to fight, he came to outscore. What a disappointing performance in term of fighting… being called the natural born killer and just running from any serious exchanges. At least he knows who the better fighter is in his head. Way to disappoint Condit!! GSP better finish this guy off.

    • Xcape68 says:

      GSP couldn’t finish yesterdays hoagie for lunch… if Condit fights GSP like that its going to be one boring @$$ fight. I know I’m not going to be one to watch it.

    • Anthony says:

      Uhnomuhlee, you must have missed the part where Diaz said that had he known he were behind on points he would have gone for the finish… Diaz was fighting for point to – that’s why he went for takedowns, and why he kept trying to push against the cage.

    • Alex Savage says:

      The dude has 26 finishes out of 28 wins. I think he has the right to be called The Natural Born Killer. So what the dude has one fight that isn’t a back and forth war? He fought the smart fight and got the job done. And I’m sure Condit was looking for a finish the whole fight. But Nick Diaz rarely gets finished. So give the man a little respect.

    • TrigenicKin says:

      So let me get this straight, because he fucked up Diaz’s eye, didn’t let Diaz keep him against the cage, didn’t let Diaz’s shit talking bother him, and didn’t get into a face punching contest he ran away? Dude, are you retarded? Just because you want to lick Diaz’s nuts because he’s a wannabe thug like you doesn’t mean he won that fight. Condit is a better, smarter, more technical fighter.

    • Xaninho says:

      Some of the punches and headkicks Condit threw would have stunned most of the fighters out there. Nick Diaz just has a great chin.

  5. Harry says:

    Condit all the way

  6. JKillface says:

    My issue is the way it was scored. Im a Diaz fan, but how could he lose 4-1 in rounds? They didn’t even give him the round he scored the takedown in. I had it tied going into the 5th and Diaz stealing it with the takedown and submission attempts in the end. Plus did you hear Rogan, he praised Condit the whole fight whether he got hit or did the hitting.

  7. Johannes says:

    Hope GSP exits condits career. Callin himself natural born killer. Fake fake fake assssss shiitt! Lets see how fun this sport is going to be after the judges is done raping it, wont last long ! Theres a reason why taeknwondo and karate scoring games arent prime time tv, cuz its
    Bullshit. Just like the UFC is becoming

  8. dlo says:

    Dana is an idiot. What else could Diaz do? Conditions literally ducked his head and ran to avoid fighting. Pick him apart? Give me a break! Was Diaz limping? Was he hurt? No. If had of sat down and let Carlos run around him people would have complained about how boring that fight was. All Nick do was get kicked in the leg and one time in the face for trying to do what he came to do which was fight. I’m disgusted with this fight. Nick was robbed. Carlos didn’t try to Bob, slip, block, or pivot. He literally ran. Ducked his head and ran.

    • TrigenicKin says:

      His legs were pretty fucked up and red, and he got kicked in the face. He did pick Diaz apart. Quit being such a crybaby. The better, more technical, and smarter fighter will ALWAYS win.

  9. dave says:


    • WhyNot says:

      Condit clearly won this fight and FightMetric has him out striking Diaz. I didn’t see Diaz going hard for the win, Was Condit suppose to stand against the cage and let Diaz unload on him. Diaz can’t fight in the middle of the cage or against someone that he has no reach advantage over. Sorry to all you nut hugging wanna be thugs that your idol lost. He was over rated to begin with. Koschek will beat him also if Diaz stops whining and gets back in there.

      • C Hill says:

        Uhmm ..where was the ‘Killer’ in Natureal Born Killer. Let’s be honest. He came in with a game plan to 1-2-Run, 1-2-Back Peddle. Can you honestly say that this is what the UFC is promoting with these fights? And if so, how much longer do you imagine this promotion will last if we continuously see performances like that?

  10. haze says:

    condit never ran he kept his back off the cage thats smart learn educate and know the sport before u comment about shit u dont know about

  11. Krystal says:

    running or not, diaz won rounds 1 2 and 5. he was doing all the striking in the first 2 rounds and in the fifth he had back control, the most dominant position you can have in MMA.

  12. i think diaz won 1st 2 rounds and last one… PLUS condit was backing away landing strikes that were blocked

  13. Mr Critical says:

    Joe Rogan is a bitch. He was all for the Condit from the start. He must be Condit’s bitch.

  14. haze says:

    anyone who watched that fight and thinks condit didnt win or that calls keepin ur back off the fence and useing angles a bitch move is a retard and should start watching wwe or something ur simple mind can understand mma must be to complex for your brain

  15. Harry says:

    Hey Condit won but I’m telling you right now his style will NOT and I repeat WILL NOT beat GSP. That is going to be the lowest selling PPV buys ever they better stack the card like they do because the only draw power is GSP and people will expect him to win. It’s going to be a 5 round schooling on Condit and if GSP allows Condit to do what he did on Nick Diaz I don’t know Condit might squeak it from him with his Frankie Edgar point fighting style. But I think GSP knocks him out for sure. GSP all day.

  16. haze says:

    goodnight retards! good fight condit way to fight a smart fight and not get ur back pinned up and slaped by a classless bitch like diaz he dont belong in the sport

  17. Sorin564 says:

    Cry me a fuckin river. If you think Diaz won, then you dont know shit about MMA. Condit had more punches landed and made Diaz look like his bitch the last 3 rounds. If you think Diaz won, then that means BJ Penn beat Edgar in both fights smh. idiots

  18. TeaCP says:

    Nick Diaz thinking he won that fight is as legitimate as Chael Sonnen thinking that he beat Silva and is the champ. Condit fought the fight he wanted to, he didn’t let Diaz walk him into the cage, and he landed way more strikes. That’s not running that’s using footwork and angles to stay off the fence where Diaz is best. Well done Carlos. Well done!!!

  19. mma99 says:

    Diaz couldn’t land. And he only completed one takedown. Condit won. Oh well. I wanted Diaz v. GSP like everyone else. But I thought Condit had a good shot. Penn would’ve won too, if he hand Condit’s gas tank.

  20. flint810 says:

    Condit Haters keep talkin

  21. Simy says:

    Carlos executed a perfect game plan and did more damage…landed more strikes, kicks etc. Took Nick out of his game plan. I respect Nick Diaz & maybe a rematch shows a smarter Diaz but quitting?? Come on man. Your better than that bro. Big fan of both guys.

    @ Dana, I disagree. You should be one to talk him off the ledge. Diaz makes the UFC better not to mention $$$. I know you might not wanna be his daddy but I think its foolish not to.

    Congrats to Carlos. Well deserved. Classy…Great champ.

    • mma99 says:

      Dana shouldn’t be the one to talk him off his so-called ledge. He’s a grown man. And besides, Diaz has mental health issues, probably drug induced. He’s probably smoking weed right now and prolonging his paranoia tendencies.

  22. Nathan says:

    So much crying condit outclassed Diaz 4 to 1 for sure, GSP does exactly the same and everyone thinks he is the best welterweight, at the end of the day they fight in a cage there is no were to run and hide it only depends of your hungry enough to chase the win. See ya Diaz thanks for the memories

  23. Fred says:

    Close fight, I was a little shocked by the decision, but when you watch the whole fight Diaz did put alot of pressure foward on Condit but in the end Condit have thrown lot more strikes and leg kicks. I was expecting a bigger war but as Condit said, he won the fight because he sticked to his game plan and stayed calm to whatever Nick was trying to provocate. I can’t wait to see further explication on Diaz’s decision of retiring…

  24. Tran says:

    I don’t think carlos condit will win much fan’s with his performance with a hit and run fight diaz wanted to fight not play tag I am a diaz fan i scored it 2-3 condit’s way.

  25. SmonkinHaze says:

    Fights are scored equally on Striking, Grappling, Aggression, and Octagon Control. Thats all I’m gunna say, if you cant see who took three out of the four categories your a blind idiot.

  26. Joseph666777 says:

    Judges shall evaluate mixed martial arts techniques, such as effective striking, effective grappling, control of the ring/fighting area, effective aggressiveness and defense. Watch the fight again and keep this in mind, Diaz had more effective striking, effective grappling since he got the only take down and got back control he was more agressive and completely controlled the cage. Thats 4 out of the 5 criteria that he maintained during atleast 3 of the 5 rounds. Diaz won no doubt.

  27. Mark says:

    Dana is a fucking idiot!!

  28. Randall says:

    Fights are supposed to be judged by effective striking, grappling, octagon control and aggresiveness. Diaz had better in all those aspects in every round except for the 4th. I have no idea how the judges gave Condit the win, let alon a unanimous decision. Absolutely ridiculous

    • dave says:


  29. peter says:

    am sorry but condit ran the hole fight kick and run!!!

  30. Bob Saget says:

    From the looks of it, it looked like condit has been running some triathalons as well because he ran more than he faught

  31. Evol Advocate says:

    Condit will not beat GSP with the crap he pulled tonight.

    • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:


      • mikej says:

        Tough task because Condit will be fighting from his back a lot. I doubt GSP wants to risk a standup fight with Condit. And he has never before stood toe to toe with better strikers. Might be a boring fight because it will be fought on the ground.

    • WADM says:

      Condit had 2 adapt 2 Diaz, wich is the only way to win….He proved that he is dat good, As much as I beleave GSP wins the fight, I beleave that Condit can win ( he has more chanes 2 beat GSP than Diaz in my point of view )

    • slacker says:

      He will have a different gameplan for GSP. That was a great gameplan for Nick. You could see it in the 3rd round. Diaz backed up to the center of the octagon. He just looked at Condit. He was confused. He didn’t know what the hell to do! It was hilarious! Condit won the mental game. After Condit didn’t get provoked by his slap and other B.S., Diaz’ he was all messed up. As soon as I saw him back up to the middle by his own choice, I knew Condit had broken him mentally and was going to win the fight. Then they started trading in the center where Condit is comfortable and he was really tagged him from that point on, all the way to the end. Condit outsmarted him, plain and simple. It will completely different for GSP. That being said, there is no way he will be able to stop GSP’s takedowns. Both Diaz and Condit would have a real tough time against Koscheck. That weasel eeked out a win against Pierce. I think Pierce deserved the decision.

    • Xaninho says:

      And you think Diaz would beat GSP the way he fought tonight? All he did was follow Condit around the cage. Not even able to cut him off and get his back to the cage.

      What happened tonight was just Diaz’s predictable gameplan of backing his opponent up to the cage and throw a load of jabs and straight rights not working against Condit, who had a better idea.

    • A..G 206 says:

      Bull shit diaz won 1st 2nd and 5, or maybe 3rd but it was close, no doubt there all wrong if condit won it was a spilt. but he didnt Bull Shit.

      • wyman says:

        carlos picked nick apart.the only reason theres any controversy is because ufc wanted to make all that money for nick/gsp.condit clearly won the fight nick is just a sore loser.look what happened when karo beat nick.nick tried to fight him at the hospital.nicks a great fighter but classless

      • mikej says:

        Round 5 to Condit. Condit was winning up to 1 minute remaining. Diaz got his back, but didn’t sink any submissions in, and a few seconds before the bell Condit got out of it and started to throw strikes from the top. So Diaz winning round 5 for 55 seconds doesn’t sell me. Bullshit.

  32. Evol Advocate says:

    Say’s he likes creating chaos, but tonight was rather boring for chaos.

  33. BAD INTENTIONS says:

    For those that believe Diaz controlled the octagon. If you march forward towards your opponent for five rounds and are out struck, then you are not in control of anything. If you are continually pressed into the cage and successfully exit without sustaining damage while inflicting damage to your apponent, then you are not only controlling the octagon but more importantly, the fight.

    Diaz failed to execute. Condit did not. At this point it is cliche but no less true. If you leave it in the hands of the judges, you must live with their decision. Apperantly Diaz cannot and perhaps he should leave the sport but make no mistake, the judges, Condit and the sport are not to blame. Nick Diaz is.

  34. Kyle K. says:

    If GSP is a real martial artist and if he is really “mad” at Nick Diaz then he should say “look dana Give me Nick Diaz I want to fight him please I want to pound his face in” but he won’t

  35. moziboy75 says:

    I have been a Diaz fan ever since his KO of Robbie Lawler, I was going for Nick but I do believe Carlos won the fight, he had the perfect gameplan for Nick’s style so congratulations are well deserved. Lastly I can’t stand all the s*@t talkers who call certain fighters useless, weak or pussies, you clowns should wake up and realize you will never be able to do what any of these guys do, so get your head out your arses and analyze fights instead of rubbishing fighters

  36. Loco_coconut says:

    Yes I believe Condit won. I get the people’s reaction because they like wars better than technical fights. Condit executed his gameplan and he did it well.

  37. Peter says:

    I don’t see it either how anyone thought Diaz won, he had the first 2 rds then condit got into his rythem executed a good game plan, tag an move Diaz being as good as he is should have changed his and cut him off let him chase him something he just looked stupid and got picked apart. Condit had it 3-2 in my opinion

  38. Don Hammond says:

    if you are going to stand in the pocket with Nick, you are going to get touched up. I’m sure Condit seen how Diaz kept BJ to the cage and then threw the combinations for the points (and probably a knockout for most). Fight was close.

    The slapping and taunting during the fight is distasteful………

    You “win” a fight by ending the fight. You are “awarded a win” by the judges point of view. Deal with it. I don’t agree with many outcomes. I thought BJ won the first fight vs Edgar.

  39. T.J. says:

    Condit won no doubt. I love these fanboys who think Diaz won just because he walked forward like a zombie while someone displaying superior footwork picked him apart. Yeah real winner…

  40. Billyyy says:

    You Diaz fans are all so similar to Diaz! Immature and not man enough for a sport like this. Maybe Diaz should quit leaving the fight up to the judges…

  41. Rhino says:

    I had it 3rds Diaz, and 2rds Condit.

  42. Edgar says:

    as much as I like Diaz, you have to admit, it was Condit fight. pick him apart, did not play Diaz game and Diaz had no back up plan. Not his fault his corner should have a backup plan. take it to the floor.

  43. q says:

    Diaz had rounds 1 2 and 5. Not impressed with this fight.

  44. mick says:

    Condit won, he beat Diaz by being smarter and having a plan. He made Diaz chase him around and then picked him apart while he was running his mouth. If you dont like the judges score then finish the fight next time and don’t throw a temper tantrum like a little spoiled child when you lose. I say a rematch will settle all doubters. They are both great fighters but Condit definately cracked the Diaz code last night. So all you winers out there just remember your boy let it go to the decesion and lost.

  45. Agreed With Most Of the Comments Below. How Diaz Training Camp or Anyone See It Any Other Way. Is MMA Illeterate or A Diaz NuttHugger. Even, Though Dana Thought Condit Won. He Looked Very Disappointed. Excellent Game Plan With The Kicks And Movement. Kind Of Reminded Me Of Edgar vs Penn 1. WELL DESERVED CONDIT. DIAZ IS A SORE LOOSER. THIS IS MMA NOT BOXING.

  46. Dynasty says:

    Condit didn’t win that fight 4-1 judges r wack the scoring in mma is what’s wrecking the sport not to mention the fact the new “champ” who turned into a mini gsp in the fact all he wanted to do is squeak out a W and not earn it like he did in his precious fights it was pathetic on condits part not smart I used to like watching him but running away and throwing leg kicks doesn’t win you fights and if it does I won’t watch that shit!

  47. david says:

    condit turned his back n ran across the cage away from nick like a dozens times n all the stuff he said in the primetime shows was just bullshit he said he was gonna take the fight to diaz he ran, he said he was gonna blast him with punches flying knees elbows n kicks to the face he hit him with 2 kicks to the face which did’t faze nick at all he connected with no more clean punches then nick n his “leg kicks” were some of the weakest i’ve seen in an mma fight n he calls himself a warrior… condit n grease st perrie gonna be condit running like a bitch with greasy tryin to lay on him for 5 rounds have fun promoting that garbage

    • mikej says:

      Watching it again, I feel the fight should have been a draw. Condit probably won 3, 4, and half of round five. So giving Diaz the fight would have been robbery too. It wasn’t a dominant performance from either of them.

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