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Wednesday, 02/08/2012, 05:42 am

UFC President Dana White Sounds Off On Need For Judge and Ref Reform In MMA

“I’ve said it many times, in the evolution of the sport right now, one of the big problems that we have is judging and ref’ing. It’s one of the things that drive me crazy.

Attention needs to be paid to scoring and ref’ing. First of all it affects guys careers as far as legacy’s go. Jon Jones should be undefeated right now but he’s not he has a loss on his record and there are tons of guys in the UFC that have those. There are guys that have absolutely, sincerely won fights but lost them on the judges’ scorecards.

Nobody is perfect, there is always going to be problems but the judging and the ref’ing is so bad in Mixed Martial Arts, it drives me crazy and the fans hate it too. These athletic commissions really need to tighten up and start educating their refs and judges.”

UFC president Dana White publicly addressed the problem with MMA judging and refereeing last night on FUEL TV.

Everyone knows that a change needs to be made on both fronts. More often than not, the officials call the action right, but there are glaring holes in the way officials institute the unified rules of Mixed Martial Arts.

Can Dana and the UFC lead the way and fix the issues or will these problems plague the sport for years to come?

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